TAKE THIS DROMALD BLUMPH!!! by Tiwaking in drumpfisfinished

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Define "everyone".

Bought and paid for by useless_aether in politics

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That image is an insult to the Joker.

Hello guys 😊 I am new here by pafagu in SaidIt

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Glad to meet you. I hope you find this place friendly and enlightening, no matter what your opinions are.

What if we had a smart society instead of a violent one?! by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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Books didn't stop Hitler.

What the fuck, r/Games? by DR3DDL0CC in Games

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Notice the obvious lack of social protections offered to non "traditionally marginalized" groups. And make no mistake, by saying traditionally marginalized, they mean everyone who isn't some combination of straight white male. But alas, straight white males who are not perpetrators of such social offenses are also victims of ongoing daily microagressions (and more) and should be included and protected along with everyone else. If you don't include that group, you're no better than those you claim to decry.

New Zealand police go after social media users who shared footage of the Christchurch attack. by PaigeAP in WorldNews

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It was your church, after all. Do as you wish.

America Is Number One! by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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The sentiment only makes sense if you accept the premise that Bernie (or any socialist) is attempting to make the "number 1" whatever. When in fact, socialist implemented systems always lead to collapse. When something isn't sustainable, I wouldn't call that "number 1". There are better ways to improve healthcare, the roads, education, etc. But the parties in power are only giving the options of keeping things the same, or direct government control.