Someone explain this anime shit to me by Femaleisnthateful in GenderCritical

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Anime is a medium. But the issue I think comes mostly from Hentai, which is essentially porn done in anime style. It can be in anime or manga form, which means as a show or as a comic essentially.

There's a lot to discuss in regards to Hentai that would attract AGP's or more likely gives them the fetish itself. I don't want to get into to it, I mean I've barely dipped a toe in that area and it's like a bottomless pit of deranged and disgusting. It's porn if porn was the worst version of itself and had free reign to be as sick and twisted as it wanted (Think animated bestiality, body mutilation, necrophilia). And in regards to TIF's I think Yaoi has played a massive role in their transition and obsession with being 'gay boys'.

But Anime itself as well as manga/light novels can be so amazing. They explore things that live action TV cannot in mature and interesting ways, and the way the Japanese view the world and morality is fascinating. I've always loved reading, so much so that I even read Manwha's (Korean) and Wuxia/Xianxia (Chinese cultivation novels) and being able to read and enjoy a story that's influenced by a totally foreign culture to mine really makes the story stand out, at least to me and compared to Western literature.

So it's not really anime's fault, at the end of the day, once again, the fault I believe lies with porn.

Leaving Reddit for trying erase women. by hylia in Introductions

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Well I suppose it's easy for you to pity them. They aren't the ones who took your reddit subs from you, issue death threats to you, take away rape shelters from you or force themselves into your bathrooms, prisons, gyms. And they don't physically harm you when you play sports against them, nor take away your scholarships and opportunities. Nor do they take away spots from you for medically necessary procedures simply for their cosmetic ones, or take spots from gynaecologists from you when they have no need to see them. And don't even get me started on the shit they force on to lesbians.

Pity? What a joke.