Biden’s ATF loses big in ‘pistol brace’ case by Drewski in firearms

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Lost huge in the SCOTUS ruling on Garland v. Cargill as well.

Most are wrongly saying bump stocks were ruled Constitutional, which simply isn't true. The ruling was against via APA (Adminstrative Procedures Act) grounds, i.e. Chevron Deference being not a legal leg to stand on, or simplified into: the Exexcutive branch is forbidden from making law, that being solely the realm of the Legislative branch alone. Good yes, but the ruling should've been on contest by the 2A, and that calls heavily into question the integrity of the court.

More worrisome, Alito's concurrence is very hinky and he states prima facie it's ok for Congress in his opinion to go after them instead. Alluding to him being fine with the BoR travesties that are the NFA 1934, GCA 1968, Huges, et al. So much for Alito being a stalwart defender of our rights. Nothing but a traitor to his oath after all.

Biden issues stern warning about Trump. by Dune1032 in politics

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Ice cream >> OR *confused tard-cart sounds << no ice cream.

The literal extent of his faculties since 1985...

Solutions to the mag fed shotgun conundrum: They exist. by [deleted] in Guns

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Sit down boys & girls, this is an intensive schooling on the realities versus the bs popped online so oft. Many claim there are problems with magazine fed shotguns, and for quite a few of the lower quality models, they are correct. Correct sometimes, there being an enormous amount of uninformed posts parroting what their friends uncle's methhead sister heard 3rd hand from her dealer a decade ago about some Turkshit ephemeral corp flying under a new marque next month, rebranding because everyone found out they were garbage. I'm here to fix that, and quit buying shit.

You can probably guess by my username which I run. Sort of. It's a highly modified one, KL-12 with some special tricks up it's sleeve. The one that also holds the recent World Shotgun Shoot's two titles in open div. and a bevy of others world wide. Firm believer in quality over quantity.

Addressing first the statement that there is no way to carry the magazines, think the image shows that to be patently false. Beez Combat Systems & Stich-Profi, latter of which is very difficult to get today in the U.S. with sanctions in play, both make chest rigs compatible with a wide variety of box magazines of differing brands. BCS (Beez) also makes quality magazine pouches for the 10 & 12 round, along with MagOr-S and Ulfhednar, as does SRVV though they focus on 8 & 10 round only. For competition style rigs: Dissident Arms, ISPC Labs, Hoppner & Schumann, & Stich-Profi all are producing belt clips and/or kydex pouches for Vepr's, Saiga's, and likely clones of. Probably more, all I can think of off the cuff being not as centered on competition. Some of the foreign made are still available in country.

No, to cut off the hamster wheel spinning up in your head, your Turkshit 19 rounders won't fit.

Secondly, the myths and truths of hull deformation are greatly exagerated for the most part. Again refer to the image and you'll see the long term solution for the deformation issue in the lowermost mag. That's right, brass hulls. Only needed for the top position which is pushed against the bolt carrier. Not really needed if you cycle out your defensive ammo in a timely manner as you should be doing regardless. Federal makes a special shell called the Action Shotgun line for negating this in part, unfortunately only target loadings focused on open shotgun competition classes. And, it's a dirty girl with a lot of fouling plus being in only #7 bird shot makes it less than useful for most. Myself included.

On the other hand, with high quality shells it pushes the time to deform beyond a year, even at 14 months a LE127 00 will still reliably chamber without problems.

Here's the big and final one. They do NOT deform from simply being in the magazine, reason being the manner which the follower applies pressure, this rides on the brass at the base of the shell, not the plastic portion of the hull. This causes them to fan apart from the rear, preventing any pressure on the vulnerable part of the hull. Have a long term experiment with cheap PMC in 3 fully loaded magazine that's now run for nearing 7 years consecutively outside of the gun with, guess what, not one iota of the much vaunted squished shell as claimed by hordes of people on the web. Let me know if you'd like to see and I'll be happy to upload photo's to dispel the mythology.

R/bannedbooks doesn't allow a certain kind of banned books for some reason... by Oyveygoyim in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I can read the war history, or watch the footage with almost impunity. However, I have to draw the line at the speeches and writings of the mad king. Further still, the descent of the country spiraling down with him into degenerate lunacy. Difficult for the sane mind both to fathom and square that with reality.

Gives me the creeps.

Reddit is the new large scale AI psyop by Cancelthis in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Forgot one; gun range.

That being the only one listed I approve of.

Comparing America to Israel on gun laws is dishonest - and revealing (they have strict gun controls even though the people can have guns) by iamonlyoneman in Guns

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Well this aged like steamed milk. Looks like this was the perfect pla... O w8.

Try that in the free well armed states in the U.S. My state alone has more privately owned guns than Iran and Israel at all. That being only those that had 4473's required to purchase which were counted. We made a whole lot more ourselves that aren't enumerated. If gun ownership were actually a large problem overall here, you'd damned sure know it.

There would be rivers of blood.

Don't believe the anti rhetoric disinformation hype. Anyone to truly thinks those who wish to rule over your lives are benevolent, are also fools. Remember, they do so from behind the barrel of a gun and the threat of violence and/or death.

US considering letting Ukraine strike Russia with US weapons. by Dune1032 in WorldNews

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Ah yes, another aficionado of history. Phony War indeed.

Not a fan of Johnson, but his statement about the Ukraine running their war as they see fit is on point. Personally, I <3 seeing the restructured USSR getting it's teeth kicked in. Corruption or no, decimating your self declared enemy everyone should be cheering on.

Top UN court orders Israel to halt military offensive in Rafah, though Israel is unlikely to comply by neolib in WorldPolitics

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Ready to start stacking that blue helmet pyramid whenever they feel froggy. :D

Hamas forgot that golden rule: Doan start no shit, won't be no shit. Feels bad for the collateral, but you shouldn't let terrorists use you as a shield and expect nothing to come of it either. ICJ is a joke.

Johns Hopkins Says Gun-Control Will Prevent Second Civil War by Drewski in firearms

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Despite their claim, the attempt at citizen disarmament is likely to bring it about, not prevent it. Educated beyond they're faculty at Johns Hopkins, it seems.

Cops are suing, because the Sig P230 seems to be shooting them. On its own. While holstered. by iamonlyoneman in Guns

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Funny it only seems to happen to LEO, and not the other 2.1 million in consumer hands, or the entire military either. Since when have you ever known cops to admit to an ND?

Confident enough to have 124 +P HST's aiwb rn and on the daily. And in case you don't know, there are 3 internal safety's including a firing pin block that does not move without pulling the trigger.