Saidit's voting system: Why it's awesome and how to use it by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Up-bulbed and funnied for maximum boosting!

"The Streisand Effect" concerning: "An update on the FireEye report and Reddit" by Tom_Bombadil in conspiracy

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I can't talk about the YEMEN GENOCIDE? Why can't I talk about the YEMEN GENOCIDE? Oh okay, I'll tell everyone not to talk about the YEMEN GENOCIDE!

... Excuse me, did you just talk about the YEMEN GENOCIDE?... Oh you weren't talking about the YEMEN GENOCIDE, okay then, carry on but remember to not talk about the YEMEN GENOCIDE!

I think I mentioned the YEMEN GENOCIDE once, but got away with it.

Some Kind Of by Mnemonic in MUSICUNKNOWN

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But, to be honest, it's Voyager so everything is new in the delta quadrant!

Ted Was Right, Wasn't He? by useless_aether in quotes

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because he doesn't state his personal views very often.

So all his crying (just search Jordan Peterson Crying) is staged? (His emotional outbursts are something he's famed and loved for IIRC, best known and made it into a lot of Kermit memes:

Imagine if women quit wearing makeup to work, or all men started wearing makeup, etc. Makeup or not, the workplace social environment will be impacted.

Maybe a bad example because both cases have been happening for ages (In western society and still is). It wasn't that long ago that the elite men wore makeup (also, almost every man on TV wears make up 'because you have to look pretty in the unnatural light'). And pretty much only TV (or p*rn) brainwashed people think of make-up being 'natural' for women. (but maybe you mean mascara, that's a bit more general accepted {the eyes/brow stuff} as 'basic women stuff' though certain hair-colors (black and red) don't use it too often in the wild). But this can all be a culture difference

But more on topic and JP, the good part of him is his 'calling out' problems, excesses and whatever you call it. Though his solutions are founded in what Ted describes as the machine/system. So on the one hand he 'rebels' by calling out thing 'the status quo' misses/ignores or even endorses. But he himself so much system he can't really rebel so with long talks basically says to embrace the system (more specifically the system he grew up in and he has spun his tales around).

It's not perse a declassification of Jordan (I would happily believe and take it already as fact he's a good psychiatrist), but viewed in the Ted perspective he is this false rebellion. To put it blunt: Peterson does not take into account the tremendous and devastating 'Industry' and is fine with how society acts with it and sets people up (helps) them to integrate into this abomination of a system.

EDIT: did I already mention Ted was a bit of a radical fanatic? ;)

Kraftwerk is a nominee for Rock and roll hall of fame list by Broken-needles350 in music

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I don't hate Kraftwerk but...


And for as short as time as I've witnessed you /u/Broken-needles350 a song for you:

This school replaced detention with meditation and the results are phenomenal by magnora7 in whatever

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I bet those kids grow up to be huge BDSM fetishists.

Before Dawn Sitting Meditation

Ancient skull proof of our alien origins by useless_aether in funny

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"They used their head as storage for water, milk and cheap Jenever. Now can you imagine that, it's like carrying something equivalent of a jug around all day, except, it's not a jug... it's your head!"