The Terms and Content Policy by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Slowly reconnoitering the perimeter seeking anti-personnel weaponry designed to deter interlopers before barging in and commencing a conquest that will shake the very foundations of the Web.

The Terms and Content Policy by magnora7 in SaidIt

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I was lost awaiting to be found... not blind and barely free. Surrounded by immensely wealthy and powerful forces intent upon inflicting servitude and slavery upon the masses of common folks. Battered by a barrage of incessant propaganda that is sadly too effective upon so many as observed with the snowflakes and Antifa mobs and groveling Westerners pleading for forgiveness at the feet of barbaric savages who can, at best, barely create a 3rd-world cesspool. Western countries inundated with hordes of barbarians allowed to enter and encouraged to enter by Western traitors intent upon assisting their tyrannical elite-class masters with implementing a New World Order that will erase Western countries and borders leading to a one-world government that exerts its loathsome tyranny upon all the West and the many 2nd- and 3rd-world entities that were tied to Western civilization.

The dystopian future of West versus the still "free" Asiatic lands will commence. Western people mere serfs and slaves obeying our tyrannical elite-class overlords who will now attempt to subdue China, Japan and other non-Western countries to accept the rigid control of those autocratic overlords that use monolithic corporations and the lackeys within to exert total control over the subdued masses.

The power of those Western tyrant elites is so great they may possibly end up lording over the Islamic death cult. If not subdued and absorbed by that evil one-world government the Moslem countries will be subdued economically and socially by shutting them off from the rest of civilization with secure borders created allowing no influx of jihadists or other unwanted vermin. The immense wealth and power and military might of the West will easily subdue those backwards people and keep them under a tight control that they will never effectively defy. Just as the masses of Westerners lorded over by tyrannical evil will never be able to defy due to the manner in which modern technology and how systems of command and control are organized allowing a tiny percentage of the populace to retain absolute control over the masses of subjugated serfs and slaves.

With those thoughts reverberating through my synapses I enter this domain, this tiny sprout budding off the immensity of the Web, to do my minute part of trying to counter the HUGE all-encompassing propaganda systems owned by the tyrannical evil filth and operated by their lackeys who either willingly assist our subjugation or who operate by indoctrination that they are "Merely doing my job... what's the problem" level of stupidity held by so many of the common folks able to be controlled via the bread and circuses scam so effectively used by tyrants throughout the ages.

Hello. Here I am.