When the DOOM music kicks in (4:08) ~ Georgi Dimitrov by JasonCarswell in metal

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This track slaps, That movie was pretty good too. Mick Gordon is a legend.

Saidit is currently undergoing the largest DDOS attack we've ever had by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Same thing happened at the early stages of voat, always getting DDOS.

I want to play GTA4, so I'm starting at the original GTA3 for story or whatever. But damn, this game sucks. by Anman in Gaming

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GTA 3 was pretty revolutionary for the time, from top-down camera to open world 3rd person was a big jump at the time, but yeah it does not hold up very well. Vice City if anything had a banging soundtrack and a more Miami Vice/Scarface story.

However, you don't need to play any of these games before playing GTA4 as, pretty much after 3, they all have standalone stories.