Looters trying to rob FedEx truck got stuck under wheels and drug down road. by Hoomsns in whatever

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People's stupidity knows no boundaries...

Globalist Leaders Afraid of Independent Journalists featuring Chrystia Freeland at the WEF (13:03) ~ Clyde Do Something by JasonCarswell in conspiracy

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What is there for them to be afraid of? You can reach out to the main media sites without being censored and called a loon. Modern day brainwashing is very real and a very creepy thing...

Brazil's judicial authorities have ordered the arrest of top public officials after rioters stormed key government buildings in Brasília. by neolib in WorldNews

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Spot on. It wouldn't be unusual for the military to be involved...

Leftist Democrat Mayor sentenced to 30 years for kiddie porn by [deleted] in news

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Good. I hope it continues...

What is the point of life if the white race exists? by andrewtate1 in AskSaidIt

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Perhaps, just perhaps, there is no meaning to life. But if you hold on to it for just a little, you may find something interesting.

Deputy Punches Mother Twice as She Holds Her Infant Son by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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Holy shit...

why do i fart so much? by sneako in AskSaidIt

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You seem to be rather upset so it may influence your system...

Cornell professor tells WEF audience that digital currency is great because governments could ban "undesirable" purchases like ammunition by Drewski in conspiracy

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The more power for them the better... This is terrifying...