Why are there no downvotes? by Dr-Cheeser in SaidIt

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Downvotes just enable mob mentality, instead we have "insightful" and "fun" which are used as upvotes and to categorise posts, iirc.

If you think a post is stupid you should just ignore it, since cold silence is far more punishing to both goodfaith posters and trolls.

Welcome to Saidit.net! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Hope you don't mind me Necroing this post to thank you for creating Saidit. Reddit has been going downhill for a long while now, it's nice it's to have a replacement.

You shouldn’t be forced to automatically subscribe to new subs. by OC_Rookie in IdeasForSaidIt

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Perhaps we could make it an option by the sub's moderators on wherever or not people are automaticly subscribed to to the sub, but we could run the risk of creating the same toxic insular communities we dislike reddit for.

Personally, I'm just taking it as a necessary downside to better quality discussion.