A true force for good by NotTheCIA in TumblrInAction

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There was some drama there that resulted in the head truscum janny going nuclear and permanently privating it.

Eye-rolling is racist! by NoMorePatriarchy in TumblrInAction

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A true force for good by NotTheCIA in TumblrInAction

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Forgive the self-promotion, but s/getthetout has replaced droptheT.

Saidit seems to have a smaller but calmer, funnier, and more honest community. I deleted my Reddit account, which was a great decision. I wasted way too much time on that site.

Maybe it would be worth checking out the Farms? That's a very active site full of TIA-grade content - especially the "Tranny Sideshows on Social Media" thread.

Reddit blows by GetBlazedSon in TumblrInAction

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I got permanently banned from a sub for saying that women and men deserve separate, single-sex spaces. Most of the people there agreed with me and the one person who was telling me "bioessentialism won't get you far, bIgOt!!!!1!" was highly downvoted.

This sub is run by a TIF powermod who makes every sub she runs into a "safe space". She also likes to remove posts and ban people at random for seemingly no good reason, so what else could I expect?

They aren't even hiding that it's conversion therapy anymore. by NoMorePatriarchy in GetTheTOut

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I saw it on GC Twitter. I think it's a screenshot of a dating app (I don't know which one).

A twitter thread: a post-op detransitioner expresses regrets by iamonlyoneman in GetTheTOut

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I'm removing this because this response is low on the Pyramid of Debate.

Yikessss . . . by NoMorePatriarchy in GetTheTOut

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They're totally serious. Many TIMs are former Nazis.

Dopey queer theorist professor says that lesbians and non-binary women secretly model their relationships on pederastic relationships between men and boys. by KingDickThe2nd in GetTheTOut

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That's disgusting and offensive. Things like this show exactly why "queer theory" is the new homophobia.

Parents furious as NYC spends $200k sending drag queens into schools by HongKongPhooey in news

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The head of the Drag Queen Story Hour org also got arrested for CSAM possession recently.

😮 OMG.... by HongKongPhooey in memes

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So the people who are always accusing us of being evil notsees have a flag that can become a notsee flag?

My sides.

"childhood innocence" by jet199 in Transbarrassment

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Sorry, Hontra, but young kids shouldn't be consuming sexualized material, and drag queens are inherently sexualized.

They also like to pretend drag queens are just a bunch of gay men, but there are quite a few AGP drag queens too, and being around children helps these AGPs get off. You should know because you were once an AGP drag queen, Hontra. That's dangerous and predatory.

Men complain about not being welcome in lesbian spaces by womens_liberation in GetTheTOut

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Ah, actuallesbians strikes again!

implied trans women who don't disclose they're trans even if no one can tell are being deceptive

It is deceptive. It's called rape by deception.

calling penises "male genitalia" in the context of trans women which is gross

I'll tell you what's gross: being forced to sleep with someone you aren't attracted to lest you be labeled a bigot. "Female penis" and "girldick" are not only oxymoronic, but pretty gross too.

The conversation and content is so different over at r/pansexual for example!

They admit it: they want everyone to be "pansexual" (which doesn't exist) because the TIMs' feelings aren't hurt that way. Not to mention that most so-called "pansexuals" are just spicy straights.

Exchanging one set of stereotypes for another, enforced by the 'queer' community... a definite pattern emerges listening to these people by Chocolatepudding in GetTheTOut

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You're absolutely right. They're unoriginal and want nothing more than external validation because of their own low self-esteem.

new pride flag just dropped! by ThaMitchie in LGBmemes

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The actual flag for 2022 is just as ridiculous. Apparently Ukrainian is in the alphabet soup now.

🏳️‍🌈 June 🏳️‍🌈 by usehername in LGB_Discussions

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It's become meaningless. It's just a way for corporations to rake in easy money by painting everything with rainbows, plus most of the focus is on the T, which means June is the time of year the TRAs' megaphone is loudest. Since TRAs are intent on erasing same-sex attracted people, I'm no longer a fan of Pride month.

Join s/getthetout! by NoMorePatriarchy in GenderCritical

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Yeah, but he's no woman.

Join s/getthetout! by NoMorePatriarchy in GenderCritical

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One of the mods (the one that started this whole gong show) is a Blair White fan, so you're right that they are TRAs in disguise.

Join s/getthetout! by NoMorePatriarchy in GenderCritical

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Yeah. Lots of people can be confused and in denial about their sexuality, especially given that straight is the standard and that, like you said, social conditioning to be straight starts early.

There are plenty of gay men who realize they're gay later in life, and that doesn't make them any less gay. Likewise, there are plenty of gay men who know they're gay early on and have admitted from the start they have no sexual interest in women, and that doesn't make them any less gay either. The same thing holds true for lesbians. Nobody should be pushed to be with a sex they aren't attracted to because that's conversion therapy.

Twitter Adds Misgendering, Deadnaming as Reportable by NoMorePatriarchy in censorship

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Good for you!

s/lgbdropthet? by redgreenblue in Bisexuals

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Really? Thanks for letting me know!

Dublin Pride dropped their new LGBTQWERTY+ flag, featuring I Stand With Ukraine -- because Ukraine is the gayest country on the planet. by NoMorePatriarchy in GetTheTOut

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Intersex was lumped into the LGBTQWERTY++ because with intersex you have conditions like XY women and XX men, which the trans activists use as a poor justification for their own ideology of biological males being women/biological females being men. This is despite the fact that the TRAs totally misunderstand that you can clearly class intersex people as male/female and that intersex biological males are men/intersex biological females are men.

There are plenty of intersex people who don't like gender ideology and don't want to be in the alphabet soup because it's made intersex into a meaningless, tokenized identity rather than the condition it is.

Dublin Pride dropped their new LGBTQWERTY+ flag, featuring I Stand With Ukraine -- because Ukraine is the gayest country on the planet. by NoMorePatriarchy in GetTheTOut

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"Intersex", which is actually a medical condition that has been coopted by the TQ+ into a vague thing you can "identify as" rather than the medical condition it actually is.

/s/LGBDropTheT is private right now by cqtz in whatever

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Thanks for letting me know! I'm currently in the process of making an LGB resource center on my sub -- maybe we can compare notes and work together.

/s/LGBDropTheT is private right now by cqtz in whatever

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It seemed to be one of the more active subs on Saidit -- at least a lot more active than s/news.

/s/LGBDropTheT is private right now by cqtz in whatever

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I'm making a new sub to replace s/lgbdropthet -- s/getthetout. It's still in early development, and I'd really appreciate it if we could gather there now instead. We had lots of great times in LGBdropthet, and I'd like to continue that.

Wpath and the eunuch archives by Houseplant in GCdebatesQT

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Blanchard is a gay man whose absurd typology "happens" to categorize the trans women who would hypothetically be attracted to him as "good" and ones attracted to women as "AGP" and "fetishists".

Blanchard never said that HSTS is better than AGP -- he's said repeatedly that both are "valid" forms of transsexualism. I disagree with him on that because I believe there is no trans -- just internalized homophobia/misogyny, paraphilia, trauma, and mental illness -- but Blanchard has actively supported AGPs transitioning.

Ffs, let trans people have sexuality without accusing them of falling into a binary world of fetish or gay.

When you base your sexuality around violating women's boundaries, eroding women's and LGB rights, and harming children, that's problematic and a sign that you have a severe porn or sex addiction and should seek help for that addiction.

Obviously?? What trans woman wants to be a guy? That literally proves nothing.

Autoandrophobia is rooted in trauma from being abused by males at a young age. It doesn't make you a woman.

If it just means not vanilla then it's just a way to slander us.

Fetishes that are not "vanilla" are actually pretty dangerous, and AGP is anything but vanilla. It's voyeuristic, paraphilic, and allows AGPs to publicly display their sexual fetishes in front of children and in women's safe spaces.

r/detrans is a cult. I have seen it myself. They accuse trans people of not accepting alternative views, but most trans spaces I've been in were fine with someone thinking about detransitioning. But to detrans, it is their way or no way, they cannot accept someone staying trans as a possibility, and they squash any dissent to that effect.

Trans spaces state that transition is the only way, regularly say toxic things like "that's not very c*s of you" and "if you think you might be trans you are", and actively try to prevent people from detransitioning. If that's not a cult, I don't know what is. Detransitioners hold some resentment towards the trans community for this behavior and for pushing them into a pit of confusion, depression, and medicalization so that a few transpeople who aren't sure in their identities can feel validated. Additionally, there are actually several non-binary detransitioners who use r/detrans. Non-binary is trans, and I've never seen a non-binary person on r/detrans be accosted for being non-binary, so your point about r/detrans squashing trans positive content is false.

I would rather people transition even if they will regret it.

You don't understand what it's like to transition and regret it. You have no idea how painful it is for a male detransitioner to feel like an emasculated soyboy because he transitioned. You have no idea how painful it is for a female detransitioner to have to receive nasty stares and feel undesirable because she has facial hair, a deep voice, and a flat chest. Additionally, you have no idea how painful it is to be experiencing the longterm side effects of cross-sex hormones and surgery, such as autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis, heart disease, and brain tumors, because you made a mistake. The detrans wave is starting, and more and more people are realizing that lifelong medicalization for a sense of identity isn't worth it.

In that comment, you have made it clear that your loyalty is towards the trans ideology and that you believe the trans community is so important that any harm it causes should be minimized.

I'd support you or anyone in your detransition but your life is your own, your responsibility, you do not get to control others, and you will not control us.

I'm not asking to control you -- I'm asking that you stop controlling us. Stop invading women's spaces and telling women to let their guard down. Stop invading LGB spaces and telling us that same-sex attraction is bigoted. Stop erasing women's rights because they don't include the male sex. Stop pushing people to transition as your rationale for your own transition. r/detrans and most GC movements have so little power that we can't possibly be controlling the trans community. The only chances we get to make ourselves heard are a few free-speech sites and news articles, while most tech companies and news outlets always side with the trans community and actively suppress trans-critical voices. We don't have corporations washing everything in lizards and suffragette colors for us for an entire month or schools teaching kids about detransition and radical feminism, while you've been given a month to paint the world pink, white, and baby blue and free reign over school curricula to push confusing, misogynistic, homophobic, predatory, and downright harmful ideas.

Wpath and the eunuch archives by Houseplant in GCdebatesQT

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I see him as a chaser whose ideology has hurt trans women who subscribe to it.

Just because Blanchard acknowledges that natal males who are aroused at the idea of themselves as women often transition doesn't mean he likes trans porn. There are lots of natal female women who acknowledge this, and they don't fetishize transpeople, so acknowledging that AGP exists doesn't make you a "chaser".

Literally for years I was afraid to be bi and be attracted to women because I didn't want to be "AGP".

Not all transwomen attracted to women are AGP -- though most are. There is evidence to suggest that a small minority of bisexual transwomen and so-called "transbians" are dealing with autoandrophobia, which stems from being abused by a male at a young age. Additionally, there are gender nonconforming natal males attracted to women who were nonconforming from a young age, so it's not AGP for them either. However, the fact remains that the vast majority of transwomen (about 70%) are paraphilic, which is scary because these are the same people who are pushing to enter women's spaces and have access to children, and they retain male offending patterns. Additionally, there was a study recently that showed that transwomen are actually more likely to sexually offend than natal males who didn't transition.

Every medication has risks yet medicine goes on. It shouldn't be different for trans people.

But there are a growing number of people who are regretting transition and having to live with the negative side effects of transitioning. r/detrans, which is the only reliable source on detransition, has been seeing massive growth, and there are more and more people who are speaking out about how transitioning has ruined their lives.

Before you mention Jack Turban's USTS numbers on detransition, Turban's statistics are deeply flawed. The sample was transpeople at a gender clinic, and most detransitioners don't go to gender clinics anymore. Additionally, Turban set up the survey so that the same people could take it multiple times, which means the numbers aren't accurate. Turban is financially motivated to portray transitioning as "safe and effective", so he's not interested in seeking truth.

how is that indicative for trans teens anyway?

The fact remains that most teens who identify as trans will desist by the time they're adults and be happy with their natal sex. Getting teens on hormones will be detrimental to them because they will most likely end up with irreversible body changes they will later regret.

Wpath and the eunuch archives by Houseplant in GCdebatesQT

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You realize lots of trans ppl hate John Money and Blanchard too right?

Yeah, but most of the trans Blanchard-haters have misunderstood what he's saying. He's not using AGP/HSTS to invalidate trans natal males; he's simply proposing that AGP/HSTS is the inborn cause of transgenderism and recommends that AGP be treated as a innate sexual orientation. I personally disagree with that, as I've seen lots of AGPs/HSTS who have lived good lives after detransitioning.

there isn't anything wrong with allowing trans teens to transition.

Allowing minors to transition (even teenagers) has been proven to cause osteoporosis, heart issues, brain issues, and earlier mortality. Plus, 80% of teens who think they're trans will desist from that identity.

Wpath and the eunuch archives by Houseplant in GCdebatesQT

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Gender ideology has a long history of collaborating with and acting in the interests of people promoting depraved sexual fetishes. John Money, the man who formulated the notion of "gender identity", supported pedophilia and experimented on children. Volkmar Sigusch, the man who coined "c*sgender", is an advocate for pedophilia, as are Ray Blanchard, Michael Bailey, and James Cantor. It's unacceptable that this is happening -- you have to remember that WPATH also advocates for child transition, and since they collaborate with pedophiles, their policy clearly isn't built around child safeguarding.

The Great Question Of Our Time by Finnegan7921 in GenderCritical

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I hope this will help a mainstream audience learn about the harms of gender ideology, but I don't consider Matt Walsh an ally. He's a homophobic, misogynistic MRA, and centering misogyny/homophobia will ensure the permeance of gender ideology, which is counterproductive. Just watch some nice Exulansic or Magdalen Berns videos instead.

Flooding nonsense posts to drive down the quality of content on saidit, pcpmasterrace tries to pass himself off as normal. by mongre in SaidIt

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I don't know what all this drama is, but I just hope it doesn't kill Saidit. It's an important site because it's one of the few sites where you can openly speak about the harms of gender ideology without being deplatformed.

Wisconsin mom says son, 13, was accused of SEXUAL HARASSMENT and hit with Title IX complaint for refusing to refer to non-binary classmate by 'they/them' pronouns by HongKongPhooey in news

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And asking someone's biological sex is also considered sexual harassment, but tricking a straight man into having sex with another man isn't considered sexual harassment.