Saidit keeps getting nonsense frontpage generalizations about liberals so I thought I'd help balance it out with some Conservative Paradise by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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The Nazi's were very similar to the ideologies of the Zionists. They both believed they were biologically different. One the volk, ethnic Germans with their own land and state, only for them, and the Zionists, their ethnostate. The didn't believe in intermariage too. I remember reading a world ZIonist court quote by one of its members talking about the similarities between Nazis and zionists in their ideologies which wa interesting. Two of the largest banks in Germany, both owned by Jews, one the foudner of Zionism in Germany were the largest contributors to the national socialists.

New Zealand has gone full police state. They are threatening up to TEN years in prison for even having the video saved on your computer. by useless_aether in WorldNews

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Twitter leaves ISIS twitter pages up but bans people for questioing why they don't take them down.

r/news censored story of renowned Uighur musician Abdurehim Heyit who was killed in a Chinese detention camp. OP confronted the mods, mods openly say they're catering to new Chinese owners, and OP posts a picture of this exchange that is now on the front page by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Notice reddit is catering to China's censorship demands. Why? Because CHINA is the internationalists future as are all the BRIC countries. It never was going to be a western world order.

Terror attack in Sri Lanka, 8 bombs, 200+ dead by Black in news

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None of this is proof of anything but I thought it was interesting...

3 churches, 3 hotels reportedly attacked, with hundreds of casualties.

Reuters posts this measly 4-photo slideshow.

And wouldn’t you know it, 1 of the 4 is a photo of a damned shoe.

Studying past events like these, such as the fake brussels bombing, yes it was fake... Reuters and APnews always depict an obligatory one shoe photo. This is symbolic of a physical confirmation of a spoken deed or act”. “Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things.

The deed or act mentioned in this passage is meant to signify both the confirming of a contract, as well as the commitment to carry out the terms and conditions of that contract without fail. This symbolism, as far as Freemasons are concerned, is intended to express the sanctity of the contract made between yourself and the Lodge where you have taken your vows.

So someone decided to blow up a bunch of Catholic churches a few days after arguably the most famous Catholic church in the world “accidentally” burned?

Uh huh.

And somehow everything always fits perfectly into the previously established media narratives.

3 churches. 3 hotels.

And now 3 police officers.

49 killed in mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand by useless_aether in WorldNews

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Also. watching this makes me realize it might be good not to ban guns. If say 5 people had a gun in there, or many were armed, the shooter would be getting in a gun fight with at least one of them. Allowing those unarmed to get away. He could be kileld fairly quickly too if he was outnumbered. They were all sitting ducks, they could not do anything, they couldn't shoot back. Guns in the hands of good people makes plenty of sense to me.