What OS do you guys use? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Linux Mint. Kinda vanilla, but I've been on it for 7 or 8 years solid, and I'm happy with it. Always glad to see the Linux ranks growing.

What is happening in this world by magnora7 in whatever

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I do not participate online as much as I once did, but I felt I should say a bit here. I agree with you on many levels, and respect what you have said. The country seems to have lost its mind, and the world is not any better. Especially the English speaking world that it is easy for us to get our news from. I often wonder if 5 eyes isn't creating an intentional narrative of the world view that we have. Is it all a distraction from the collapse of the US dollar?

I am not sure what's going on, but I am sure that lines are being drawn. The way that people talk is so entrenched, so black and white, so us verses them; its the talk of people who are not willing to compromise. Its the talk that leads to civil war. I often think that agencies are trying to steer the narrative to eventually benefit their cause. But I think this time they are loosing control.

I wish I didn't live so close to Seattle. I wish I owned property with land. I wish my extended and immediate family agreed with me, even a little bit. I wish this wasn't happening.

But I am glad for places online like this. For people who have sanity and decency like you. We are not all shills and bots. We are not all crazy, or extreme. Thanks to everyone with a sense of humanity and decency left in them, thanks for being out there.

"Jeffrey Epstein dead in apparent suicide" by NoOil in news

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Very predictable, unfortunately. But is this going to be one of those suicides where there is evidence of foul play that gets ignored, or one where it's all cleaned up nicely in about 72 hours, including cremation, but in actuality he changes his face a bit and dies old in Argentina?

A Real AskSaidIt Question: Which is the best food and beverage out there? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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Home made. And water.

desktop linux is insecure - desktop Linux distributions, including Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, Gentoo, all suffer from a complete neglect of basic security principles by [deleted] in Linux

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I'm not sure what to think about this. I'm a big fan of sandboxing programs, its part of the implementation in GrapheneOS for a more secure phone. And pointing out that no desktop OS is fully secure is also a good thing. But saying there is a 10 year old exploit in Linux systems that you know about, but then rather then help write code to fix the problem it is decided to just write a new OS based on ChromeOS, seems like taking a step in the wrong direction.

If Bjorn is able to write and release this proposed OS, I would like to try it. Until then I'm still on Linux.

My podcast interviews about the Rothschilds have been completely blacklisted from youtube search by magnora7 in censorship

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I just did a search using Newpipe (YouTube app run on my LineageOS phone) and it worked fine. I'm downloading audio from them now, while I still can.

OnePlus Admits It Throttles Popular Apps on Its Flagship Phones by [deleted] in technology

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One plus 6 here, but using custom ROM (MicroG LineageOS). Any shenanigans the manufacturer takes part in I don't have to deal with. But a bit disappointing. It would be nice to have good alternatives to the bigger players in the mobile market.

What OS do you guys use? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Cinnamon. I've used Mate before as well on an older laptop.

Windows 10 Keeps Getting Worse by Optimus85 in technology

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Not op. I've used Linux, Ubuntu and Mint, since 2011 as my primary system. I rarely game, so WINE takes care of the few titles I'm interested in for me. The video editing software is perfect for my needs. The media players can be configured to the way I want my library read and stored. Audio and photo editing are also top notch. The system works, and we'll, and with few errors. I'm free to do as I want on my system and with my system, without worrying about permissions, or advertisements. And I feel a little less open to security issues with a solid system and good protocols. I'm aware that doesn't work for everyone, but I do think more people should try it.

What did you guys get for Christmas, if I may ask? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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A wool paddy cap.

‘I just assumed it would happen’: the unspoken grief of childless men by boston_blackie in offbeat

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I always wanted kids. Social ineptitude and and a series of bad relationships led to 7 years of not even touching a woman in my late 20s and early 30s. I met a wonderful woman and finally got married. My wife never wanted kids, but she had a daughter before we met, and she had her tubes tied afterwards. My stepdaughter is wonderful, but she doesn't want kids either. I will live a good and meaningful life regardless. But I am resigned to dying before my wife or dying alone.

Men dont express pain often, but talking about things like this in a civilized manner is the right thing to do. It gives future generations the perspective of those that made choices that affect them through to old age. Maybe some will learn from these mistakes and think more clearly about what they want, and how to get it. Thanks to all the comments belittling the issue.

(Poll) If she made six figures or more, would you let your girlfriend/wife do OF? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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Number three. I'm fairly certain my wife has no interest in those things, but we are both adults, so she can do what she wants. But that doesn't mean there isn't consequence.

Firefox just died for me today after I found out they support BLM. I'm now on Brave browser! by suckitreddit in whatever

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I'm also a fan of multiple browsers for different browsing tasks. For example, 2 or so years back when I still used Fedbook, I would browse it on a Chromium browser on my phone, and use a different browser for everything else. It was a small way to try to keep Fedbook tracking to a minimum, but I'm sure they have surpassed that workaround.

Square Foot Gardening - Now's the time! by JasonCarswell in gardening

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I met the man briefly in Utah, and its a great system to get started. Grow small, manageable amounts of things you like. But it doesn't have to be a square, and it doesn't have to be a grid. Square foot gardening is a stepping stone to ANY gardening. Grow what you like to eat.

newpipe.net removed from Google search results due to DMCA take down request by [deleted] in Internet

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The results are really good for ads.
Loads of search engines use Google results on the back end too (duckduckgo last I remember), so if you want out it isn't easy. But most things in life worth having or doing are not easy.

newpipe.net removed from Google search results due to DMCA take down request by [deleted] in Internet

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Searching for Newpipe on DuckDuckGo, Qwant and Startpage works just fine for me, still shows up in Fdroid too.
Get the hell off Google.

5lb bag of Kentucky Select - this came in really fast at a good price. Think I have a new tobacco company. by [deleted] in whatever

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Oh, what a glorious sight! I live in a state that won't allow for shipping, so I'm jealous. Do you blend your own? Have you looked into whole leaf? Or maybe growing your own?

bees are government drones. the fact that they're going extinct means we're winning and the programs to try to keep them alive for our "food supply" or whatever bs are a government psy-op. fuck the bees fuck the bees fuck the bees fuck the bees fuck the bees fuck the bees fuck the bees fuck the bees by yelgy in ConspiracyTheory

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So.. You are a troll looking for reactions to an obvious inflammatory statement. Or you are an illiterate mouth breather barely capable of wiping your ass, let alone typing this bullshit. But you got a reaction, so I guess you win the internet today.

Would you vote for Trump in 2024? by fschmidt in AskSaidIt

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No. I have always voted third party, 24 years and running, and I likely always will. Do not vote against something you disagree with, vote FOR something you agree with (note I did not write someone). End the Coke/Pepsi paradigm.

How to De-Google - #SolutionsWatch​ (31:27) ~ Corbett Report Extras by JasonCarswell in technology

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I'll just add my tidbit; been using MicroG for 2 years now. Basically it is android without google apps or services. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have a system wide adblock on a cellphone. I don't see imbedded adds in apps or on websites. Yes, cell provider can still track me, and the only truly privacy minded solution is to get rid of the phone. I use it for my job, as well as for all my online BS. What I am saying is there are ways to use the system while trying to make sure the system doesn't use you. Its not perfect, buy its what I have.

What Linux distro do you use and why? by burnt_match in Linux

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Linux Mint, since 2011. Always had it work for me, I haven't tried a different distro in many years.

What solutions exist now that downloading/archiving YouTube videos has become a soft-censorship problem with the "Age Restrictions"? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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Can confirm on NewPipe, works great using LineageOS.

Myth or Fact - Are Summer Rabbits Safe To Eat? by [deleted] in Preppers

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Been looking for some info on this for some time, and all I ever found was "they have worms, don't eat them". Glad to see someone else had the same questions and found a logical answer. Thanks for posting.

Which is better: StartPage or DuckDuckGo? by [deleted] in privacy

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This right here. Startpage no longer has its privacy centered reputation because of the buyout. DuckDuckGo and search.privacytools.io are my current main engines.

What makes you feel old? by Light_Aura in AskSaidIt

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All sorts of aches and pains.

But mostly, it's watching kids growing up now and they almost always have a phone or tablet in hand, or a game controller or similar. The backyards and neighborhoods of suburbia are much quieter today, and somehow that feels less welcoming as well.

What Linux Window Manager/Desktop Enviroment do you prefer? by Stoner in Linux

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Same. I tried 4 different distros about 8 years ago and found this to work very well for me.

The Underground History of American Education - John Taylor Gatto's Magnum Opus, as an audiobook by Robin in Education

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Excellent read.

Recommend me some good "black" music by [deleted] in music

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Dark, "black" music: Scorn - Silver Rain Fell

Music by someone who is black: Lionel Richie - All Night Long

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Flanges by Skytechrolling in books

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I work in a foundry making primarily Ductile Iron castings, but also stainless and other steels. We mske pipes with grooved fittings and flanged fittings. Ductile iron and another iron called Mondi, are generally superior in piping applications. Water, water treatment, sewer, oil and gas, etc, all are generally better with ductile iron. Strength and flexibility without added brittleness are very desirable in these instances, and ductile iron is better and cheaper then stainless. It can also be welded.

Mondi is more for the fertilizer industry, and used in acids. It can handle transporting acids at high temperature and under pressure. Mondi cannot be welded.

Stainless steel is used in many industrial applications. It is more expensive and harder to work with, but if done right it can last a long time.

Anyways, interesting post.

Buy Microsoft Windows 11 Pro by Mskeydeals in cryptocurrency

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What Will You Use as Money If the Dollar Dies? by Drewski in economics

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Exhisting coins, especially pre 1964. Barter.

Goodreads was the future of book reviews, then Amazon bought it by [deleted] in books

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Amazon also bought the Washington Post, so who's narrative is this article pushing? :-p

In all seriousness, reviews from any site are too easily manipulated anymore. Even if amazon had not bought Goidreads, something like this was bound to happen to the site simply because it is online.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves by weavilsatemyface in Movies

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I thought it was a much better flick then that. The acting was mostly good ( I didn't really like the female Druid, but that is partly subpsr writing), the plot was good, the subplots were either OK or just uninteresting. The action was mostly CGI like all newer movies, which is getting old. But it was a good movie that didn't try to cram diversity, women can do it while men can't, minorities are the only truly virtuous people type of tropes. At least 4 1/2 out of 5 for me.

The Linux Desktop is Hard to Love by [deleted] in Linux

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First tried Linux on my very first computer in 2001/2. Went full time Linux in 2012. I am not special, it is not that hard.

The best analogy I can think of is like TV. If you watch a ton of it, watch the news shows and gossip and just general crap, you are 100% into vaccines, 1/6, Ukrainian bs and so on. If you don't watch TV you only register these topics third party, usually online with memes.

Linux, and computers in general, is similar. If you only use Crapple or TinyLimp that is your reality. If you use Linux, you hear about these issues through a third party.
Again, it is not that hard. I am not that bright, anyone can use Linux.

Revolting Cocks - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? by raven9 in music

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Uncle Al is a junkie through and through, and he's kinda a piece is shit, but he made some good tunes.

Magic Earth - Turn-by-turn navigation, HD Traffic, OpenStreetMap, 3D maps, Satellite maps, Offline maps and Transit. Entirely free. by [deleted] in Internet

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I've used it on my phone for 3 years now.

Best store up a few months supply of food and water by [deleted] in whatever

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I'm not Christian, but this is still sound advice. Laws are being put into place to limit access to self reliant, sustainable living, at least in the US. The rhetoric is ratcheting up on control, on the increasing list of "bad actors", and on the supposed need to track, trace and catalog all you do, in the real world and online. And be it through inflation, regulation, war, crazy weather or sabotage the food supply is getting weird at best, scary at worst.

Store food, water, and ways to get more of both. Gardening, a decent water filter, etc. If you buy what you eat and practice proper rotation, it won't go to waste.