There are "two kinds of women", says "LGBT campaigner" who also believes there's no issue with adults having sex with children by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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There's nothing in that particular article, but there are plenty of articles around on the internet that discusses his defence of pederasty in the modern world (i.e. an adult man and a 12 year old boy as a gay couple).

Life as a political moderate these days by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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As someone who is not American, but who often uses online spaces that are dominated by Americans with American partisan views (Reddit etc), I find it hard to navigate the extreme partisanship on these sites that just doesn't makes sense to me.

My views have never even remotely come close to aligning with US Republican or US Democrat talking points. But that's probably because I have more leftwing populist views and am lucky there in media in my country that have similar views on important topics.

But I'm very concerned that political parties in my country which are aimed at young people are increasingly using imported extremist US talking points (NZ Green Party and ACT Party).

A whole lotta gobbledygook by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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The reason why some people say that homosexuality is influenced by culture is because Queer theorists are trying to include a bunch of different unconnected phenomenon together as one phenomenon (homosexuality).

To explain the differences between the phenomenon, they make the assertion that there are different types of homosexualites that exist in different societies. That these differences are caused by culture as they believe it massively shapes sexuality.

Numerous researchers studying the social construction of same-sex relationships have suggested that the concept of homosexuality would best be rendered as “homosexualities.” They document that same-sex relations have been and continue to be organised in distinctly categorical ways by different societies in different eras.

These variations are grouped by cultural anthropologist Stephen O. Murray into three separate modes of association:

Egalitarian, features two partners with no relevance to age. Additionally, both play the same socially-accepted sex role as heterosexuals of their own sex. This is exemplified by relationships currently prevalent in western society between partners of similar age and gender. Gender structured features each partner playing a different gender role. This is exemplified by traditional relations between men in the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East and Central and South Asia, as well as two-spirit or shamanic gender-changing practices seen in native societies. Albania also has a similar practice where a woman may choose to be an “Albanian Virgin” and be given all the rights and entitlements of a man. In North America, this is best represented by the butch/femme practice. See Two-Spirit, and Hijra. Age structured features partners of different ages, usually one adolescent and the other adult. This is exemplified by pederasty among the Classical Greeks or those engaged in by novice samurai with more experienced warriors; southern Chinese boy-marriage rites; and ongoing Central Asian and Middle Eastern practices.

A Lexicon to satirize our opposition. by GayPartisan in LGBDropTheT

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LGBTBBQ and LGBTWTFBBQ seem to be quite popular.

I've used them in the past before and got a lot of questions from young teenagers not realising the sarcasm and asking what the additional letters referenced.

Says a homophobe... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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The full article was posted here earlier today, but his main argument seems to be 'there has been a dramatic continued increase in same-sex sexual experimentation in kids and this makes them bi'.

He continually conflates same-sex behaviour that is caused by purely environmental reasons (prison sex and sex in single-sex militaries, childhood sexual exploration, pederasty, pedophilia etc) with bisexuality. So clearly he rejects the idea that homosexuality, bisexuality and hetrosexuality are all primarily caused by biological determinants and that the people can be forced to act against their sexual orientation because of environmental reasons (such as those listed above).

Sex Beyond Labels - Peter Tatchell explains why gay and lesbian people need to stop being homosexual and move on by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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They also recorded that in some aboriginal cultures, such as the Keraki and Sambia peoples of Papua New Guinea, all young men entered into a relationship with an unmarried male warrior, sometimes lasting several years, as part of their rites of passage to manhood. Once completed, they ceased all homosexual contact and assumed sexual desires for women. If sexual orientation was totally biologically pre-programmed at birth, these men would have never been able to switch from homosexuality to heterosexuality with such apparent ease.

Lg people who are in forced marriages apparently convert to heterosexuality and if they leave that marriage, they revert to gay, easy-peasy.

Plus his example is bogus anyway, the author is actually using "young men" as a euphemism for little boys who were forced to become catamite sex toys for adult men.

The "young men" started engaging in heterosexual behaviour after the civil unions, due to the fact that the same sex behaviour sexual molestation was contrary to their sexual orientation.

The Keraki and Sambia tribes practiced pederasty as part of their 'Coming of Age' ceremonies, which has nothing to do with homosexuality. You can actually find videos taken by anthropologists showing the "young men" getting other rituals performed on them on YouTube.

Sex Beyond Labels - Peter Tatchell explains why gay and lesbian people need to stop being homosexual and move on by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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The guy is very disingenuous in his arguments, plus notice how he overwhelmingly focused on male sexuality.

There is a clear pattern in male heterosexual behaviour (both in humans and other animals) where if they are denied sexual mates (by using consent, coerced or rape), then they will go with the "next best thing". And this 'next best thing' behaviour has got absolutely nothing to do with bisexuality.

You might remember that "gay ram" scientific study on sheep. Here they got a number of rams and then either forced them to have sex with other rams, forced them to have sex with ewes or gave them free choice. They found that one of the rams would only mate with other rams and this behaviour contradicted the behaviour of the rest of the rams. The other rams would mate with ewes (and given a choice would always go with the ewes), but when they were denied sexual mates with the ewes and provided other rams instead, the rams would mate with them 'as the next best thing'. If a ram in this study was bisexual, then you would expect it to try and mate with a mixture of rams and ewes if given free choice.

We can see it in humans with prison sex or when 12-year-old heterosexual boys engage in same-sex sexual experimentation because they lack the social and mental maturity required to have a girlfriend or because are stuck in a British boarding school.

The biggest problem is that this 'next best thing' response can become quite pedophilic. And if a society has a considerable amount of sex segregation that stops men having contact with woman and young girls, but still allows contact with boys, then heterosexual men in that society will start abusing young boys as the 'next best thing'. This is the type of behaviour that was in Ancient Greece or we saw in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2021 (read the wikileak cables on the matter).

Interestingly the author mentions behaviour on sailing ships in the age of sail, yet fails to mention that the sexual targets of the men on these ships was not towards other adult men but rather towards "powder monkeys" and younger sailors who were in fact child soldiers.

The reality is that this 'next best thing' behaviour (up until the last 100 years or so), has always been seen as heteronormative behaviour that did not contradict the social expectations of male behaviour, un-like homosexuality.

I am torn between adamantly defending that words have meanings and just letting them have the word queer as long as they leave everyone alone and go play by themselves. Also why is this crap on a health website? by CleverFoolOfEarth in LGBDropTheT

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It's becoming quite obvious now that 'queer' is a subculture that has got little to do with homosexuality.

Also it is obvious that there are connections between the e-boy/e-girl subculture and the queer subculture, much like how the 90s goth subculture gave birth to the mid 2000s emo culture.

No one referred to gay people as same-sex attracted until mean T**Fs decided to pick on genderosexuals by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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studying the history of sexuality would discuss how societies handled "same-sex attraction" in ancient Greece, or Rome, or Japan.

Exactly. Same-sex attraction/relationships is a useful term because it separates modern identities from the historical reality that lacked the modern sexual identities that have only been around for the last 140 years.

Further it provides a distinction between same sex behaviour mostly caused by social institutions and socialisation (an example would be a society that has a coming-of-age cultural practice and tradition where boys have to perform oral sex on the men in the village on turning 13) and egalitarian homosexuality caused by an individual's innate sexual orientation. The words gay and homosexual are appropriate for the latter but completely inappropriate for the former phenomenon.

Joy Behar slammed for telling gay people to just “come out” and “see what happens” by PatsyStone in LGBDropTheT

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Because they were not sexually attracted to me and thus not pedophiles, the police lacked any type of vigor in the case. They had overwhelming evidence and they couldn't put the case together.

The ringleader committed suicide a couple years after the court case, and I got blamed for it so the ringleaders older brother (who organised the intimidation of the witnesses) and 4 mates jumped me after work when I was 22. The police tried to blame me for it as I defended myself with a box cutter I had in my pocket (I worked at a supermarket).

I have no clue what happened to the school counsellor or the Rainbow Youth members, but I know the government psychologist has been promoted a number of times is now in a pretty cushy position.

While I dislike the litigious culture of the US over all, nonetheless what happened to me would never have happened if these people faced accountability for their actions.

Joy Behar slammed for telling gay people to just “come out” and “see what happens” by PatsyStone in LGBDropTheT

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While I'm certainly more at peace than what I was in the past, it still haunts me quite a bit even to this day. Less so the event and more the injustice of the whole thing.

At least I didn't receive the same fate as another 14 year old kid who died after being gay bashed a couple years previous in our capital city.

There's still a lot extremist homophobes out there: fanatical Christians, fanatical Muslims, Nazis or even gang members (as the people who raped me were influenced by US gang culture and rap music).

So it freaks me out when young people are encouraged to come out at a very young age; like the danger isn't there still. Particularly when kids think that they are invaluable at that age.

Joy Behar slammed for telling gay people to just “come out” and “see what happens” by PatsyStone in LGBDropTheT

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If it's not a safe or appropriate place for a person to disclose that they are gay then they shouldn't feel pressured into doing so by hetrosexuals who have absolutely no understanding of being LGB.

And here's the very real danger of feelgood warm fuzzy hetrosexuals butting the heads in where they don't belong:

I refused to come out back when I was 14 (20 year ago now) because of safety concerns in my community and at school. This was why I was kind of ditching school so often at that age.

However a government psychologist I was forced to go to every week, the school counsellor and representatives of the Rainbow Youth (New Zealand) charity had a meeting about me without my parents or myself knowing. They decided that I needed to be my authentic myself and so decided to publicly out me to some students without asking me or my parents permission.

A month later I got drunk (drank a 1 litre bottle of Jack Daniels straight and then some) at an out door party with underage drinkers and adults in their twenties. I was held down by some of the adults and violently raped while they chanted homophobic slurs.

When I finally got up the strength to come forth about what happened just before my 16th birthday, none of people who breached my privacy rights were investigated by the police.

The police also happened to bungled the case against the rapists who were able to threaten the 30 odd witnesses to not give evidence in the court case after originally providing witness statements.

Gay and bisexual men: Do you relate to this meme? by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Back in the 90s, prior to my family getting dial up internet, the Deka, Warehouse and Farmers mailers would mysteriously go missing every week when I was 11 or 12.

Maybe something to do with the underwear section showing men and boys in skimpy underwear.

Fly rainbow flag to sell map. they/them watch full list they make same argument for same sex attention but, for maps. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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You probably should have written the title in plain English rather than in jargon.

Gay man is raped and beaten by the Taliban by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I can't tell if that is satire or the most stupid motherfucking moron ever heard of on the internet.

Pop quiz: How many of you have heard of Dr John Money? (no spoilers please) by JoeyJoeJoe in LGBDropTheT

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Well the biggest problem is the fact that the video is aimed at small children, yet presents the relationship between a 48 year old adult man and a 12 year old boy in a positive light. They state a 48 year old and 12 year old boy can be gay "lovers" and their relationship is something to be celebrated.

Compare how this video retreats the matter to what John Money said about about man boy relationships:

If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who's intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual [...] then I would not call it pathological in any way.

Pop quiz: How many of you have heard of Dr John Money? (no spoilers please) by JoeyJoeJoe in LGBDropTheT

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Some additional non-spoiler lore that people might not know about the guy:

While he had his practice in the US, he actually immigrated from New Zealand to the US to do the research that he wanted to do, as it was impossible to do so in New Zealand at the time as New Zealand was a conservative but quasi communist country and both main political parties reflected this (one was leftwing populist and the other was Christian socialist). We are talking about a country where the TV and radio is 100% controled by the government and where newspapers are the only non government owned media (but who are somewhat reliant on government advertisements).

Helen Clark (Permanent whinger, outspoken one world government globalist, former New Zealand prime minister, former head of the UN Development Programme, wantabe UN general secretary and current chairperson of UN Covid-19 investigation) was good friends with him when he was alive. She opened an art gallery in the town of Gore (New Zealand's New Zealand) in his name.

He was also closely connected with other politicians and supporters of the bloodless revolution in New Zealand in 1984 (government swapped the economic system from quasi-socialism to extremist neoliberalism overnight without regard for human cost). These people used social liberal reforms as a means of distracting the public from how they were selling off the very considerable amount of state assets to multinational corporations on the cheap so long as they got a considerable kickback.

Now that I have bored people half to death, his wacky idea of 'treating society' rather than the person looks sane compared to his idea of "fighting Fire with Fire" in stopping **** shit with gay **** shit. Which is why videos like this one are made and will probably increasingly become the norm.

Why have we (especially L&G) been so hated through history? by usehername in LGBDropTheT

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On the other hand, Aristotle mentions that Celts openly approved of sexual relations between men, and Diodorus writes of how Celtic men had sexual relations with each other in ways that baffled the Greeks because they were not concerned with age or beauty.

Can you provide some evidence/sources for this?

The only translations that I can find that state that it involved sex between adult men also convert pederasty into being sex between adult men.

This book translates to both Aristotle and Diodorus as talking about pederasty.

New Age Queer Mythology by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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Some people feel the need to have magical history where male homosexuality was fully accepted without any repercussions.

The reality is that homosexuality between men was not fully accepted anywhere, that taking the passive role of a sex partner for men was incredibly shameful and morally considered wrong.

However some societies created loopholes that allowed men to have sex with each other so long as it wasn't socially considered sex between two men.

The most well-known loophole was from Native American people and in Polynesia, where some individuals took on or were forced to take on a female gender role and become a non- man. Thereby making the sex between a man and a non-man and making it somewhat palatable by the society.

The other loop-hole is the one traditionally practiced in Southern Europe, North Eastern Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, North East Asia and Australia. This loop-hole took advantage of the societal idea that an adolescent boy (12-17) is not yet an adult man and so therefore technically any sex between an adult man and an adolescent boy would not be sex between two men. This is the root of the Afghani practice of Bacha Bazi, but is also the root of the ancient Greek practice of pederasty. When people talk of the acceptance of male homosexuality in ancient Greece, they're not talking about the acceptance of sex between two adult men.

🎶 Your attraction is something I never could fight, and it's starting to pull me apart~ 🎵 by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Looks and sounds like Brian David Gilbert

Asexual Daddy Bear - Clown World parties on by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I thought it was saying that he wants to be a "sugar daddy" without the sex, but it looks like you are right.

YouTuber and TRA ally says women are defined by their femininity and his strong sexual attraction (fetish) to pre-operation trans "women" is just normal heterosexuality by KingDickThe2nd in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah it is that guy.

He refused to answer any of the questions people were asking him about the difference in a man in drag that turns him off compared to a pre-op trans "woman". So yeah it will be interesting to see what would happen if a non-effort trans "woman" makes a pass at him.

Can We Not? by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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I think it is just a couple of individuals rather than a reflection of the entire group.

I believe that there is a massive problem with people not realising that there is an inherent difference between objective sexual orientation and subjective sexual identity. That people can identify as what they want regardless of inherent reality of what they are (political lesbians etc).

Other people here are scapegoating bisexuals for this and how this plays into the hands of the TRAs, but in reality this disconnect can hurt bisexuals just as much as Gays and Lesbians (i.e. gays falsely identifying as bisexuals making bi people look fake and in denial).

Help me find a video! - About NZ Pride by Rag3 in LGBDropTheT

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Is this the video where they said the want to see scat and watersports floats in the parade so young children are exposed to extreme paraphilia?

We really need a LGB alliance in NZ

Reddit contemplates the Incel -> Trans pipeline. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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LoL, they are only just waking up to their own narcissism.

Someone should post this over at, the rad fems would love this.

Calling all Kiwis, submit your feedback on the completely ambiguous New Zealand hate speech law that even the proponents don't understand, as a sneaky add-on will make being gender critical an ilegal thoughtcrime in NZ by KingDickThe2nd in GenderCritical

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If you are a former resident then you would probably be allowed to make a comment.

TFW you stay at home a little too long and suddenly your whole ass sexuality changes by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I was a couple of months into a Jan to Dec postgraduate degree programme at university when it started.

My university was able to quickly move things around and convert everything to a completely online programme. So I spent my time alternating between worrying about covid properly breaking out in my country and doing uni work. In some ways I am jealous that others got a couple of months of free time to do whatever they wanted while I was busy writing essays.

But I should be thankful that due to the "hard and fast" response of my country that I was able to go on holiday up to the mountain towns and visit most of the sulphur hot pools. Plus my focus at university allowed me to get excellent grades and allowed me to score a good job in my new career.

YouTube censorship is just getting ridiculous by KingDickThe2nd in LGBDropTheT

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Thank you, good idea. Adding spaces would also make it a little bit more readable then using leetspeak.

Concerns we're heading for a misgendering crisis as 61% of Brits never ask about pronouns™ by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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The fact that 39% do ask pronouns is the more interesting/ alarming aspect.

Where two males appear to be men by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Societies that accept sex between males, but not romantic relationships between males have gender-structured-homosexuality (one of them is forced to become a woman for sex to be socially acceptable).

Societies that accept romantic relationships between males, but not sex between males have age-structured-homosexuality (sex is reduced to "practical sex education" between a man and a boy for it to be socially acceptable).

But societies that accept both sex between males and romantic relationships between males have egalitarian homosexuality. Thus egalitarian homosexuality is inherently superior to the other two forms.

When push comes to shove by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Pushing LGB people off buildings like it's 2016 ISIS occupied Mosel.

A straight couple and a lesbian couple walk into a bar... by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Does anyone find it creepy that the younger FTM could pass for a 14 year old boy in a dimly lit room and mixed race guy is having sex with her?

The body proportions are completely off in the video that makes it obvious that it is a 19 year old woman, but they do pass in the thumbnail as a young boy.

The mixed race guy said he doesn't care about genitalia, so does that mean that he is sexually attracted to people presenting as adolescent boys?

Julie Bindel: There's no gay gene – and I love the idea I chose to be a lesbian by yousaythosethings in LGBDropTheT

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A more historical term that doesn't seem to be vogue anymore.

It refers to people engaging in homosexual behaviour, but not out of their own free will. That the society that they belong to has created a cultural institution which forces them to engage in sexual behaviour with other males.

These types of cultural institutions could be forced transgenderism, where boys who are not considered masculine enough to be a males will be forced to live their lives as a woman from the age of 12 upwards. Generally because there are not enough females to take on the female gender roles in their society. This cultural norm is often called gender structured homosexuality, but unfortunately many biased historians and anthropologists have ignored the forced element and has subsequently been used by trans activists.

One other type of cultural institution is when same sex acts are performed in educational mentor relationship that is often called age-structured homosexuality. In these societies is a coming of age ceremony where a boy is to be mentored by a adult man, generally starting at the age of 12, although in some rare cases it can be as low as 7 in some particular societies. The man is generally expected to provide practical sex education (how to masturbate) to the boy and to develop a romantic relationship that is often officially recognised in the society (as a temporary civil union). Societies differ on whether the boy remains with his parents or moves into the man's house as a boy wife and on whether the sexual component is limited to mutual masturbation or extends to full anal sex. This behaviour is not something that is sort out by people in that society, but is rather an expected life stage that all individuals are meant to go through. There was also evidence of a woman - girl equivalent in some societies, but that was generally hidden and not celebrated as the male form was.

There is also the forced sex and rape that happens in prisons and historically on naval sailing ships (hence "in the navy").

All of these things are not really anything to do with biologically determined homosexuality, as the individuals are being forced to engage in same sex acts through manipulation and cohesion.

Julie Bindel: There's no gay gene – and I love the idea I chose to be a lesbian by yousaythosethings in LGBDropTheT

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Biological causations does not mean there is a "gay gene". Even the most avid supporter of biological determinism admits that it is caused by a multitude of different genetic markers rather that a single mythical "gay gene".

If homosexuality was purely biologically determined, then those case studies of twins would not have found that there is an increased likelihood that both twins are gay, but would have rather have found that all twins always have the same sexuality.

A more reasonable position is that it is a complicated mixture of biological and environmental factors that comes together to cause someone to be born homosexual.

And I'm not even going to get into "institutionalised homosexuality", which is neither biologically determined nor homosexuality.

Does anyone else here worry about this? by helloolleh in LGBDropTheT

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Homosexuality doesn't deny reality. It does deny social expectations, but I still can't see how it is a mental illness.

People once (less than 100 years ago) considered being left handed as deviant, wrong and an offence to God. People who are left-handed aren't mentally ill or wrong, they are not denying reality.

There are some weird hedonistic and socially damaging behaviour in the "LGBT community". That is not a reflection on homosexuality its self, but rather on the modern Western subculture that has developed over the last 200 years and not everyone who is LGB is part of this subculture.

I think you are trying mentally dealing with conflicting values, being a lesbian and being a Christian at the same time.

I abandoned my religious faith when I was 14 because I felt like my religious values and sexuality were at odds and this was the only thing to stop the mental anguish. I had been unsuccessful in stopping myself from being gay for the previous two years, so abandoning my religious faith was the only answer.

I was lucky that my maternal grandfather became an atheist after serving in WW2 and became outspoken about it later in life when I was a young child.

But if I was a young person today, there is a good chance I wouldn't have had to give up my faith, as so many churches are changing their tune.

An important reminder - truth and history are as fluid as sexualities and genders by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I really do not understand the obsession with Stonewall, a bunch of ridiculous stereotypical people in the US did not provide me any rights.

If anything Stonewall and the likes, simply promoted ridiculous and stupid stereotypes that are still believed as 100% true today.

What are your guys opinions on gay/lesbian ppl using the word "queer"? by powpowpowpow in LGBDropTheT

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Is it ok for an African American person to describe themselves using the n-word?

Is it ok for an African American person to encourage other (white) people to use the n-word to describe African Americans?

Is it ok to ignore African American people who find the n-word offensive or to tell them that words change meaning and that they should get over themselves?

yaio and the false narrative of escapism by grammaroo in LGBDropTheT

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It is well known that the target audiences for the "age-structured homosexuality" media content in Japan is women. This varies from homoerotic but non-sexual man-boy relationships to pretty much cartoon child porn.

Yet many Western women who are into Japanese culture are now also watching some of the less pornographic content as well.

Look up the Japanese Anime (published by Sony) called "Loveless" on YouTube. It very much conforms to all the stereotypes listed by OP (20 year old man in a homoerotic relationship with a 12 year old boy, were the kid must suffer pain in order to save the world bah bah bah). There is a whole bunch of women swooning over the perverted relationship in the YouTube comments, saying things like they wish they were a boy so they could get molested in such a manner etc.

You might say it is only a cartoon and this response cannot be taken serious, but look at one of the trailers for the movie "For a Lost Soldier" on YouTube (biographical movie about the relationship between a Dutch artist when they were a child and their adult boyfriend during WW2). It too has a whole bunch of women (not coincidentally with anime profile pics) swooning over the relationship in the comments.

The brand new Kelloggs cerise for LGBTIQQAAXYZWTF preschool kiddies by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Of course Penis News is perfectly fine with pink washing.

Cis is a slur? by ukrdude10 in LGBDropTheT

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People that have a magical spiritual gender are delusional and mentally insane, regardless of whether they identify as cis or trans.

Feelings about large age gaps in same sex relationships by lovelyspearmint in LGBDropTheT

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I know someone who is in their early 50s and is gay married to a 30 year old in a relationship that has lasted 10 years, yet no one mentions the age difference or the fact that they knew each other since the younger person was in their mid teens.

The fucked up thing is the guy tried seducing me a couple years earlier when I was 16 (the age of consent in my country), so that could of been me (I actually found him very attractive, but the age difference was creepy to me)

Wasn't this just all apart of the plan? by pesos in GenderCritical

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The pro-pedo stuff hidden in the LGBT community is caused by how the LGBT community came about and about modern Western societies having a over-the-top ridiculously romantic view of ancient greco-roman society.

Greco-roman culture is considered superior in a quasi racist way in Western societies (even North Europeans who have nothing to do with it), thus anything connected to greco-roman culture is thus superior by extension.

However ancient Mediterranean culture was horrifically sexist, and worse yet it was considerably more sexist in a relative extent as well (northern Europe at the time was still sexist, but far less than Mediterranean culture). In fact, the ancient Greeks considered themselves superior to Northern Europeans because they considered extreme sexism to be a sign of culture and sophistication.

If the ancient Greeks looked down on women so much, then why did they accept homosexuality between adult men?

The answer is because they didn't.

What they had is sometimes called institutional homosexuality or age-structured homosexuality, but is more historically correctly called Pederasty (boylove). This was when a non related man mentored an adolescent boy who was roughly between the ages of 12 to 17, but where it was it was expected for the man to teach the boy practical sex education. While this was only ment to extend to mutual masturbation and dry humping (slave boys were not so lucky), it was recorded as having a romantic element to it . Individuals who preferred this type of behaviour over sex with females created the self-identification Pederast (boylover) for themselves.

The Roman view of homosexuality wasn't really that different, but they were more accepting of men who wanted to have sex with adult male slaves. Moving forward, the renaissance was slightly better, but still the elites of the time preferred Pederasty as they were inspired by the ancient Greeks, thus many of the maestros such as Leonardo da Vinci and so forth were accused of engaging in such behaviour.

Moving forward again to the Victorian era we see the rise of the Greek Love movement, which called for the return of pederasty as an institutional practice. They used the argument that such behaviour was core to the ancient Greek culture and thus success story, so therefore highly beneficial to society.

Oscar Wilde was involved in one of the organisations (Uranin poetry society) that was part of the movement, not because he was one of them, but because this was where the power and influence was. The gay rights movement was completely unorganised and powerless at this point in time in comparison.

The Pederast movement was somewhat secretly accepted in elite circles at this point in time. It only became less powerful/accepted than the early Homophile movement in the 1930's.

I mean Budweiser put an advert in an art magazine for elites called "introducing Budweiser to the gods" in 1906 that had a hypersexualised 12 year old boy representing Ganymede being clutched by an eagle representing Zeus (a symbol of Pederasty). Hell even the fact that one of the moons of Jupiter (Roman name for Zeus) is named after the catamite Ganymede shows the acceptance off this type of behaviour at the time.

It was roughly this time that Thomas man (who is considered a famous "gay" novelist) wrote a semi-autobiography (according to his wife) about the time he stalked a 11 year old Polish boy around Venice (Death in Venice). It was turned into a movie in the 1970s and the actor who played the boy now regrets being part of it because he considers it to be pedophile propaganda and that it was made for and by pedophiles. Yet movie is considered a beloved cult art movie.

So when it comes to the American gay rights movement in the 1970s, of course they were Pederasts there and yes their aim was to have sex with young boys and yes the American gay movement turned a blind eye or actively supported them.


Because just like today with the fucking stargenders, genderqueers and the other clowns, there has always been a reluctance to gatekeep, this is why NAMBLA was able to infiltrate many US gay rights organisations in the 70s, which caused the global organisations they belonged to (like ILGA) to be banned from lobbying at the UN (something that was only overturned 9 years ago). This obviously caused considerable long-term damage to LGB people because some idiots couldn't say No.

But it turns out NAMBLA had a problem with gatekeeping itself, as it started off as campaigning to change the US age of consent laws to match that of central Europe (13/14) at the time and legalise same-sex hebephilia, but morphed into calling for society to accept sex between an adult man and a 4 year old boy. This (sort of) explains how they managed to infiltrate organisations, yet have completely detestable beliefs.

Unfortunately there is a lot of history that isn't anything to do with homosexuality, but people want to feel better about themselves by having a sympathetic history, even if it isn't true.

It is too hard to disconnect this bad history and much easier to just bury it. But this will mean that pedophiles will keep on trying to infiltrate the LGBT movement as it is the path of least resistance.

It also shows how much a danger the TQ are, that they cannot or will not gatekeep themselves and will drag everyone down with them into a pit of diaper wearing pedo furry mess.

While the US Left attacks free speech and biology, the Christian Right is now defending it. As someone who lived through the rise of the religious right, I am baffled and perturbed as to how & why the tables have turned. Big Gender could be the Left's version of religion? by BEB in GenderCritical

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I was actually thinking exactly this earlier today.

Not being an American and watching the US from afar when I was younger, it always amazed me how normalised psychotic religious beliefs were in American culture.

Having a "conversation with God" in your head was not represented as a sign of severe mental illness in American media, but rather as devout religious belief.

Because the US for so long has been so consumed by religious belief, the rise of atheism has also created a rise in pseudoscience, junk science and extremist ideology to fill the vacuum or belief gap.

For every action, there is always an inverse reaction.

r/AskGayBros is fully astroturfed by a banned trans hate community - how dare those transphobes refuse to date or fuck women by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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We need to create a r/againstpedosubreddits

That way Bardfinn can be the star of the show

Threads on Amiee Challenor/Reddit/Paedophiles. by Movellon in LGBDropTheT

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explicitly discusses the hypothetical sexuality of children and posts pictures of little boys in dresses with creepy captions.

Any evidence of any of this?

Not all pregnant people are women, or mothers says by KingDickThe2nd in GenderCritical

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From the same news organisation that said 2 years ago that the initial denial of entry of a white Australian Muslim cleric into New Zealand because of his extreme homophobic views was a sign of white supremacy in New Zealand.

They also posted a lovely homophobic TQ propaganda piece today as well.

Daily homophobic TQ propaganda from The non-binary kid who changed the way their school thought about gender by KingDickThe2nd in LGBDropTheT

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And here is their daily anti-woman propaganda: Not all pregnant people are women

Daily homophobic TQ propaganda from The non-binary kid who changed the way their school thought about gender by KingDickThe2nd in LGBDropTheT

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From the same news organisation that said 2 years ago that the initial denial of entry of a white Australian Muslim cleric into New Zealand because of his extreme homophobic views was a sign of white supremacy in New Zealand.

The same news organisation that had leading news articles on their newspapers stating that homosexuality was caused by child molestation only 15 years ago.

Reddit allegedly drops Challenor after a bunch of big subs go on strike - cites lack of adequate background vetting. by deliciousdogfood in LGBDropTheT

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Yes much of the article is in quotes, but the journalist isn't actively trying to downplay it.

I mean compare their header with the one used by the Verge: "Major subreddits are going dark to protest Reddit allegedly hiring a controversial UK politician"

Reddit allegedly drops Challenor after a bunch of big subs go on strike - cites lack of adequate background vetting. by deliciousdogfood in LGBDropTheT

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Bizarrely one of the best write ups that didn't mince words was by NewsHub/TV3 NZ:

Hundreds of Reddit forums locked down, admin fired after allegations of supporting pedophilia

Aimee Challenor and Reddit do the Barbra Streisand tango by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Aimee Knight: Did a paedophile influence children's policies? by KingDickThe2nd in LGBDropTheT

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We need to get this out there.

Aimee Challenor and Reddit do the Barbra Streisand tango by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Professional Judy: “We are living in a demented time where reason and rationality have left the room” by Movellon in LGBDropTheT

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Sociologist Max Weber talked of the disenchantment of society, arguing that modern society means a society where people don't look for a magical explanation of phenomenal, but rather a explanation that is based upon reason and rationality.

It is very clear that we are seeing the re-enchantment of society in a post-modern society that is devoid of reason and rationality.

Aimee Challenor and the danger of transgender politics | The Spectator by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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They made a new follow up article about the first article being censored it on Reddit.

Will the trans pedo mod clique be the undoing of Reddit? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Yes, who is also a mod on a large number of subreddits aimed at LGB teens.

Fucking great, now they're starting to canibalise the other side of the flag too. K-Road, New Zeeland by Beryl in LGBDropTheT

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Someone needs to pour some pink paint on this TQ bullshit.

I was surprised to see this coming from Psychology Today by onetwothree123 in LGBDropTheT

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Very interesting read.

I had already noted a connection between 'mass psychogenic illnesses' such as dancing plagues and the gender identity ideology.

Aimee Challenor-- the transwoman who defended his pedophilic father's acts (for which his father received a 22-year prison sentence)-- was just *hired by Reddit*. by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Just got banned a couple of minutes ago for this post.

I used "Reddit just hired a trans ex UK Green Party candidate who is a paedophile apologist with a nappy fetish who is married to a furry who writes child sex erotica."

Aimee Challenor-- the transwoman who defended his pedophilic father's acts (for which his father received a 22-year prison sentence)-- was just *hired by Reddit*. by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Screenshot of the Twitter post from when he was 14 and had shit in his nappy/diaper and then seeing the other post of him showing off his nappy/diaper made me nearly throw up in my mouth.

I know bisexuality articles still exist on Wikipedia still, but I am just wondering why this was removed, perhaps it was changed or moved elsewhere? Skeptical hat is on. by distortedlinds in LGBDropTheT

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Some people use the term Scots Gaelic went talking about Scottish Gaelic, but it creates confusion with Scots and therefore Scottish Gaelic is preferred instead.

So Scots might say: Why sae sad gang ye?

In modern English it would be: Why are you going around in such sadness?

But in Scottish Gaelic it would be: Carson a tha thu brònach falbh?

The Gaelic languages are as related to English as much as English is related to Russian or Hindi.

However Irish and Scottish Gaelic are not the samething, you could think of it like Danish and Swedish which has some level of mutual intelligibility. Scottish Gaelic does quite a few weird or archaic things compared to Irish, has a very strong accent and contains a considerable amount of loan words from English. Therefore Irish speakers who are not native speakers will find it nearly impossible to understand, but those who grew up in Irish speaking communities would be able to understand it.

Here is a kids video of Scottish Gaelic, you can clearly hear all the English loan words when talking about school stationary.

I know bisexuality articles still exist on Wikipedia still, but I am just wondering why this was removed, perhaps it was changed or moved elsewhere? Skeptical hat is on. by distortedlinds in LGBDropTheT

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Scottish Gaelic and the Scots language are two different languages.

The former looks nearly identical to Irish and the latter looks identical to Middle English.

Het gay bros, how do you keep your front hole moist? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I got a trans apologist to admit that TRAs can be nut job extremists in the comments.

What would a backup group look like? by PeakingPeachEater in LGBDropTheT

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1 Would you want it to be an exact copy of LGBDroptheT but on a different platform or would you like it more geared/focused on LGB?

Definitely more focused on LGB, both as a whole and individually. The opposition to the QT movement is very important, but shouldn't be the main focus.

2 What type of platform would you be interested in for a backup group?(ex. Forums, Discord, Microsoft teams, Mastodon, Facebook, or another reddit/saidit copy but built specifically for the LGB, similar to how Ovarit is for Radfems & women, etc)

Using proprietary software is incredibly dangerous, it just makes it easy for the tech companies that have jumped on the TRA bandwagon to shut down dissident voices.

That said, would prefer something like a along the lines of a modern forum (yes I know I'm showing my age by saying that).

Something like VanillaForums or TalkYard, something that will lead to a stronger community and change.

5 Would you prefer the backup to be open to public, restricted-access(ex. Cannot view content unless an account is made), or invite-only to register and view platform?

Completely depends on the topic involved. For instance life discussions might be inappropriate to have publicly viewable, but it would be silly to have memes hidden behind a login screen.

"It takes a special kind of parent to raise a gay son during a pandemic" by ImNOTRobertPaulson in LGBDropTheT

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A couple things: Shouldn't a website called LGBTQ Nation be fighting AGAINST stereotypes instead of reinforcing them?

Because they believe promoting stereotypes is accepting diversity.

This is the type of shit that made me nearly killing myself when I was 14, but only didn't because I believed others when they said such the stereotypes would slowly fade away.

Anyone Feeling We Might Not Be As Secure As We Hope? by SedateApe in LGBDropTheT

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The only way would be to have a community website that is self hosted and uses open source software.

Using free services or proprietary software would just allow the technology companies who are doing this a means of silencing dissent voices.

The word "partner" by HelloMomo in LGBDropTheT

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In New Zealand the use of the term 'partner' would imply a "defacto relationship", which is a legally recognised relationship that is similar to the American concept of cohabitation (although with considerably more rights).

The Stupidity of some Gay men when it comes to "Transgenderism" and the term "Woman" by Kai_Decadence in LGBDropTheT

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I will also say that Wokism is a spiritual belief system and should be treated as such.

How can that be? Same way there are two types of Buddhists, first those that believe that Buddha was a normal person who reached heven (Nirvana), the spiritual home of the Vedic gods and who are religious as they believe in theism (the existence of gods). Then secondly, those that believe Buddha was a normal person reached a different plane of reality through enlightenment but who are not religious as they don't believe in gods but only magical things and people (like how children are not religious if they believe in Santa Claus). Meaning that some Buddhists are atheists as it is not a religion for them, but rather is a spiritual belief system.

The Stupidity of some Gay men when it comes to "Transgenderism" and the term "Woman" by Kai_Decadence in LGBDropTheT

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So they basically believe in gendered souls separate from material reality.

That's why I refer to gender as a "spiritual gender" to go along with a 'spiritual soul' and a 'spiritual aura'.

All three things are metaphysical and have absolutely no material evidence for its existence.

That is why I believe the Western world is heading into a new Dark Age due to a forced woke spiritualism promoted by Californian tech companies who follow the Californian Ideology which uses social issues to cover up the extreme labour exploitation and extreme financial inequality that they create.

From New Zealand: Wait – what? Why are gender hate speech laws part of a response to terrorism? by KingDickThe2nd in LGBDropTheT

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Australian Muslim leader Sheikh Shady who is known for his extreme homophobia and who had once talked in a conference alongside someone else who called for all gay people to be executed (and who provided moral support to the Florida nightclub shooting), was invited by the Christchurch Muslim community to to New Zealand after the shooting.

He was initially banned from entering New Zealand due to him being banned from entering Denmark, but political interference overturned this ban.

Which is just straight up homophobia by the New Zealand government for allowing him to enter the country.

Here is what New Zealand's largest media company had to say about him initially being banned from entering New Zealand due to previously being banned from Denmark because of homophobia:

The revelation will raise questions about why the Sheikh was on a New Zealand no-fly list, particularly in light of accusations that Australian security agencies and their international partners are too focused on Islamic extremism compared to right-wing terrorism.

Obviously believes that promoting extreme homophobia is perfectly acceptable.

Gay men are women uwu by SnowAssMan in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah I find it interesting that such research has gone from trying to prove homosexuality is biologically determined to using pretty much the same results to try prove the arguments of TRA.

I tried writing out comment about my objections to the science behind this but your comment is far more succinct in its criticism.

The "drop the T" movement is just a bunch of transphobic "pick me" girls who want heterosexual cis people to like them. In reality, you don't want or need a LGB safe space exclusive to cis people: You just want a safe space to be transphobic without being challenged. by JustDave in LGBDropTheT

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They are a straight up troll.

This is a comment they made a couple of months ago on gendercritical:

I don't support trãnnīēs, I just hate dykēs and women in general. Get back in the kitchen skank.

They are just some incel 14 year old kid.

The "drop the T" movement is just a bunch of transphobic "pick me" girls who want heterosexual cis people to like them. In reality, you don't want or need a LGB safe space exclusive to cis people: You just want a safe space to be transphobic without being challenged. by JustDave in LGBDropTheT

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You use the term queer like you are are unfamiliar with it, like you are a child who is trying to troll and whose first language is not English.

The "drop the T" movement is just a bunch of transphobic "pick me" girls who want heterosexual cis people to like them. In reality, you don't want or need a LGB safe space exclusive to cis people: You just want a safe space to be transphobic without being challenged. by JustDave in LGBDropTheT

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Actually it's the queer movement that love MAPs.

"uwu people are complaining that we are teaching children that Plato was totes queer because he gave a 13 year old a gobby"

The "drop the T" movement is just a bunch of transphobic "pick me" girls who want heterosexual cis people to like them. In reality, you don't want or need a LGB safe space exclusive to cis people: You just want a safe space to be transphobic without being challenged. by JustDave in LGBDropTheT

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From the description of this sub:

LGB community should separate from the Transgender and Queer+ communities.

If it is just about transphobia then why is there the opposition to the Queer+ movement as well?