Still laughing about my perma-ban from Reddit.... by Left_Reddit in conspiracy

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You're right and that's every corporation. I think ppl who had been using Reddit for a long time (pre 2011) had a different vision (illusion) of what Reddit was - or would become. I saw it slowly happen in 2015 when big PACs started spending $$$ to "correct the record" and such. I held out hope because it still had an anarchistic feel with different subs, but clearly, central leadership has taken hold and it is a single message type platform.

Hi All. Today is my 9 year cakeday on Reddit, but I was banned from R/conspiracy for posting info on BLM, so I'll be posting here from now on. by Left_Reddit in conspiracy

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This is a screenshot of my "banning"
I just sent to the California Secretary of State business search page and searched "Black Lives Matter" and posted a PDF that came up. It did include personal info so that's why.... No warning though, just banned.