Thank you Magnora by Xena in magnora7

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The lack of down-votes is really the key ingredient that makes this place special.

Downvote mechanics result in echo-boxes.

Israel's relentless violence on Gaza met by global silence by salvia_d in WorldPolitics

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When all of the media organizations are owned and/or owned and controlled by Jews this is hardly a coincidence. I'm sure eventually discussing it will be banned from platforms like the Jewish owned Facebook and Jewish owned YouTube.

Not all Jews are in 100% support of the Israeli ethnostate, but all the powerful ones that matter are. Refugees for their host countries and foreign aid and wars for Israel.

"Today, I am proud to introduce the Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act with @RepBarbaraLee and @RepRashida. If corporations can't understand why it's absurd to pay their CEOs more in a year than their workers will earn in a lifetime, then maybe this bill will help them figure it out." Bernie Sanders 🔥 by EndlessSunflowers in WayOfTheBern

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This will just lower tax revenues by moving the compensation out of cash and into other vehicles (stocks, company cars, company planes, etc).

In my lifetime I've been on both sides of this equation. The stress, difficulty, and hours of a C-Level job are easily 100X the lowest wage counterpart - and the compensation reflects that.

I've already negotiated a lower salary and receive more of my compensation in 401k matching, shares, and "company issued equipment". More to come I guess - because putting a hard cap on cash salaries after which people are robbed does not reduce the scarcity of people qualified for such positions.

Spez talks about WPD being banned by tejmar in WPDTalk

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The oblivion remix of the Christchurch shooting had me in tears, I think my sense of humor is harsh from decades of internet culture.

Female Gun Owners: We Prefer the AR-15 by useless_aether in Freedom

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My wife is quite fond of the AR. Standard rifle and shotgun sizes are awkward as hell for petite women, children, and small men to handle. Adjustable stocks, pistol grips, hand guards, etc. go a long way towards making the platform effective in more diminutive hands.

It's all about the quoted "Mr Potato head" nature of the gun. If someone says, "1911" you know what that looks like. If someone says AR you don't know shit until you see a picture. It could resemble anything from an over-sized handgun to an SMG or hunting rifle.

KekistanChronicle • r/KekistanChronicle by [deleted] in KekistanChronicle

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This is some Olympic grade cringe posting. You're about 2 years too late with this - also your domain is suspended for lack of email verification.

As any civilized person I felt compelling to gaze upon the mess as I drove by - alas I could not.

The computer revolution was stolen from the public by useless_aether in politics

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Agree with that. Glowniggers were and are heavily involved in the creation and monopolization of Facebook and Google. Gates is a just a modern day rail baron/standard oil.

This is too funny. (Be civil. Let's not ruin Saidit.) by Tom_Bombadil in funny

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I have a pretty good idea.

This is too funny. (Be civil. Let's not ruin Saidit.) by Tom_Bombadil in funny

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I guess the cuck insult burns enough to warrant a meme, and here I thought it was getting a bit stale.

Youtube And Facebook CENSORED My Content On CIA Whistleblower, My Video And Others Are BLOCKED (Tim Pool) by zyxzevn in politics

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This has been going on for a long time with many topics.

Bernie discusses free college and gun regulation with Joe Rogan by tyrdhead in USPolitics

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If someone kicks in your door a gun in an armory isn't going to help you. Responsibility is teaching everyone in the family firearm safety.

The reality in most of the country is that E&M services are a long way away due to sparse population density (20m to 1+hr response time).

When a 6'8" felon armed with a baseball bat kicks in a front door, your wife or daughter are not going to be able to physically overpower that man.

Guns are merely a force equalizer. They let a frail out of shape retiree protect themselves from a young fit person. Without them, might makes right, and the biggest guy in the room makes the rules. If he intends to rape and murder everyone, he will.

This concept includes non-human threats regularly seen in flyover country - like hungry bears.

So, here is my perception of the issue:

  • Black and Mexican city gangs shoot each other a bunch

  • Sometimes mentally ill people and/or terrorists attack innocent people

  • I don't care, I'm not giving up the ability to provide for my own security, and if I have to fight to maintain that I am willing to take any necessary measures.

Sanders' immigration plan: Halt deportations, abolish ICE, welcome 50K 'climate migrants,' give welfare to all by Tarrock in politics

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Well, if you want a "revolution" I guess that's how you get one.

You’ve been lied to: Walrus suicide NOT caused by climate change as Attenborough story quietly revised. What else is a lie? by useless_aether in ClimateSkeptics

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It's clear that in order to save the planet we need to enact super tough regulations, so that all dirty industries offshore to China and Africa where the true stewards of the environment dwell.

'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits' by [deleted] in news

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Didn't even see it was that old. Came across elsewhere. Now I can file it under TIL

Solved in a court case in 2009.

In a precedent-setting case on the matter, Germany's Federal Social Court ruled in 2009 that the country's constitution does not permit the "active promotion of prostitution through the exercise of official authority" -- a decision that provided legal backing to the job centers' position.

The ruling came after the operator of two brothels -- both called Laura's Girls -- in Speyer and Karlsruhe sued after a job agency refused to post listings to fill positions for 12 prostitutes from Germany and the European Union.

At the time, job center officials argued they would not do placements for prostitution "as long as there is no clear moral position on prostitution in Germany." However, they continued, if there were a moral consensus that it was an acceptable position, they would be required to treat it as a "normal profession -- without any fussing or quibbling."

I'd edit the title to mark it old if I could - interesting but not news. Gonna delete.

Bernie discusses free college and gun regulation with Joe Rogan by tyrdhead in USPolitics

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tldr: You'll pay for these worthless degrees through taxes

Gun Control Tenets

  • Expand Background Checks to include non-criminal criteria
  • Don't let people buy a bunch of guns
  • "Assault Weapons are weapons of mass destruction"
  • Ban them, or put a registry in place

Pictured - Bernie's understanding of "Assault Weapons"

Atheists sound the alarm: Decline of Christianity is seriously hurting society by useless_aether in Religion

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The truth is people run around in circles with other people roughly like them, sniffing each other's farts and getting high on retardation - which is what fedora tipping atheists have done for most of my life span.

Yes, humanity needs religion, because the largest and fastest growing groups of humans are fucking retarded. It just so happens when you're sitting in that < 85 IQ range you also have poor impulse control - and the threat of metaphysical damnation is actually an effective deterrent to degenerate and antisocial behavior.

It doesn't take a degree in rocket surgery or feminist dance theory to determine that. It requires leaving your social bubble and hanging around people that are fucking stupid for awhile.

Mfw I cant find my frens. Frens where are you? Is saidit dead? by Honk in frenworld

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Saidit isn't dead, but it's low population compared to places like Voat.

Hailed by the New York Times as “the most courageous book to date on the problem of race in the Western mind,” Kendi’s goals are openly totalitarian. The DOA would be tasked with “investigating” private businesses and “monitoring” the speech of public officials. by Chipit in news

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Day of the um, debate when? Almost forgot I was on Saidit.

Seriously though, you can argue with some people, others you are better just removing from the nation/society. Give them an all expense paid trip back home to the volcano lair you'd reasonably expect them to have already been inhabiting.

VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup "We had Clinton, We had Everything" by Chipit in news

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Low information people won't hear about ABC news being exposed on ABC news.

Man Accused of Hate Crime for Refusing To Have Sex with Transgender Who Has Male Genitalia by Marou in politics

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Gender ADHD.

I Got Access to My Secret Consumer Score. Now You Can Get Yours, Too. - The New York Times by CompleteDoubterII in privacy

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I've been hopping proxies and blocking all tracking sites since the late 90's for everything except vidya games & work searches; I also largely use pseudonyms to order things.

Wonder how confusing my profiles look.

Man Accused of Hate Crime for Refusing To Have Sex with Transgender Who Has Male Genitalia by Marou in politics

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**To the tune of "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" **

It's beginning to look a lot like Weimar

everywhere I go

Trannies in the wings

Pedophilia the next thing

Mother daughter prostitutes to go...

I don't want to read news anymore!!!😢😢😢😢😭 by Snow in news

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It's not like you need to.

It's all half-assed propaganda anyways. At least demand full-assed propaganda.

Hitler Speech about Modern World - Look Who's Back (Film 2015) by send_nasty_stuff in altrightwebm

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The NSDAP was the original Occupy Wall Street. This threw them into conflict with International Finance, which was (and is) Jewish.

Greta Thunberg Calls on Facebook to Censor Her Critics by [deleted] in politics

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She just mad cause her last album didn't sell well.

383,000. That’s how many gallons of crude oil just spilled out of the Keystone Pipeline & into the wetlands of N Dakota. When we protested at Standing Rock, Big Oil minimized the threat of spills. Enough. We cannot gamble with our precious water resources. by EndlessSunflowers in WayOfTheBern

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Is the argument that running these shipments by oil tanker is a better option? Would a spill of 383,000 gallons into the Atlantic have been a more desirable outcome?

Even if we stopped using gasoline powered stuff tomorrow, plastics and all sorts of other crucial shit are refined from crude oil. As such, the oil has enough intrinsic value that it WILL get to refineries, whether it flows through a pipeline or in an exhaust spewing fleet of oil tankers.

Trump Says the President Is Above the Law. Don’t Let This Doctrine Stand. Why we right! by tyrdhead in WayOfTheBern

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What? Your Alfred e Newman meme is so funny. My gun is bigger than yours. To bad you won't back it up Rambo. We have no fear of you, we have the truth on our side. You got history. We make history. Join us we all know you want out of the closet just embrace it.

We're joking around, but I have some sober thoughts.

This red part of the country won't go along with the open borders, gun control, anti-christian, socialist agenda of this blue part.

I expect states and nation itself to fracture. Everyone wants to live in a society that reflects their values; and the values of the progressive wing of the democratic party would have to be enforced on the red part of this map at gunpoint.

Due to demographic shifts powered by immigration (legal and illegal) it is inevitable within the next 10 years that we become a uni-party state (democrat). It's also inevitable that we experience another financial calamity since none of the systemic issues exposed in 2008 have been solved.

Progressives like yourselves are attempting to wrest (in vain in current year) control of the party from the neoliberal ruling faction. You'll get your shot, but only when we've reached this crisis state.

The writing on the wall is clear as day - and I personally know dozens of individuals preparing themselves and their families for what is to come. I'd love for this separation to be peaceful (run your house how you want, and we'll run ours) but I doubt DC is going to peacefully surrender control of 80+% of it's territory to the secessionists that no longer recognize it's authority.

So, the first socialist president will also be the last president of the United States as we currently know it. We will attempt to peacefully separate but will probably have to fight for our independence; after all, nearly all tangible goods are produced in areas we inhabit. We are the proletariat, but we are also the means of production the ethnically diverse urban areas intend to seize.


So, while you guys are imagining days where every job pays well, we have universal healthcare, government paid for sex changes, open borders, no more guns, hate speech laws, and maybe reparations for perceived racial injustice.

We are over here sharpening our aim, increasing our ammo stockpiles, improving our fitness, and fatalistically preparing to fight and die if necessary - to remain free, retain our self-determination; and to ensure our children do not grow up as demonized and hated minorities in the lands their ancestors tamed.

This fundamental difference in perspective is why the left and right can rarely communicate effectively anymore. We live in diametrically opposed realities.

Keystone Pipeline Shut Down After Leaking Oil in North Dakota and Nobody’s Talking About It by codedtestament in WorldNews

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Guess the oil tankers will be running double shifts to move the product then. Not like they're not gonna refine oil cause the pipeline is fucked up.

Trump Says the President Is Above the Law. Don’t Let This Doctrine Stand. Why we right! by tyrdhead in WayOfTheBern

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I for one hope democrats do succeed in overturning the election results through various extralegal maneuvers.

I'm ready to get this party started, and even have a lovely rainbow flag prepared for the day.

Voat Registration is Open Again by beingPoisoned in MeanwhileOnVoat

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I'm sure they'd be sad to know that they won't get to experience the biting critiques and witty banter of "Assfuck".

Voat Registration is Open Again by beingPoisoned in MeanwhileOnVoat

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Nah, unknown who owns voat. Things can get censored by downvotes but only spam and calls for violence that violate the Brandenburg v. Ohio ruling get removed.

Voat Registration is Open Again by beingPoisoned in MeanwhileOnVoat

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It's very effective at blocking shills and spam deluges - but it has major downsides. Comment normally on topics for a few weeks and the restrictions ease up quickly.

Accurate political compass of websites, or nah? by newguy in memes

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8pol had many more shills, and a bunch of agent provocateurs. Poal is more polite voat. The thing is, many of the folks on these sites have economic values that would not traditionally be considered "right wing".

Authoritarian versus Libertarian is easy.

At it's core Authoritarianism believes that you can't have a functional society without the state acting as the arbiter of morality for individuals and corporations. In addition there is a general distrust and dislike of universal suffrage and systems of democracy that give, say; a single mother with 5 kids by different fathers - the same amount of authority over the government as a respectable member of society.

One sentence? A belief in hierarchy and that some morals and values are objectively superior to others.

Libertarians believe no one entity can be trusted with that much power, and we'd be better off in a Darwinian situation where corporations, gangs, and individuals with the most weapons and will to use them compete for control.

One sentence? A disbelief in hierarchy, and that morality and values are subjective.

Soros and the Rothschilds use the same trick - creating a crisis, buying up gov't bonds while they are cheap as faith in that gov't drops, then ending the crisis and profiting when things return to normal by magnora7 in Rothschilds

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When you take a profit on every dollar or pound printed through partial ownership of the bank of england and federal reserve, plus control most of the world's gold supply they have way more than that. Likely the world's only other Trillionare family, the House of Saud (1.2T) look like peasants in comparison. Of course, they hide it in such a labyrinth of holdings, trusts, and companies that there is no way to know how much.

Bernie Sanders Refuses to Bow to Israel by tyrdhead in WayOfTheBern

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Let's not forgot though that every time a country throws off the shackles of international finance they are murdered or punished brutally by international finance.

At this point the only countries left these powers don't control are Cuba; North Korea; Iran; Syria ; Venezuela

It's naive to think they wouldn't intervene internationally to maintain their authority here. Certainly they were quick to take care of Libya, Iraq, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sudan, Afghanistan, etc.

The average OWS protestor had more in common w/the dreaded "nazis" than they'd ever know if they never studied history.

Bernie Sanders Refuses to Bow to Israel by tyrdhead in WayOfTheBern

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That is one form of torches and pitchforks, sure. However, the establishment has become extremely effective at neutering such movements.

Two come to mind that were quickly co-opted and rendered impotent.

1) Tea Party Movement (Right Wing)

2) Occupy Wall Street (Left Wing)

Large scale movements in France have been ongoing for a long time now (Yellow Vests), and are being handled well with rubber bullets and media suppression.

At the end of the day politics are a surrogate for violence. Or, to quote Kennedy, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

If you yell at the government and corporate america, "Stop!", and they say, "Make me", then shoot you with rubber bullets and arrest you - the only options left on the table are to accept your status as a slave, or stop playing by the rules and rebel.

Bernie Sanders Refuses to Bow to Israel by tyrdhead in WayOfTheBern

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This is why I think those of us that pay attention, regardless of political leanings, can agree that the current structure cannot be fixed electorally.

It will take torches and pitchforks - and those don't tend to come out until the bread and circus dry up. Until that point people have too much to lose to act.

A principal in Florida said he couldn't confirm the Holocaust was a 'factual' event. The school district just fired him by Antifa in news

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In Patton's memories, in Churchill's memoirs. Where? I've read these things.

You are now resorting to empty claims that you can not substantiate because you are lying. The only claims came from the Soviets.

A principal in Florida said he couldn't confirm the Holocaust was a 'factual' event. The school district just fired him by Antifa in news

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Historians with much more patience than me have poured through such things on a massive scale - there is no there, there. Many of these men have lost their careers and livelyhood pursuing the truth.

I invite you to examine critically the events and "evidence" yourself. Personally, I couldn't accept that such a large event was an artifact of propaganda. So, I went on crusade to prove to myself that surely I was not the crazy one, the people making the claims were.

But now I'm in that position, and you are where I was. Do the investigation, examine the veracity of your evidence...have fun coming to grips with a rewritten 20th century in your world view.

Beyond all other things, reading post-war accounts written in the immediate aftermath of world war 2 are what cleared things up for me. How could all of these accounts of the war leave out, without even a cursory mention; what is today marketed as one of it's largest injustices?

A principal in Florida said he couldn't confirm the Holocaust was a 'factual' event. The school district just fired him by Antifa in news

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It was no secret that the soviets, americans, and british were all creating anti-nazi "atrocity propaganda" at a massive pace to mobilize their populations for the war. This is part and parcel of all wars. These were Germany's "WMD's": or did you still believe that one too?

A principal in Florida said he couldn't confirm the Holocaust was a 'factual' event. The school district just fired him by Antifa in news

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proven by all the death camps found

There is no evidence. Scratch the surface and all you have are "Survivor accounts". What we're allowed to see are carefully filtered to the people making wild claims. Anything else is censored and destroyed.

A principal in Florida said he couldn't confirm the Holocaust was a 'factual' event. The school district just fired him by Antifa in news

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You know the 6 million number has significance in Tulmudic Gnosticism, yeah? That's why it appears over and over. It has little bearing on anything in reality. Old thread on the topic:

"Now in the Judaism argument the concept of the 'Guzma' comes of importance. The 'Guzma' is a rabbinical concept, which is used to express the scale of a catastrophe ('shoah'), i.e. the number of jews who have suffered and/or died, in terms related to the tales of the Written Torah. Now the 'Guzma' relies on the Talmud Bavli (I forget the precise citations as the thing is huge) in so far as it calculates the extent of a 'shoah' by taking the number of jews the Bavli says came out of Egypt with Moses in the Torah (600,000) and then multiplies it by a number to express how serious and awful a 'shoah' the event is (from what I've read usually 1 to 10 given that jewish audiences became less accepting of insane figures at least as early as the 19th century). Thus 600,000 x 10 = 6,000,000 (i.e a truly biblical shoah). So in this argument we have rabbis explaining the scale of a 'shoah', which they cannot know, by using the concept of the 'Guzma' to create a number which can then be passed along to other rabbis around the world as a representation of the scale of the 'shoah' which has occurred or is occurring: hence the '6,000,000' claim."

It's religious significance is why such wild claims are made, and good god there are so many. All completely illegal to question in Europe.

People like to be thought of as martyrs.

Certainly the Nazi's killed many Jews, by firing squad; many having been involved in communist insurrection. Others were worked to death, and still more died of Typhus and starvation once allies cut the supply lines. Based on census numbers before and after the war, and many other metrics, it was between 2 and 400,000.

There was no concentrated effort however, to exterminate a people that could be put to use to perform labor. The Germans are an efficient people. The jews they killed, died by firearm - not bugspray.

The holodomor, by contrast. Was an intentional genocide of Ukranian Christians by Marxist Jews. Unlike the holocaust there is physical evidence and orders, and there were and are millions of bodies as proof. This is a classic case of projecting your crimes upon your enemy. Something the left is still exceedingly good at doing today.

A principal in Florida said he couldn't confirm the Holocaust was a 'factual' event. The school district just fired him by Antifa in news

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Marou, you are denying the holocaust with out of context info. I see holocaust deniers using that same image all the time.

Let's suppose that's true, at least it wouldn't be the first time 6 million jews died that century.

Poor survivors:

It's a shame Churchill and others involved didn't mention anything about it in their memoirs. I'm sure if people hadn't waited until the 60's and 70's to realize it happened they would have been able to find some evidence other than "witness accounts".

A principal in Florida said he couldn't confirm the Holocaust was a 'factual' event. The school district just fired him by Antifa in news

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Yeah, we have good numbers since the red cross was allowed observers in the camps.

Much harder to know how many died in less documented events, like the Holodomor.

Source of that image: Documents sur l'activité du CICR en faveur des civils détenus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne 1939-1945 (Geneva, 1946), and Inter Arma Caritas: the Work of the ICRC during the Second World War (Geneva, 1947). The team of authors, headed by Frédéric Siordet, explained in the opening pages of the Report that their objective, in the tradition of the Red Cross, had been strict political neutrality.

"OK B00MER" Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations Now it’s WAAAAR: Gen Z has finally snapped. Anyone got white milk? 👌 (article inside) by Enza in politics

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This isn't very optimistic. But part of me agrees with this too. Could that be considered what Henry Ford's mass distribution of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion along with the timing of distribution were?

Yep, it's why I can never embrace an "optics first" strategy and won't counter-signal even lowbrow "racists". Problems in this area aren't new; and they aren't going to be solved with politeness, voting, or reasoned debate. Certainly those things are important as well, but we're too far gone for them to be the answer.

“The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.” ― Adolf Hitler

"OK B00MER" Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations Now it’s WAAAAR: Gen Z has finally snapped. Anyone got white milk? 👌 (article inside) by Enza in politics

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Not once has one of these friends discussed how the goyim need to be controlled or randomly mentioned Israel, and one aforementioned friend who's even a leftist, is against what Israel is doing to Palestine.

This is the curse of being intelligent. There is an elite cabal of ethnically Jewish interests, let's call them the Talmudic mafia. They control entertainment, finance, media, and have completely outsized control of the government; all achieved through extreme in-group preference and ethnic nepotism.

They actively work to undermine their host nations across the western world, while turning a blind eye to Israel's misdeeds and ensuring we fight it's wars for it. South Africa is what their victory looks like.

You and I are intelligent enough to know that this elite international clique has fuck all to do with the Jewish baker up the street (in fact, he is also fucked over by the same policies); however - most people are stupid. The average IQ of 90 has a hard time comprehending such a level of categorization; and when 90 is the average 50% are below that. We've been on a dysgenic path for around a century now. Stupidity is currently a better marker to measure biologically qualified success (offspring), than intelligence.

"White people are evil" only has traction due to this reality of human nature.

Since the intellectually mediocre cannot comprehend nuance - you eventually arrive at the end result of "Hitler did nothing wrong"; although a more accurate statement would be, "He did the best he could with what he had to work with (human nature)".

Reasoned debate will win you the hearts and minds of people interested in and capable of understanding the truth. Only well crafted propaganda will change enough hearts and minds to change the status quo.

Obligatory meme since you mentioned being part Jewish:

If I wanted to convince YOU mass immigration was bad I'd present facts and evidence.

If I wanted to convince the guy who fucked up my order at the fast food joint I'd just link him this:

"OK B00MER" Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations Now it’s WAAAAR: Gen Z has finally snapped. Anyone got white milk? 👌 (article inside) by Enza in politics

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lmao y'all niggas keep talking like that you're gonna give the very people you're talking the ammunition they need. That's what happened to Voat. Plus it makes us seem closed-minded and not open to discussion. We can't educate people that way.

I would argue that right-wing Zionist Jews are actually far less of an issue in this regard than secular Cosmopolitan Jews that have Zionist sympathies. It is the profound double standard applied to host nations versus the motherland that makes cosmopolitan Jews particularly distasteful. Neither faction should control our economy, media, or laws; but that ship has long since sailed - and plenty of ostensibly "innocent" people will get caught up in the crossfire of the eventual reckoning.

For the purposes of this comparison I would lay the policies of Stephen Miller, a right-wing Zionist / against those of George Soros, a cosmopolitan with Zionist sympathies.

Tiny houses built in Vanderburgh, but it's illegal to live in one by dcjogger in news

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It just blows my mind is all.

Tiny houses built in Vanderburgh, but it's illegal to live in one by dcjogger in news

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Mobile homes are vastly more affordable and offer a vastly higher standard of living / square space. So, not sure who this is trying to appeal to...

What Will America Be Like in 2045? - Alternatino by pcpmasterrace in altrightwebm

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Indeed, the dollar is likely to lose reserve status in the next decade. This country no longer has the unity or brotherhood necessary to survive such a restructuring - and every country from Russia to China is ready to heavily arm and support any breakaway states.

Reminder this is not only IT. This is how the world thinks by Riceand420 in Incels

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I think the post you are responding to is dumb so I'm not responding to that. Rather, I read that post as schadenfreude rather than promotion of violence.

I'm happy when my enemies experience misfortune - but I don't call for their heads (here). Is the expression of such pleasure verboten?

Comparing Front-End, Back-End & Full-Stack Development by digifutura in technology

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Yeah, it's actually pretty hilarious. Good Indian programmers are quickly H1B'd and become American programmers, which in practice means what is left over as not remotely a "comparable quality of work".

What are your political beliefs? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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8values is vastly more accurate than politicalcompass

My Results:

Voat canary died... from Putt by BillionDollarEgg3 in MeanwhileOnVoat

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We've already fallen down that slippery slope. If you allow open examination of history and criticism of jewry you can lose your domain name and all available HOSTs.

The clearweb is only suitable for bugman endeavors at this point.

Former top Navy SEAL who oversaw the Osama bin Laden raid says the US is 'under attack from the president' by IamRedBeard in AntiTrumpAlliance

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Oh? You mean the guy who executed the already captured Bin Laden and threw his body in the ocean so that he couldn't be brought to trial and implicate members of the CIA and Mossad?

Yeah, true patriot that guy.

Voat canary died... from Putt by BillionDollarEgg3 in MeanwhileOnVoat

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The voat people? If they come here this website is doomed.

I'm a voat person and that's what I was saying when I first discovered this site. It doesn't matter if everyone from there migrated here and sits up on high at the peak of the debate pyramid, some ideas are not allowed a platform. Especially if those ideas are critical of grabblers.

The 1950s; the 1960s; right now; and the future by x0x7 in politics

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The population of liberals is decreasing in the west due to dysgenic breeding, abortion, transgenderism, 3rd wave feminism, etc. The population of conservatives is over replacement. Evolution and self-selection will sort this out within 50 years.

This has been going on for decades and is accelerating. Since political leanings are largely heritable we have an interesting future ahead of us. This is why leftish politicians push immigration from third world countries so hard.

At the end of the day surviving and reproducing is how you achieve success as a life form. Ideology that renders it's adherents unable to reproduce at replacement levels is akin to a death cult.

Found this site from certain subs criticizing what Reddit has become. I don't like hate speech but I also don't like people censoring speech because it's contradictory to progress on giving people rights. Thanks for creating Saidit! by NerfThis in SaidIt

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Truth eventually leads to third position politics of various flavors because it's fundamentally what human nature requires.

Where the truth isn't actively suppressed eventually people are forced to accept evolution's implications on humans and the heritability of traits/intelligence/temperament, etc. This acceptance hits former left wingers especially hard due to impossibilities of "equality" it represents. Acknowledgement of the facts in this area render most ostensibly "liberal" and "conservative" talking points meaningless.

Then you examine the history of the world, not the redacted version - and you're left with a clear picture of how fucked everything is in it's current post WW2/Churchill's War form. This includes all the fuckery of the US government from Total Information Awareness to Operation Mockingbird, MKUltra, etc - and the fact the our "official" version of World War 2 is very poorly put together agitprop crafted out of war era propaganda.

Even the rantings of mad men contain a bunch of truth. Along those lines everyone should read Ted Kaczynski'a manifesto at some point because the natural direction of "Industrial Society and it's Future" is the reason the neoliberal elite are currently at the helm - and his diagnosis of the modern "leftist" is fairly spot on. Most of these people aren't evil. They are just "useful idiots".

How the taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years (USA) by magnora7 in gifs

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Perhaps. But rearranging the economy to better benefit the hyper-wealthy at the expense of the middle and lower classes isn't a victory imo. The increased revenues had to come from somewhere.

I can agree with that, but I view usury and unsound money as the source of most of the problems. A lack of social justice is another - and I don't mean some intersectional bullshit. I mean corporations are let to run rampant over the little guys because they own the politicians. Those same corporations also control public opinion because they control the flow of information.

We're living in a different flavor dystopian future than we were promised by science fiction writers.

How the taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years (USA) by magnora7 in gifs

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Partly, but also partly because of the huge tax rates on the highest tax brackets. Look at these tax brackets from the 1950s:

I think Reagan dispelled this theory by doubling tax revenues (from 500B to a trillion) by hugely lowering the highest marginal rate while in office. The economy did not double in his 8 years in office.

I've worked with many millionaires. You end up paying tax on the first few million, after that you figure out different ways to be compensated; especially if cash is subject to excessive taxation.

How the taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years (USA) by magnora7 in gifs

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The booming middle class in the 1950's was funded by real money and the fact that we were the only first world country that didn't get fucked up in WW2.

We dropped real money in the 70's and the consequences to the middle class have been disastrous.

How the taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years (USA) by magnora7 in gifs

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People who are rich can afford to shelter their money in foreign entities or investment vehicles, and/or just move.

France has experimented with this.

The actual effect of these sorts of taxes is to entrench the current oligarchs and prevent new ones from arising. It's why you see them supported by people like Warren Buffet and the Rothschilds (who hold "Trillions" in assets).

At best such a move can be considered unenforceable virtue signalling. At worst it's actively detrimental to the health and competitiveness of the nation.

A Quick Rundown of Rhodesia by send_nasty_stuff in altrightwebm

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More entertaining and just as accurate.

Altcoin News: Visa and Mastercard Reconsider Participation in Libra by MarkoVidrih in news

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You're not wrong, but current year civil disobedience will land you in prison as you defend yourself against the militant arm of the neoliberal elite, Antifa.

We're on the road to CW 2.0, and it will likely occur as early as 2024-2028. Those years are a turning point as Texas, Georgia, Florida, and several other states will reach the demographics required to enable one party rule by the democrats. The dissolution will be preceded by the postponed but unavoidable derivative meltdown, the resulting loss of reserve status on the dollar, and the predictable crackdown on liberty/ with attempted gun seizure.

The best thing you can do right now is ensure you're well armed and located in a sustainable area rather than in an urban death trap when SHTF. Until the bread and circus ends for normies we're in a holding pattern.

What gun confiscation would look like by dcjogger in news

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Archive link for people like me.

All European Intel Knew Which Country Did 9/11 by hennaojisan in Israel

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It's not like they hid it. It's also one of the (many) reason they executed Bin Laden without due process.

Hello, just wanted to say, I appreciate our diversity of thought here. by One_Jack_Move in Introductions

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Sometimes someone says something so pants on head retarded that the only appropriate response is ridicule, or nothing at all. Some ridicule can be funny, but the culture here doesn't encourage it.

Yes, They Are Coming for Your Guns by dcjogger in news

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The intent today is just to normalize the idea; because they know they are close to demographically conquering the states they need to seize total power over the federal government.

By 2024 a socialist will win the white house, and they will do it carrying states like Texas and Georgia on their back, completely without the support of white voters. Demographics are destiny; and our destiny is civil war and balkanization along ethnic and ideological lines.

Beto Betting Americans Will Freely Give Up Their Guns by LibertyNation in politics

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Accelerate. We need them to overreach enough in the next 5-6 years that even the most complacent "conservatives" are ready to refresh the tree of liberty. The worst case scenario is a slow decline into a Brazil-like state. Where ethnic groups are played against each other by utterly corrupt politicians, able to maintain power due to an average state IQ below 87.

Fortunately Texas should turn blue in 2024 and that should serve as a nice wake up call - because someone like this moron will be in power. In addition that giant asset bubble they blew up with "Quantitative easing" is going to pop in the next few years, and it should be very ugly. Hopefully before 2020, because at this point Trump is merely delaying the inevitable.

Sydney University Lowers Entry Scores For Women Who Can't Make it Into Male-Dominated Courses, is Aus now making Female Degress Totally Worthless? by BillionDollarEgg3 in Australia

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Degrees have been worthless for awhile now anyways.

The IQ distribution isn't the same for men and women. While both will average the same female IQ clusters in the middle. There are many more men at the top and bottom of the curve. As a result, men are more highly represented in high IQ required fields of study but there are less of them in college.

It doesn't stop with men and women. Different ethnic groups have different average IQ's / some of them dramatically different. Let's say for instance an area contains a bunch of Japanese (avg IQ 105) and Ethiopian immigrants (avg IQ 61). Policy makers will look at the local school and cry, "Racism! All the gifted spots are taken up by Asian students, and no Ethiopian's are in STEM." They will not however look at the track team and say, "Racism! All the elite stars are Ethiopians, and there are no Asians on track!".

People and policy makers are unable to acknowledge that evolutionary differences between ethnic groups and sexes don't stop at the neck. Until that happens, this madness will continue.

Why Money Will End (And How To Prepare) - 2 hour podcast by Robin in Futurology

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Barter and a medium of barter (money) are a natural part of human nature. They will never go away. Give me shiny things and I will do X for you. I will trade my shiny things for Y - are the basis of civilization itself.

Fiat money however, money based on "faith and credit" and produced at will by private banks and governments - is living on borrowed time.

No two ways about it by [deleted] in Memetics

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This is absolute truth. Everyone knows this stinks to high hell, and for anyone that didn't already see the writing on the wall it should be nail in the coffin for reforming the current US system. It's too far gone, have to start over.

Saudi women no longer need permission of male guardian to travel by magnora7 in WorldNews

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Slippery slope. Next thing you know they will be promoting child drag queens and importing immigrants from the most backward parts of Africa. /not sure if sarcastic

Exclusive: FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat by HeyImSancho in SundogsPlace

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Exactly, they want people focused on nice harmless bullshit conspiracies like bigfoot and AYY LMAOS. Not pedo sex cults like NXIVM and Epstein, not Zionist groups that demand closed borders for Israel while simultaneously funding NGO's busy flooding the west with third world immigrants. Conspiracies in the first bucket are "cute", conspiracies in the second second can and do justifiably piss people off.

Minimum Wage Hikes Are Wiping Out Jobs by dcjogger in news

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This is a no brainer, minimum wage laws have the effect of saying everyone under an artificial quality/productivity level is unemployable.

Minimum wage jobs are so simple nearly anyone on earth can do them. They require a 70 IQ, working limbs, and marginal conscientiousness. It's how and why manufacturing has been moving around the world chasing cheap labor. The industries that offer minimum wage jobs that aren't capable of relocating are discretionary spending, not necessities. So, if they raise their prices volume goes down by a huge amount, and all of the employees that don't work their asses off are let go.

The end result of "higher minimum wage" is not only less jobs but also reduced choice for people that could have consumed additional services and products if the artificially boosted prices didn't eliminate the possibility. The only people who win with minimum wage laws are giant corporations that can use them to drive local and regional competition out of business.

The Jewish role in the Russian Communist revolution. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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JP Morgan and the Rothschilds also being Jewish. My favorite little conspiracy comes from this time period because JP Morgan invited all of his political opponents (that opposed the creation of the "federal reserve") to the inaugural trip of his new ship the Titantic.

Unfortunately the federal reserve supporters couldn't make the trip, rather lucky since the boat sunk with the opposition on board.

What's the Newspeak word for "gimp" or "cripple"? by sawboss in AskSaidIt

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The best thing about these words is the target keeps moving forever.

If you have a trait that's objectively bad (being mentally retarded), whatever word is used to describe that trait will be used as an insult. Eventually the "now an insult" word will become offensive enough to the offendatrons that a new word will be coined to take it's place. — May 28, 2019 — Improved expandos, accounts now default to showing 100 links per page, preparations to relocate server to Switzerland by magnora7 in SaidIt

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The problem with "Anti-Racism" and "Hate speech" laws is that you can make an argument that is situated right at the top of the debate pyramid (and back it with reams of evidence) that is still illegal - because under such laws it is not the truth of a statement being evaluated, it is intent and how the statement makes people feel. — May 28, 2019 — Improved expandos, accounts now default to showing 100 links per page, preparations to relocate server to Switzerland by magnora7 in SaidIt

[–]Marou 6 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 0 fun7 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)


Being under Swiss law isn't a good thing. If you host a free speech platform the US is the only country that still applies. Ethnically diverse empires always fragment and balkanize along ethnic and/or religious lines over time, it's a story as old as humanity. Increasingly draconian laws are needed to hold together such societies since humans crave self-determination and nobody can live how they please in such an environment.

A few examples from the link:

Anti-Muslim ideology A man wrote an article entitled: “This is why we shouldn’t give Swiss citizenship to Muslims”, which was published in an unspecified political party newspaper. The Thurgau court found that the article made defamatory claims about Muslims as a group and rejected the defendant’s argument that Muslims could not be subject to anti-racism law as Muslims were not a race.

The man was fined CHF170 plus a suspended fine of CHF5,400.

Source: Court summary published by the Federal Commission against Racism.

The former president of the Federal Commission Against Racism (1995 – 2011), Georg Kreis, wrote an opinion piece in the news website in January reacting to just such a case, lamenting the fact that a comment made by a “satirist” in a television interview drawing on the stereotype of the “money-grabbing Jew” had led to an official complaint to prosecutors.

Alexander Tschäppätt, Bern’s Social Democrat mayor, also found himself in hot water after jokes he made in a stand-up comedy routine last December about Italians being lazy didn’t go down well. A Swiss-Italian lawyer in Basel made a complaint against him which is now being examined by Bern’s prosecutor’s office.

For now at least, speech restrictions are minimal in the US. Freedom of association is well and dead, and you can't peaceably assemble anymore depending on what your views are because the police won't protect you from communist agitators (and will prosecute you if you protect yourself), but at least we can bitch about it online for the moment... (anonymously, lest you lose your job and ability to conduct financial transactions).

Race-baiting Dividers Incorporated by [deleted] in Memetics

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We're already divided by human biodiversity.

Literally Reddit 2.0.... Sigh... by prometheus in SaidIt

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I understand where you're trying to draw the line but I can relate to the sub, not in a literal way but a satirical one.

Malcom X exposes KKK and "nazi" shills who turned out to be Jewish agents. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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You guys remember the Nazi(s) they made fun of in the Blues Brothers? It was based on the Skokie, IL march and they weren't even real.

They were a psyop to popularize the idea of the holocaust led by a Jewish convicted pedophile (Frank Collin) who now writes ancient aliens tier books for a living.

Autistic Piano Player tries to shoot up San Diego Synagogue and fails on every level by Marou in news

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Yeah, I strongly suspect he was encouraged to do what he did by a 3 letter agency, cause he seems too introverted (still lived at home) and sensitive (nursing student, pianist) to arrive at this course of action on his own. Fantasize about it? Sure. Actually try to execute it? Color me dubious.

It takes a hardened heart to try and murder random strangers, even if you consider them your racial adversary.

Suddenly, they are Christians again by useless_aether in WorldNews

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Mainstream Media sources and large twitter personalities aren't explicitly avoiding mentioning they are Jewish - in fact it's a main part of the tweet. We'll see what Obama and others do.

Suddenly, they are Christians again by useless_aether in WorldNews

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Someone just shot up a Synogogue in San Diego. There is every indication that the targets were explicitly Jewish, just as the targets in Sri Lanka were explicitly Christian. So, lets use the same language and we'll see how it works.

"Thoughts and prayers to the Passover worshipers in San Diego".

If every high status politician from either political party avoids mentioning the explicit targeting of Jews in tweets we'll have parity.

Welcome to Anti-Facebook sub! by Snow in AntiFacebook

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My GF has a FaceBook friend

my wife does not seem to mind


Suddenly, they are Christians again by useless_aether in WorldNews

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It's a clever way of memory holing the event. Most people won't remember to look up "attack on easter worshippers" a few years from now to find info on it.

I was a founder of /r/coontown on reddit. AMA. by Troll in SaidIt

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I feel like you're responding to your preconceived notions instead of the video I linked because it's very clear there is nothing anti-hierarchical about it.

Philosophically it's closer to fascism in stating that different stratas of society should work together towards common goals.

Ultimately National Socialism is little more than a philosophic framework - which is why National Socialist economic policies look schizophrenic. The unifying principle was "is what's happening good for the people overall". If it wasn't the government intervened without any concern about rigorously applying a particular economic framework. In reality the term socialism was co-opted because it was a buzzword at the time. The definition applied was vastly different.

I was a founder of /r/coontown on reddit. AMA. by Troll in SaidIt

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Out of curiosity what parts of George Lincoln Rockwell's definition of National Socialism do you object to or consider "leftist".

/r/CringeAnarchy has been banned by Fire in MeanwhileOnReddit

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True. But there's kind of a hierarchy to it. Some things are more low-brow than others. And there's a problem with social media sites catering to the lowest common denominator. I think this is also part of the reason the discussion between the left and right has broken down as much as it has.

It's clear your heart is in the right place. The irksome part of it is how do you turn that into rules that won't be interpreted radically different by different moderators. I think when writing site rules that dictate the type of environment you want to create a good thing to consider is the supreme court case Brandenburg vs. Ohio. This is the US case law that draws a clear line between speech protected by the 1st Amendment and illegal threats.

In a nutshell, violent or hateful statements that are generic and lack credible immediacy are legal speech.

Ex. "Someone should kill people I don't like."

Ex. "We should round up and kill all the X."

Ex. "Someone should shoot X corrupt politician/celebrity."

Things that have enough specificity to be a credible or immediate threat aren't legal.

Ex. "Hey, angry mob, string up that guy standing in the back of the room with the yellow shirt."

Ex. "We're killing people we don't like on Tuesday in Made Up City, KS. Meet at the KFC on 5th street at noon."

The line of "protected speech" here will obviously be drawn differently than the legal line due to the goals including desired level of discourse and civility. Many overly hostile and violent statements are legally protected speech but are not something likely to lead to productive or entertaining discussion.

I brought up all of this because I think the very clear way the court defines what's acceptable versus what isn't has a bunch of value. It's something completely lacking in most forum rules - which are intentionally left vague and at the whim of the people that enforce them.

If you can find the right spot you can still have edgy humor and decent discourse, but with a clear "line" people know they shouldn't step over. Hit the wrong spot and you lose the "banter" due overly broad restrictions. Objectively quantifying "intent and tone" are almost impossible on the internet so the more cut and dried things are, the better.

If rule enforcement is a public thing (logs) this sets a clear "precedent" for the enforcement of site-wide rules, and also exposes when you have power-mad moderators that need to be removed.

Having said all that, I've been involved in communities that have attempted to go down this path and still become right wing echo chambers because all other parties either disengaged from the conversation or slowly became right wing themselves.

Those of us that enjoy arguing opposing viewpoints on the internet are an endangered species. People these days tend to just avoid places that may challenge their opinions and surround themselves with people that agree.

The upvote/downvote system inherit in modern social media further encourages this, because opinions that run contrary to the prevailing one tend to be buried under a sea of "You're stupid and I don't like you" downvotes. I think the fact that this site lacks downvotes is a very interesting step in the right direction.

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Hell man, I don't know. Memes can be funny, entertaining, and enlightening - but that's also arbitrary as hell. One man's funny is another man's REEEEEEEEE.

I strongly believe the largest reason civil debate has broken down between the right and left in the western world is that we've grown so far apart we can't even agree on what reality is as the baseline for discussion of whatever topic.

Let's take a discussion about racism in modern america. A leftist will say "systemic racism is the reason american blacks are less successful (on average) than whites". A far right participant will bring average IQ, genetic variations, crime statistics, and other metrics in play to say, "Not true, nature isn't fair, some people are faster than others, some people are smarter than others, and these are the averages."

Usually the debate stops here with the deplatforming or banning of the person on the right, or turns into a shouting match.

I'd be happy if we could arrive at a place where we say maybe it's not realistic to expect many doctors or scientists from a city like Baltimore (avg IQ 76) but it's not cause of "racism". Unfortunately I've never had a conversation land there. People seem to leap from human biodiversity to implied genocide so fast it leaves my head spinning.

As a result of all that nonsense it's been my experience that any forum that DOESN'T suppress politically incorrect facts eventually turns into /pol/ or Voat because the lowest IQ participants have the loudest voices.

/r/CringeAnarchy has been banned by Fire in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Of course, I'm happy to see another attempt at less crappy social media. I'd hate to see this place vanish right after picking up a little steam.

A final thought before bed; The main problem/challenge or source of drama, depending on your perspective - will be this: People with leanings like mine; when they first learn politically incorrect but scientifically indisputable facts - can not shut up about them.

So, they'll attempt to "redpill" your centrists away from centrism by posting memes and other crude jokes based on statistics and facts like these:

Lots of drama will result due to people taking offense at the unwelcome knowledge. Some of these folks will bypass you entirely and complain directly to the webhost/domain registrar/patreon, etc.