I just completely mapped the PATH tracks between Hoboken and Manhattan, including the junction at Newport, on OpenStreetMap by IsStatenIsland in NYCrail

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OSM servers are a bit slow right now. As usual, the Transport Map renderer generally runs on a monthly basis.

It might take a bit of playing around to see what you want to see as OSM is not oriented around subways and underground/overlapping objects.

There is a lot of overlapping between tracks of different directions near the Newport Green: check out this old drawing. Note that the pair of vertical tunnels on the right of the bottom crossover vault (the approach to/from Newport) was never built. The Christmas tree, every December, instead stands in that unbuilt provision on the upper level and is visible from Newport-bound trains from either Hoboken or 33rd Street.

Make it more obvious that subs can't be created during the first two weeks of a new account by IsStatenIsland in help

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Great, thanks.