Man Brutally Spun Around by Machine, Body Parts and Blood All Over the Metal Factory by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Holy shit, there were just clothes left on the lathe at the end of that. His body parts were flung everywhere. That's crazy.

Kid Drowns in Daycare Tub by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Gore and death videos always seem to attract the usual 12 year old edgelords who think that racism, sexism, and misanthropy is the height of comedy and intelligence.

Kid Drowns in Daycare Tub by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Horrifying video. Thankfully it seems like the child isn't dead, but is in the hospital with deteriorating health and might have lifelong health issues if he survives:

Looking for video by Cromerososa129 in WatchPeopleDie

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From articles I've found on it the girl didn't die. She was taken to hospital with severe injuries, but survived.

Debra Stevens Drowns While on Phone w/ 911 Dispatch (Full Unedited) [AUDIO] by dgrwl in WatchPeopleDie

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Oh, I was looking for the full audio of this when it was first released (apparently the police released the full audio originally, but after a few hours they reposed with the last few minutes cut off). That dispatcher was fucking cold. Even after Stevens has clearly gone underwater the dispatcher just sighs in annoyed way when saying her name. It seems like she wasn't taking the case seriously at all, and thinking that Stevens was being melodramatic.

London Bridge terrorist shot in the face by police officer by yetanotherone_sigh in WatchPeopleDie

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I can still see it. - Iranian Spider Man falls to his death. by oozinator1 in WatchPeopleDie

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That splat/crunch when he hit the floor. Oof. - Three friends film themselves in accidental drowning by oozinator1 in WatchPeopleDie

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Drowning isn't always silent. This video reminded me of another where a young couple film themselves drowning. The man in the video does yell out a few times before he finally can't any more. - **Darwin Award** Man Films His Own Death While Making "Quick Sand" Escape Video. by oozinator1 in WatchPeopleDie

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Pretty sure that's fake. This man has another video where he "dies" after jumping in quicksand:

Anthoine Hubert's Fatal F2 Crash Earlier Today by ManicWolf in WatchPeopleDie

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Truck driver steps into path of another truck, by roger in WatchPeopleDie

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Was that his intestines that shot out of his body at the end?

A ten year old boy darts away from his family and is run over by a bus by SFinTX in WatchPeopleDie

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I'm pretty sure that 10 years old is old enough to understand the dangers of running into traffic.

[Archive] Routine Traffic Stop Goes Horribly Wrong - Deputy Kyle Dinkheller by zoristtot in WatchPeopleDie

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This is one of those videos that has really stuck with me since I first saw it a few years ago. It's not visually graphic with gore and such, but Dinkheller's screams are just haunting.

Female escape artist drowns herself by steal322 in WatchPeopleDie

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Pretty sure this is a fake video, made by a guy in drag, for a suffocation fetish site.