Oligarchs by aaarrgh in whatever

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Funny thing is that both Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs fled to Israel, despite Ukraine and Russia being bitter enemies.

They are probably hanging out at the same cocktail parties in Tel Aviv right now while their “fellow ukrainians” and “fellow russians” kill each other.

We did it Reddit yet again by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Like a Quentin Tarantino film right in front of us

It turned into a Michael Bay movie.

Cucks of Reddit by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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They didn't think that.

So he is intentionally destroying Ukraine and getting Ukrainian people killed on purpose? Ukraine was obviously being used as bait in order to get rid of Putin, with the destruction of the country being deemed worth it in order to remove a constant thorn in the Neocons/neoliberals side, Putin.

Ukraine has basically zero chance of "winning" at this point. The neocon goal is to turn it into another Afghanistan in order to bleed the Russians. Zelenksy was either too fucking stupid to know this, or too sociopathic to care. Take your pick. Either way he brought about the destruction of his country.

Cucks of Reddit by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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If you are the president of Ukraine you have one primary job. Dont get invaded by Russia. Previous ukrainian presidents all managed that simple task by not overtly antagonizing Russia and threatening them with Nato expansion. Finland has managed that simple task for 80 years by doing the same because their leaders actually give a fuck about not destroying their country and getting countless citizens killed.

Some Jew actor with zero political experience gets put into office with the help of one of the most corrupt Jewish oligarchs on planet earth(which is saying a lot) and instantly fails at that one crucial task.

Rather than correcting his mistakes in order to spare widespread death and destruction. He then continuously goads Ukrainians into getting themselves killed, lets violent felons out of prison and arms them, resulting in total chaos. He is literally destroying Ukraine while repeatedly covering himself in the glory of Ukrainians doing the actual fighting, with the Jew media jizzing all over themselves because of his manufactured bravery. Meanwhile ukraine gets destroyed.

He is basically the worst president anyone could imagine, and in typical clown world fashion he is being advertised as this epic hero.

DuckDuckGo CEO announces they will begin boosting propaganda to support the war against Russia by BravoVictor in politics

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Jesus, is there any part of the internet infrastructure that hasnt been bought out by Jews at this point? As a practical matter you just cant trust anything run or owned by them, even if they claim to be a free speech alternative it never lasts or turns out to be a honey pot or controlled competition meant to prevent viable long term alternatives.

They've pretty well ruined their brand the last few years. No one in their right mind will ever trust them anymore. Not the Russians. Not the Chinese. And not anyone in the west who hasnt been lobotomized by their never ending propaganda and gaslighting.

Anybody not give a shit about the Ukraine War? by yabbit in AskSaidIt

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White countries murder and torture millions of brown middle easterners nobody bats an eye. Invade one little european country and everyone loses their minds.

You understand why these white countries were waging war in the middle east, and why the media in these countries didnt "bat an eye" and in fact stoked these wars right? The Neocons responsible for all this are white in the same way the bolsheviks who took over Russia were white, as in they look white, but they are a particular brand of (((white))), and their agenda is almost always radically opposed to what is good for their fellow whites.

Top moderator of r/LibertarianPartyUSA is banning people who argue against US intervention in Ukraine by Drewski in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Not every sub, but certainly the ones that have propaganda value or that they see as a potential threat. The JIDF was real and it was amazing the amount of shilling and hidden censorship they engaged in, and they didnt just go away, they are likely as active as ever.

jeez reddit bans you for anything nowadays by yabbit in WatchRedditDie

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Reddit became popular because of it's user driven content and user driven moderation, not necessarily because there was anything particularly great about the site. Gradually because some talented users created popular subs it became more popular than similar sites, which were all over the internet but gradually faded away simply because reddit became the go to site.

So of course some wealthy rabidly zionist oligarch family bought the site. The Newhouse family got their fortune the old fashioned way, they inherited it. They then proceeded to wreck everything that was loved about reddit, but by now all the competition had long since vanished so there were no real alternatives and reddit still had the brand that was built pre Newhouse takeover, and thats really all it's lived off since.

Creating viable free speech reddit alternatives has been nearly impossible because of who owns google, who controls the payment processors, advertisers, web hosting services, etc. Similar to how the Newhouse family bought reddit, the same group bought up the internet infrastructure necessary to create competition, and if any sites come along that says what they dont like, they shut it down using any one of these choke points.

Welcome to the Jewtocracy.

Antisemitic flyers found in multiple cities across the country by ShalomEveryone in news

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I hope these cowards get caught.

What an odd statement. What would they be "caught" for? Claiming a particular group are responsible for covid might be stupid, but I dont see how it would be illegal. People have a right to their opinions. Are you saying that any time someone blames a group collectively for something that this constitutes a crime? So should I call the police on Jeff Zucker and Don Lemon when they claimed on CNN that white men are the greatest terrorist threat to America?

Tucker Carlson film on George Soros is his latest antisemitic dog-whistle by ShalomEveryone in politics

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Tucker Carlson/Tulsi Gabbard 2024!