ORGASMATRON_9000 is a bit sensitive in /s/Brazil. by ActuallyNot in whatever

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Thanks for the prompt answer. Please rename them as suggested. Thank you very much.

ORGASMATRON_9000 is a bit sensitive in /s/Brazil. by ActuallyNot in whatever

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OK, go ahead and remove them. I would just wager that this is an unwarranted intervention. Almost 100% of the topics about Brazil in Saidit are negative, and my intention was to make a counterpoint to that.

Believe me, it's kind of hard doing that, for the Internet is filled with bad news about Brazil, most of them totally politically motivated. In those rare instances when something positive about Brazil is published, it always has a "but".

So my moderation in both the aforementioned subs is based on curating the topics I post, requiring a full and thorough reading of them, for I learned that even the silliest article on Brazil can come with some criticism of the country itself or of its the current administration.

Basically, the mentioned subs were some of the only places in the Internet where anyone could see a series of topics on Brazil that are positive. The rest, the 99.9999999999999999999999999% other Internet sites, mostly cover Brazil with a highly negative bias.

So, if you want to forcefully hide such speck in the sand subs from the world, and in the process making Saidit less unique, please go ahead. Thanks.