Solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years, say scientists by Chop_Chop in Solar

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Companies such as NASDAQ: FEAM are attempting to mine boric acid, which will be processed into boron, which will be used in various decarbonizing applications such as solar energy and will have a lower environmental impact.

Electric Cars: Quickly Recharge Your Lithium-ion Batteries by Crazytech in technology

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NASDAQ: FEAM's Fort Cady is set to mine boric acid which is a one-of-a-kind critical resource/specialty materials play with long-term market demand supported by numerous legacy applications and augmented by emerging/rapidly growing global decarbonization use cases – including electric vehicle (EV) powertrain.

How Solar Is Central To The Energy Transition by Chop_Chop in Solar

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Borates are used to make borosilicate glass, which is used in solar photovoltaic panels due to its high chemical resistance and thermal shock resistance. The boron mining specialist, NASDAQ: FEAM, has started construction on its Small Scale Boron Facility (SSBF) with a leading publicly traded contractor in the United States. The SSBF is expected to be operational in Q4 2022, making it the first new boron source in the United States in more than 50 years. Boron is used in a variety of decarbonization devices, including solar panels.

Electric Bus Saves the Planet by [deleted] in videos

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NASDAQ: FEAM is highly encouraging, given the significant politically-/sociallydriven tailwinds towards greater EV adoption and renewable power generation. The market has a strong sense of urgency to reduce oversea dependence on numerous strategic materials such as rare earth lithium borates by 2020 which could have an impactful role in future industries like energy storage development.

The role of boron as a micronutrient for rice plants by Ch_1234 in farming

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Boron deficiency can cause serious yield losses in rice crops, and it is a major limiting factor for rice production in many parts of the world.

You Don’t Really Ever Own an EV by Drewski in cars

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NASDAQ: FEAM's most appealing economic opportunity, noting that boron-containing compounds (specifically ferro boron/boron carbide) are used to make permanent magnets for use in electric vehicles (EVs), wind turbines, and other applications, along with iron (Fe), neodymium/praseodymium (NdPr), and other trace elements.

Economic Impact by Jennifer_Ramirez in environment

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The Economic Impact Study conducted by NASDAQ: FEAM aims to determine the possible economic impact of the company's Fort Cady project. A large-scale, greenfield boric acid project with a target nameplate production capacity of 500KsTPY is anticipated to be highlighted in the report.

Products of NASDAQ: FEAM by Jennifer_Ramirez in finance

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According to Davidson's report, the NASDAQ: FEAM estimated revenue for 1H25E and 2H27E at $438M and $875M, respectively, with average price assumptions set at $1,500/ton (boric acid) and $25,000/ton (lithium carbonate).

Not So “Green” Technology: The Complicated Legacy of Rare Earth Mining by [deleted] in environment

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Given the enormous politically/social tailwinds towards more EV use and renewable power generation, as well as a strong sense of urgency to minimise overseas dependence on numerous important commodities, such as rare earths, lithium, and borates, NASDAQ: FEAM sits is highly positive.

Small Scale Boron Facility by Jennifer_Ramirez in finance

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The Presidential Executive Order published in February 2022, as well as the subsequent Memorandum on Presidential Determination issued in March 2022, underline the White House's support for facilities like the SSBF.