Happy New Year Saidit! by magnora7 in whatever

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Happy New Year!

Hello from mary flowers by maryflowers in Introductions

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Welcome to join here!

How to choose the best Forex Signals service provider? by JamesGilbard in DecentralizeAllThings

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Here is the best Forex signals service provider - Forex signals.

How can I choose the best Classic Eyelash Products? by JamesGilbard in VintageFashion

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You can choose it from here - Classic Eyelash Products.

How can I choose the best SMT Assembly Manufacturers? by JamesGilbard in technology

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Yes, you can easily choose from here - SMT Assembly Manufacturers.

Pond Life: Stephanoceros fimbriatus [3:31] by anonymoussaidittor0 in Biology

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In addition to plants, fish, aeration, and rocks and gravel, a low-maintenance ecosystem pond requires adequate filtration to keep the water clean and clear. Three types of pond filters are available on the market and include biological, mechanical, and clarifiers. Biological filters use bacteria to break down pond wastes, converting them into less harmful compounds that can be used as aquatic plant fertilizers. Mechanical filters trap and remove debris and sediment. Water clarifiers pass water through a tube that houses an ultraviolet bulb, killing living microscopic particles in the water.

A good biological filtration system, teamed with a proper mechanical filter to remove solids before the water enters the biological filtration unit, is the most effective way to filter water. With adequate biological and mechanical filtration, the need for clarifiers is eliminated altogether, thereby ensuring a natural ecosystem pond.

For biological filtration you can use this OASE BioSmart 5000 pond filter.