So it turns out queer women who are used to friendships with other women all their lives, who have a dating scene where looks discrimination barely exists, who aren't seen as a threat by other women, who have shared female experiences- just might flirt better than most men. Whoda thought. by Lifecantrulysuck in RealIncels

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This article goes way beyond just claiming that women are better at flirting and makes some really dishonest claims.

For example:

There is no real secret to why women are better at dating women. It all comes back to one very simple truth—women respect, value and like other women, and we don't belittle other women for simply...being women.

The author wants us to believe that queer women treat their partners better than men do.

That just isn't true, though.

While most women tend to view men—and especially unattractive men—as being potential abusers, research has shown that lesbian women are actually more likely to be victimized by their partners than straight women.

A recent meta-analysis returned the following estimates of lifetime prevalence of intimate partner violence (IPV) in LGB couples:

-61.1% of bisexual women and 43.8% of lesbian women, compared to 35% of heterosexual women. -37.3% of bisexual men and 26% of homosexual men, compared to 29% of heterosexual men.

When episodes of severe violence were considered, prevalence rates were:

-Bisexual women, 49.3%; lesbian women, 29.4% versus heterosexual women, 23.6%. -Homosexual men, 16.4% versus heterosexual men, 13.9%.

Another study found similar results for sexual IPV.

More than one-quarter (27%) of sexual minority women reported being sexually assaulted by an intimate partner at some point since age 15 compared with 11% of heterosexual women.

Parasites by Keepingitreal in RealIncels

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Put a price on your mother's relationship with you.

If a woman is appreciated by her husband and children, it's up to them to reward her for that. Society should not give women the same rights as rights and freedoms as men just because "children love their moms."

Statistically speaking, men are better parents than women. People who are raised without a mother are less likely to have problems than people raised without a father, so the least one can say is that "a mother's love" is not a necessity.

The oligarchs value their families, but they want to trivialize ours.

Modern women destroyed families. Most break-ups and divorces are initiated by women.

Single mothers are a huge problem because they boot the fathers away from the children, and also put the men on child support slavery.

None of this has anything to do with "oligarchs".

Parasites by Keepingitreal in RealIncels

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You are ridiculous for pretending that the modern mother's role is priceless and something uniquely special. Every man has a father who raised him as well. In fact, studies have shown that single fathers do a better job at raising children than single mothers, are less likely to abuse them, and that children raised by single fathers have better adult outcomes. Men are better parents than women. Women are responsible for 65% of all cases of child neglect, which is the most common form of child abuse.

The stay-at-home role is not work, it is commensal parasitism of the back of the provider husband/slave who actually busts his ass going to work for 70+ hours a week to make a salary, while she gets to live in the house he pays rent-free. This is why mothers gate-keep the stay-at-home role for themselves, and aggress against stay-at-home dads. (Households with stay-at-home dads mostly end up with the wife divorcing him, and don't last.)