Calling all Kiwis, submit your feedback on the completely ambiguous New Zealand hate speech law that even the proponents don't understand, as a sneaky add-on will make being gender critical an ilegal thoughtcrime in NZ by KingDickThe2nd in GenderCritical

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If you are a former resident then you would probably be allowed to make a comment.

Wasn't this just all apart of the plan? by pesos in GenderCritical

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The pro-pedo stuff hidden in the LGBT community is caused by how the LGBT community came about and about modern Western societies having a over-the-top ridiculously romantic view of ancient greco-roman society.

Greco-roman culture is considered superior in a quasi racist way in Western societies (even North Europeans who have nothing to do with it), thus anything connected to greco-roman culture is thus superior by extension.

However ancient Mediterranean culture was horrifically sexist, and worse yet it was considerably more sexist in a relative extent as well (northern Europe at the time was still sexist, but far less than Mediterranean culture). In fact, the ancient Greeks considered themselves superior to Northern Europeans because they considered extreme sexism to be a sign of culture and sophistication.

If the ancient Greeks looked down on women so much, then why did they accept homosexuality between adult men?

The answer is because they didn't.

What they had is sometimes called institutional homosexuality or age-structured homosexuality, but is more historically correctly called Pederasty (boylove). This was when a non related man mentored an adolescent boy who was roughly between the ages of 12 to 17, but where it was it was expected for the man to teach the boy practical sex education. While this was only ment to extend to mutual masturbation and dry humping (slave boys were not so lucky), it was recorded as having a romantic element to it . Individuals who preferred this type of behaviour over sex with females created the self-identification Pederast (boylover) for themselves.

The Roman view of homosexuality wasn't really that different, but they were more accepting of men who wanted to have sex with adult male slaves. Moving forward, the renaissance was slightly better, but still the elites of the time preferred Pederasty as they were inspired by the ancient Greeks, thus many of the maestros such as Leonardo da Vinci and so forth were accused of engaging in such behaviour.

Moving forward again to the Victorian era we see the rise of the Greek Love movement, which called for the return of pederasty as an institutional practice. They used the argument that such behaviour was core to the ancient Greek culture and thus success story, so therefore highly beneficial to society.

Oscar Wilde was involved in one of the organisations (Uranin poetry society) that was part of the movement, not because he was one of them, but because this was where the power and influence was. The gay rights movement was completely unorganised and powerless at this point in time in comparison.

The Pederast movement was somewhat secretly accepted in elite circles at this point in time. It only became less powerful/accepted than the early Homophile movement in the 1930's.

I mean Budweiser put an advert in an art magazine for elites called "introducing Budweiser to the gods" in 1906 that had a hypersexualised 12 year old boy representing Ganymede being clutched by an eagle representing Zeus (a symbol of Pederasty). Hell even the fact that one of the moons of Jupiter (Roman name for Zeus) is named after the catamite Ganymede shows the acceptance off this type of behaviour at the time.

It was roughly this time that Thomas man (who is considered a famous "gay" novelist) wrote a semi-autobiography (according to his wife) about the time he stalked a 11 year old Polish boy around Venice (Death in Venice). It was turned into a movie in the 1970s and the actor who played the boy now regrets being part of it because he considers it to be pedophile propaganda and that it was made for and by pedophiles. Yet movie is considered a beloved cult art movie.

So when it comes to the American gay rights movement in the 1970s, of course they were Pederasts there and yes their aim was to have sex with young boys and yes the American gay movement turned a blind eye or actively supported them.


Because just like today with the fucking stargenders, genderqueers and the other clowns, there has always been a reluctance to gatekeep, this is why NAMBLA was able to infiltrate many US gay rights organisations in the 70s, which caused the global organisations they belonged to (like ILGA) to be banned from lobbying at the UN (something that was only overturned 9 years ago). This obviously caused considerable long-term damage to LGB people because some idiots couldn't say No.

But it turns out NAMBLA had a problem with gatekeeping itself, as it started off as campaigning to change the US age of consent laws to match that of central Europe (13/14) at the time and legalise same-sex hebephilia, but morphed into calling for society to accept sex between an adult man and a 4 year old boy. This (sort of) explains how they managed to infiltrate organisations, yet have completely detestable beliefs.

Unfortunately there is a lot of history that isn't anything to do with homosexuality, but people want to feel better about themselves by having a sympathetic history, even if it isn't true.

It is too hard to disconnect this bad history and much easier to just bury it. But this will mean that pedophiles will keep on trying to infiltrate the LGBT movement as it is the path of least resistance.

It also shows how much a danger the TQ are, that they cannot or will not gatekeep themselves and will drag everyone down with them into a pit of diaper wearing pedo furry mess.

While the US Left attacks free speech and biology, the Christian Right is now defending it. As someone who lived through the rise of the religious right, I am baffled and perturbed as to how & why the tables have turned. Big Gender could be the Left's version of religion? by BEB in GenderCritical

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I was actually thinking exactly this earlier today.

Not being an American and watching the US from afar when I was younger, it always amazed me how normalised psychotic religious beliefs were in American culture.

Having a "conversation with God" in your head was not represented as a sign of severe mental illness in American media, but rather as devout religious belief.

Because the US for so long has been so consumed by religious belief, the rise of atheism has also created a rise in pseudoscience, junk science and extremist ideology to fill the vacuum or belief gap.

For every action, there is always an inverse reaction.

Not all pregnant people are women, or mothers says by KingDickThe2nd in GenderCritical

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From the same news organisation that said 2 years ago that the initial denial of entry of a white Australian Muslim cleric into New Zealand because of his extreme homophobic views was a sign of white supremacy in New Zealand.

They also posted a lovely homophobic TQ propaganda piece today as well.