Not drinking is counter culture. Not drinking is clarity about the workings of mainstream society. Not drinking is freedom from subliminal and overt messaging. Not drinking is a middle finger to the opiate of the masses. Not drinking is love and empathy beyond race, nationality, culture and creed. by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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Has always wondered how BEER gets served a lot especially there where people aren't statisfied with their life situation, where people are angry about being exploited and where people are constantly discussing changes that somehow have to happen - but actually never can happen, because those people are unable to organize themselves due to being drunk. Beer is always available everywhere and everytime, legally available in many countries from the age of 16 and half a liter costs (in Germany) less than a stamp. For the most people it is the very first drug they get, but they don't realize that, because beer isn't labeled as such. Instead, it comes as the "drink for the rebels" since generations as same as with the image of the "drink for working people". Beer seems to be the perfect drink for waiting for a revolution to come that can't get started because after a hard night of drinking a lot of beer and being a lot of drunken angry, everyone is just too tired to even move that lazy ass into the next shower. It disorganizes people using it as a drug to get a flat high that takes them just nowhere. They are not even enjoying it, it's just getting drunk and experience senseless disinhibition for nothing expect feeling like total shit in the next morning.

Trump to sign executive order defining Judaism as a nationality by useless_aether in news

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That's a strange way to make the Hitlergruß, but it still is a Hitlergruß.

Trump to sign executive order defining Judaism as a nationality by useless_aether in news

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Hitler helped in fact a lot that the jews would get their own "Israel", even had an agreement pact with the Zionists to deport european jews into the desert. They only decided afterwards to claim that all those deported jews were actually killed in gas chambers that were never found and now this is the official version, no one gives a damn about massive lack of logic in that plot, it became some wicked kind of a religion or something where people are too afraid to ask, because wrong questions can give you the punishment. You cannot have a pact or deal with the jews without getting screwed. If Trump thinks those creatures are his friends that will be thankful to him for anything he does for them, he must be an even bigger dumbfuck than Hitler was when he made that Haavara-agreement with the Zionists back then. It will do nothing good to anyone on this planet. They will get rid of that tool whithout any mercy when they are done with it.

Rolling Stone: Men Who Abstain From Porn Are Dangerous Alt-Righters by useless_aether in propaganda

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Even the claims that Jewish women have been using black men as revenge against their Jewish husbands for many years. Jews seem to be more accepting of their women bahving in such a manner. There also is a high rate of Jewish men/Black women interracial relationships. In fact if you see or hear about a white male/black female couple it will be more likely that the male is in fact a Jew.

Somewhere there might be a very powerful Ashkenazi sitting in his high castle made of gold, masturbating furiously to black man on white woman porn all day long.

Google Begins Testing Extension Manifest V3 which kills uBlock Origin by [deleted] in Internet

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Or use Vivaldi, it comes up with the most options for personal costumation and works with most applications from google web store as well.

Yes. by [deleted] in AFwithNF

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Better slogan for their advert: NEVER GROW UP, GO EXTINCT INSTEAD!

Paris in flames as Yellow Vest protesters demand 'Macron out!' in bloody anniversary riot by codedtestament in WorldNews

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I just see "Paris in flames" in the title and think to myself, finally some good news after all.

Tell me one kind of animal you hate most. by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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I just hate people. Human, for example, is the only animal on this planet ripping off other animals skin to dress in it. Human also is the only animal on earth trying desperately to hide and ignore that it is in fact an animal itself, acting so weird and brutal with that manner that it becomes a cancer infection to its own environment. Human is also the only creature being born free on this planet that can't live in properly anarchy just like every other creature does naturally. It is also the only species ever seen investing so much effort into the attempt of reaching the stars above - to then just torture little animals to death up there for "science". There is not much good to find in humans. Even the "good" things are used to exploit, destroy and kill each other. In the end of the day, human is but a brutal ape in pants that got fully apeshit insane at some point in history that was forgotten on purpose for that very reason.

I just want 2 fit in by useless_aether in funny

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If you try to forcibly push a square into a circle, the square loses its corners. But if you try to forcibly push a circle into a square, the circle just disappears.