Yet another use of race as a comparison by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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The difference is, black people didn't "identify as white" by fiat and expect everyone to believe they were biologically identical to white people, despite race being far more a social construct than TRAs claim sex is. The mid-20th-century civil rights movement agreed there was a difference between black and non-black people besides the word "black" itself.

Now the Church of Gendered Souls is claiming "trans women are biologically female" and "trans women's biological sex is female" and "a trans woman's penis is a biologically female penis" word-for-word all over Twitter and I have screenshots to prove it.

Not all trannies are predators, but all are impostors, and that's the most polite word I can use without lying.

Trans threatens business owner to let them in the woman's room. by Wherearethesane in TumblrInAction

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"iNvAlIdAtE mY hUmAnItY" as if men weren't human

21 of 22 students in a University of Southern Maine teacher’s class leave and refuse to return until she is fired, after she said that “there are only two sexes” by loubag1997 in TumblrInAction

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Even if there was a third sex, why would that mean you can actually physically transition from one sex to another? It would just be one more thing you aren't.

Demisexuality as legal defence for sexual assault? It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how if it pays off for ‘em. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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Reminder that the term "demisexual" originated as literally a joke on a roleplay forum.

I just cant do this anymore. by Adventurous_Ad6212 in TumblrInAction

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We have a rule against posting satire.

This is what happens when you search “Velma” on Google… by kingc-way245 in TumblrInAction

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I never knew Velma was a black and brown trans womxn!

Bad things only happen in capitalism by NerveActive in TumblrInAction

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And whenever a Socialist party sets out to create real Socialism, it becomes Fascism, which is right-wing because... it just is okay!

Be kind by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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Remember to save and archive screenshots. Never trust a Google, Amazon, etc. server.

I feel so sorry for all of you. by Adventurous_Ad6212 in TumblrInAction

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Rule 4C. No satire/trolls.

Honestly? Just give up. by zpgnbg in TumblrInAction

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Because most of the fashionably-rebellious teens and young adults identifying as "non-binary" today would've just been goths if they had been born 20 years earlier.

New definition of woman just dropped by Datachost in TumblrInAction

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If it's "hatred" to not believe in gendered souls because you don't believe in souls at all, then it must be "hatred" to not believe that Jews are God's chosen people because you don't believe in God at all.

But I've never seen anyone claim you're literally killing Jewish kids by denying that aspect of their identity.

Why is gender dysphoria not the same as Dissociative identity disorder? by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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Is there a documented category of "suicidal trans kids" who use transition as a symbolic death and rebirth?

I have no evidence, but given that virtually all trannies have other mental heath issues, it wouldn't surprise me if a significant number of them had suicidal thoughts before they identified as trans, like they desperately wanted to be anyone but themselves before they decided their "true self" was a boy trapped in a girl's body or vice versa.

This might be why the term "deadnaming" specifically invokes death, and why the trans pride flag intentionally uses colors associated with babies.

The usual tranny response is to blame those prior mental health issues on "transphobia", but how could they have been persecuted before anyone had any idea they were trans including themselves?

Troons are just roleplaying as women and they know it. by M1GarandDad in TumblrInAction

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I'm going to bake some date cookies using the dates on a calendar instead of the fruit. It's the same socially-constructed sequence of mouth-sounds in the English language, so the realities referred to by different definitions must be interchangeable, right?

MTF says women can't be transwomen. Zero self-awareness. by NerveActive in TumblrInAction

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The question then becomes: would you still be a woman if you were alone on a remote island, without society of any kind?

If yes, then there is something more to being a woman than a role in society. (This can be something biological, it can be gender souls, but we've ruled out the social construct hypothesis.)

If no, then society is what makes you a woman, regardless of your opinion on your gender, and there's very little you can do to change that.

Lesbians and bisexual women - I invited many of you from TiA on Reddit to a gender critical exclusive les/bi discord server just before it was banned. Drop me a message for an invite. (ps enjoy the meme) by Lesbons in TumblrInAction

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And why doesn't the alphabet soup include a J for Jewish people? Don't they know Jews are a "historically marginalized" identity too? What a bunch of anti-semites! /s

On Reddit This Morning; Gender Propagandist Accuses a Person of Transphobia for Using the Terms "Masculine" and "Feminine". by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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Screenshot collage for posterity:

Poll on r/polls, redditors are mostly disagreeing with the r/TiA ban. by incorgnito in TumblrInAction

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Pick one: 🔘Every trans person who says anything indefensible is an alt-right sockpuppet account! 🔘Being trans is so horrible that no one would ever pretend to be trans for nefarious purposes!

Rest in peace r/TumblrInAction by lunarstrain in TumblrInAction

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Joke's on them, now there's no reason to keep the "no Reddit content" rule!

RIP Our Toucans by Hatman in TumblrInAction

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Have we begun collecting a master archive of "inciting hate" i.e. screenshots of publicly-viewable social media messages from locomotives, telling the internet what they think and want in their own words, presented without editing or commentary?

I could throw my own TiA folder onto the pile, and save any hard-to-find screenshots you might have.