I hate Mexicans and white southerners for the same reasons by JewsAreOfColor in whatever

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Sooooo...you're racist.

Do you think global warming/climate change is real? Do you care about the environment? by 8thmonitor in whatever

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Of course Climate Change is real...most people just call it the weather though

Ohio girl, 10, mentioned by Biden WAS forced to cross state lines for an abortion in Indiana: Man, 27, is charged with rape a day after Ohio Attorney General said 'not a whisper' was heard about her sexual assault by [deleted] in news

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Of course nothing was said...or done...about the illegal alien raping a 9 year old & impregnating her...it goes against their narrative!

Amazon admits handing over Ring camera footage to cops at least ELEVEN times this year without owners' permission or search warrants by [deleted] in Surveillance

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And they wonder why I will NEVER purchase any of their products?

Aussie schools install vape detectors in bathrooms to alert teachers, a silent alarm is triggered and LOCKS STUDENTS IN THE BATHROOM!!! by [deleted] in news

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Vaping while under majority age is perfectly legal as long as there is no nicotine involved.

Male blood donor turned away after refusing to say if he was pregnant by [deleted] in NotTheOnion

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There should be an available answer like "Does Not Apply" or something like it.