Square Foot Gardening - Now's the time! by JasonCarswell in gardening

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I met the man briefly in Utah, and its a great system to get started. Grow small, manageable amounts of things you like. But it doesn't have to be a square, and it doesn't have to be a grid. Square foot gardening is a stepping stone to ANY gardening. Grow what you like to eat.

Which is better: StartPage or DuckDuckGo? by [deleted] in privacy

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This right here. Startpage no longer has its privacy centered reputation because of the buyout. DuckDuckGo and search.privacytools.io are my current main engines.

What OS do you guys use? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Cinnamon. I've used Mate before as well on an older laptop.

What OS do you guys use? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Linux Mint. Kinda vanilla, but I've been on it for 7 or 8 years solid, and I'm happy with it. Always glad to see the Linux ranks growing.

"Jeffrey Epstein dead in apparent suicide" by NoOil in news

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Very predictable, unfortunately. But is this going to be one of those suicides where there is evidence of foul play that gets ignored, or one where it's all cleaned up nicely in about 72 hours, including cremation, but in actuality he changes his face a bit and dies old in Argentina?

Windows 10 Keeps Getting Worse by Optimus85 in technology

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Not op. I've used Linux, Ubuntu and Mint, since 2011 as my primary system. I rarely game, so WINE takes care of the few titles I'm interested in for me. The video editing software is perfect for my needs. The media players can be configured to the way I want my library read and stored. Audio and photo editing are also top notch. The system works, and we'll, and with few errors. I'm free to do as I want on my system and with my system, without worrying about permissions, or advertisements. And I feel a little less open to security issues with a solid system and good protocols. I'm aware that doesn't work for everyone, but I do think more people should try it.

What makes you feel old? by Light_Aura in AskSaidIt

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All sorts of aches and pains.

But mostly, it's watching kids growing up now and they almost always have a phone or tablet in hand, or a game controller or similar. The backyards and neighborhoods of suburbia are much quieter today, and somehow that feels less welcoming as well.

What Linux Window Manager/Desktop Enviroment do you prefer? by Stoner in Linux

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Same. I tried 4 different distros about 8 years ago and found this to work very well for me.

The Underground History of American Education - John Taylor Gatto's Magnum Opus, as an audiobook by Robin in Education

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Excellent read.