So who is the biggest piece of shit on saidit this week? by jet199 in AskSaidIt

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No contest, its Ed/skank/whatever other alias he is using

Why does everybody on this site write like a low iq schizophrenic? by yabbit in whatever

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I am hiring a toilet butler. Would you like to be my toilet butler? The job description is as follows:

  1. This is a formal job, you must wear a tuxedo
  2. You will be expected to hold my dick while I pee
  3. You will hold my hand when I make stool and give me encouragement
  4. You will also help me wipe
  5. When I am clean you must tell me you are proud of me, and that I am a big boy

If you are interested, please send your resume as well as any relevant recommendations from previous toilet butlerings

Rapists will be surgically castrated and anyone who rapes a child will face the death penalty under new laws in Nigerian state by jet199 in Africa

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I'm OK with this

Major Issue by Tarrock in politics

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my report to /u/magnora7 by [deleted] in whatever

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Yes make this guy the admin of chat, he is so even tempered and reasonable

Great idea by jet199 in Transbarrassment

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The more they insist they are specialer than everyone else and can't be made fun of, the more I want to make fun of their lady penises

Who's the smartest guy on saidit? by yabbit in whatever

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I am the smartest person on saidit

Weegs puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets the havana syndrome again by AmericanMuskrat in whatever

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