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Arguing with cranks on the internet is useless, if your only goal is to change anyone's mind but your own.

On the other hand, if you do it correctly, it helps you sharpen your own skills at research and in debate tactics. When you get good at it, you have a better chance of changing the views of people who are not already locked into a point of view.

Makes A Lot Of Sense Actually... by Questionable in memes

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Hospitals adjust their capacity all the time.

When they make beds available, it means that they have staffed the ward with enough nurses to manage the patients to occupy them.

Maintaining that staffing costs a lot of money, so they will not make more beds available than they expect to need.

Thus, they are usually "full," or nearly so. Another way of saying it is: If they were only half-full, then they are uneconomically over-staffed.

The time to worry is when they announce that they have no more physical space to place more beds. That regardless of staffing levels, they physically cannot fit more patients into the building. That is the image that the panic-porn media want you to have.

AI-powered weed destroying startup harvests $27M round, farmers say laser-blasting machine saves time and cuts pesticide use by carn0ld03 in farming

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I'm still waiting for the mosquito blasting robots to go on sale.

The concept has been proven - so where are they?