jeez reddit bans you for anything nowadays by yabbit in WatchRedditDie

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Lmao. Yeah, reddit has changed drastically since I started using it. It’s clear that it’s now a propaganda machine and anything that isn’t extreme liberalism will be censored.

Black people kill ~500 whites every year. Whites and the police combined kill ~420 blacks. Pointing out this fact will get you banned for “hate”.

You can’t discuss reality without a risk of a ban

Why is everybody so low iq nowadays? by yabbit in AskSaidIt

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Extremists on the left have leveraged themselves into a position where you either toe their ideological line or you’re canceled.

The dumbest people who buy into the propaganda are given a microphone. Critical thinkers who realize they’re full of shit stay silent.

Point out the fact that black people kill more white people than blacks that are killed by whites and the police combined and you’ll immediately be banned from reddit. I’d probably be fired from my job too. All for stating reality