Non White moves to Northern England - is shocked that it's overwhelmingly White by Nasser in debatealtright

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Well to be fair, at least London itself is divided to the point that the white population is the same as the non-white population. Another interesting fact is how many outsiders own houses and business over there. Like how many of them are Russians and Chinese instead of British?

This is how multiculturalism kills the ethnic group, and how capitalism plays its role in subverting the nations too.

The fight of the White Protestants against Jesuitism. Thoughts on the alt-right and official Holocaust Denial position. by HibikiBlack in debatealtright

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Now like I said, I'll show you guys the anti-Semitism of the Intelligence agencies is still there nowadays. My goal isn't to show you guys that the Jews aren't involved in the whole mess, rather, I just want to show you guys that the Jesuits and the Intel groups are stronger, the strongest groups and they are rather anti-Semitic groups:

About the CIA's ties to Argentina's anti-Semitic nationalist groups.

The KGB's anti-Zionism.

The CIA's ties to the Grey Wolves anti-Semitic nationalist group.

The KGB and its role in supporting the Palestinian anti-Semitic terrorist groups.

Germany's most notorious postwar neo-Nazi party was led by an intelligence agent working for the MI6. (The Guardian, 2002)

CIA ties with National Socialist groups and anti-Semitic terrorist attacks.

FBI paid Hal Turner, supposed right-wing activist known for spreading Holocaust Denial and neo-nazi rhetoric.

In 1951, the CIA secretly funded the creation of an ostensibly private group of US citizens called the American Friends of the Middle East (AFME). Pro-Arab and anti-Zionist in orientation. (CUP, 2015)

George Soros and the support of anti-Zionist groups.

The Rockefellers and their support of anti-Semitic groups.

Does the CIA stereotype Jews as security risks? (Salon 1998)

The KGB and records of Soviet anti-Semitism.

The CIA is behind the Ukrainian anti-Semitic nationalist movement.

MI6 aimed to blow up ships taking Jewish groups to Palestine. (Operation Embarrass)

Evidence of the Israelis being targetted as part of the genocide plan involving the vaccines under the Mossad.

9/11 as a CIA psyop. The no plane theory and the Jesuit role behind it. The stories of Israelis being there in the destruction of the buildings were spread out by CIA like Philip Giraldi.

"Former" CIA Valerie Plame promoted anti-Semitic sites online shared by fellow CIA Philip Giraldi, including accusations of pushing for war through their “control” of “the politicians” and “the media and entertainment industries.” (NY Post 2017)

And yeah, in case you haven't figured it out, The Jesuits have controlled the CIA, FBI, KGB/FSB, MI5/MI6, Mossad Intelligence groups simultaneously. So they are responsible for nearly every single conflict involving every single nation on earth in the last decades, all while blaming the Jews for it.

Now like I said. My goal isn't to whitewash the Jews from being involved in the whole mess. I'm just trying to show you that the Jesuits are stronger. I'm starting my own nationalist group that I call "Marcelism" and while I embrace anti-Semitism within the group, I myself do expy the Jews from the "World Domination" and "Genocide" accusations against them due to the multi-million dollar campaigns that have been made against them. Ultimately, when it comes to the my Holocaust Denial I want the Jews to be deported to Palestine, Madagascar, or both and for Israel to be disarmed for the sake of the Palestinians. I call this "The Xanadu Plan."

I also obviously place a lot more importance to the Jesuits when compared to the Jews in my group. So I was hoping people over here might do the same. I have to main subs that I use for research against them s/Jesuits for Intelligence work and s/NationalistRevolution, which is meant to be the main anti-Jesuit nationalist group over here. Feel free to join if you feel like it. I was hoping both guilds could work together to further expose these groups and perhaps bring them accountable one day.

Feel free to ask questions. I personally think that the only thing keeping us back and making a real political difference is our own defeatism and self-isolation but if we work hard we may even save our nations. You guys have a responsibility to avenge your ancestors so I hope we can get along.

A third of Brits admit that they would have sex with a robot by Zommy in whatever

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Transhumanism is advancing well...

Compilation of Holocaust Denial Arguments and how self-victimization strategy works. by HibikiBlack in debatealtright

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I don't think we even have a choice given the circumstances...

Compilation of Holocaust Denial Arguments and how self-victimization strategy works. by HibikiBlack in debatealtright

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I'm planning to create a movement out of it. I haven't gotten to introduce myself properly over here or what my goals are but I'll do so soon enough.