France becomes first country in Europe to ban all five pesticides killing bees by useless_aether in WorldPolitics

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Farmers got conned, now their land is worth nothing and it won't grow anything unless they buy lootbox nitrogen.

Activist in Action ~ Using a Tank to Bring Down 5G Towers! by useless_aether in conspiracy

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Look at laser tech also, they are frying drones from a backpack sized box, probably filled with 18650's and only one shot. Edit, you also need a large capacitor. You can build one yourself and then use any 360 cam with tracking, it wouldn't be accurate but it would be about 400 bucks.

Fears Israel has shot-down Russian spy plane during raid on Syria by r721 in WorldNews

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Cool with me, fuck spy planes. Israel is a high functioning prison.

Tesla's Musk is sued for calling Thai cave rescuer paedophile {happening!!!} by Mnemonic in technology

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He should be, it's defamation, and he's a conman that has never done anything that serves an actual purpose.

Announcement: We've Been Banned from Plebbit! by Truth_Is_Freedom in thegreatawakening

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Good, you guys are dumb as shit. Even when High and drunk as fuck I can't take anon 8chan poster seriously bc he's low effort and trolling. BTW the reason I say that is bc truth, and the fact that he accomplishes nothing, and neither do you. Good luck putting, some big mystery as anything but heresay. Wanna convince me? I need some actual content, have yet to see anything even close to truth.