Does anyone need invite codes to Ovarit? by ShieldMaiden in Lesbians

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Would love one! :)

Turns out the transgender MMA fighter who beat up a woman participated in a "Lolita" meetup by chiobu in GenderCritical

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Lol, ofc he thinks assaulting an unexpected individual with his penis isn't assault when a transwoman is the perpetrator. Again, I hate that I'm not at all surprised. It takes a special kind of vile male lunatic to beat up a woman and call it "progress".

And sadly, I am also a member of the "wish I had an ovarit code" club lol.

Turns out the transgender MMA fighter who beat up a woman participated in a "Lolita" meetup by chiobu in GenderCritical

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Lol imagine looking like a literal hulking ogre and thinking you look good in that dress. And the rest of his posts are filled with gun nut shit, I hate that I'm not surprised.

My anchor partner has a vagina by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I'm super skeeved out by OPs post ("use my girl"???? Really???) as well as many of the responses, but, man, some of the more reasonable/honest ones actually tugged at my heart strings. It's clear that a lot of those men in the comments are suffering from serious mental illness and it's sad that folks are just letting them - if not full-on encouraging them to - chemically castrate themselves to the point where normal, healthy sexual function becomes literally PAINFUL for them to partake in. I see this with TIFs too, whose vaginas become so painful that they resort to anal to have some semblance of a sex life. Really sad to see.

Hurt deeply by "bisexual" friend by Hera in Lesbians

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That's actually a pretty good pep talk. I actually really like and appreciate when people are honest rather tham sugary, as it gets me thinking in ways that are clear.

The first woman I fell for was DEFINITELY low-empathy, as was my last ex (shamed me for being gay because I said I wouldn't want to continue the relationship if she went through with a sex change) but with this current friend, part of the attraction was that I always felt she had high empathy and really cared for me in a way that extended beyond normal friendship.

We liked to create stuff together. I'm a super creative person, i use art as a way to explore the feelings inside that scare or hurt me and something I need in a partner is the ability to talk to them about my ideas (even better would be the ability to collab or bounce ideas off each other, but I'm cool with just a genuinely interested listener.) She was so hard core about creating with me and would often focus on the more romantic aspects of my work that I'm afraid the issue might have been me just misreading her way of expressing friendship.

The flirty shit is something she seems to have internalized from another friend of ours who really liked to be all "uwu cuddly hold hands with girrrrrls" without actually wanting to have sex or romance with those girls.

I guess when I write that out the problem does seem to be more her than me, but it's so hard to not look at it from angles that say "it's you, Hera".

Hurt deeply by "bisexual" friend by Hera in Lesbians

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It's funny because I spoke to an older (married) lesbian coworker today who said essentially the same thing (that in her experience not too many bi girls are serious about having a real quality relationship with another woman) and a straight coworker warned me about how trendy it is for girls to be pretend bisexuals to get attention. Until 2 years ago when my friend openly dated her first and only female partner, I was 100% convinced she was heterosexual due to her only expressing interest in men, so i guess the shoe fits in a sense. (Apparently the two never had sex.)

I had this happen one other time (also with a bi girl, though it was far less traumatic for me), and my last partner (who was bi) shamed me for being gay when we broke up. Tho I have ment plenty of bi folks who seem sincerely bi, it sucks but I am seeing a pattern here when I think about other women I have been with/attempted to court.

Hurt deeply by "bisexual" friend by Hera in Lesbians

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I feel like tumblr culture has rotted both of our brains. She seems to think "platonic snuggles" between friends should be a more normal thing, whereas I dont think it should be (bc if you're gay and you're snuggling with a woman who is wildly attractive to you and adores all the same things you do, how do you NOT fall in love with her while snuggling and holding hands????) but because of places like tumblr I feel wrong for thinking this way!

The poly thing hurt me so bad. It's like she thinks I just want to use her for sex, but I have a low sex drive due to medication and just wanted love because (unfortunately) I've always had deep romantic feelings for her. I've been so emotionally stunted over the years due to growing up openly gay and suffering abuse as a result that I dont even know if I'm right to feel like she was flirting. But I also feel like folks who aren't attracted to each other dont call each others public hair "cute". She would also look at my artwork (I generally like curvier ladies and like to draw them) and say it makes her feel good that someone is attracted to her body type, or even pat herself in certain areas that she knows turn me on while talking about these things, or draw attention to her shirt riding up while reaching for something ("oopsies! Pardon the view, heehee"), etc...I (and most folks I know) read that as flirty, but now i feel like it was ME being creepy the whole time and reading too deeply into things that were intended to be innocent? Idk i feel so sick and disgusted with myself, i hate being this way so much.

A friend of mine suggested that she was deliberately playing me so i could serve as a source of validation for her. In hindsight that's logical, but i never got cruel vibes from her in the like 15+ years I've known her. Maybe I'm too trusting. Idk.

Either way, thank you for your kind words, and I'm sorry for rambling off like a weirdo ahaha.

It is NOT a fetish you narrow- minded bigots by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I regret looking at this while eating. :x

Why are tims so obsessed with making their guns look girly? by terf41percentjanny in GenderCritical

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I feel like it's their really pathetic and sexist way of compensating for the fact that they will never be a real woman. Guns are typically seen by society as a masculine hobby and I feel like indulging in something typically viewed as extremely masculine probably reminds them that they're male, so to compensate for the feelings of encroaching reality they need to make their guns as girly as possible, as if screaming "hi I love pink!" actually makes them a woman. (Which, of course, as we all know, is bullshit, just as how a woman liking guns doesnt make her a man.)

[Particularly] Lesbians of s/GC: would (could) you date a girl with pro-trans views? Is trans support a red flag in LGB circles? by jjdub7 in GenderCritical

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Depends on how deep she is into the ideology.

If she erroneously thinks that all TIMs are just hyper effeminate gay men who mostly get/want "the surgery", try to assimilate, are heavily persecuted, etc...then I would be willing to give her a chance, as it's clear her thoughts about the matter come from a place of pure empathy, and I myself believed and supported those things many moons ago before the advent of being called a "bigot" for simply...being homosexual.

Now, if she knows the truth about the current situation with trans activism and choses to side with TIMs over women, or deeply believes their lies (ie: cries about "genital preferences", thinks we should prioritize TIMs feelings over women's safety, that transition is a good way of dealing with trauma, etc...) the answer is hard fucking no. I dated one of these women and our breakup was over this, because she thought i should still be attracted to her if she took hormones and became a man. It was nothing but gaslighting and narcissism and I respect myself too much to ever want to go through that again.

I unfortunately don't have any good strats. :( I personally tend to only start feeling deep attraction if I know a person, so I tend to be single for long stretches of time before finding a new partner. Trans activism has made these stretches even longer, as so many lesbians that I would normally feel attracted to are being pushed to take hormones. However, given my past experience with a TRA gf, I personally would rather remain single forever than deal with that kind of disrespect ever again.

There's a kiwifarms investigation which purports that Chris Chan may have been manipulated into sexually assaulting his mother by a young cis woman by JasonNecks in GenderCritical

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Given that her initial alleged goal was for Chris to kill himself and that he was able to resist her encouragement, I think it's safe to say she wasn't the direct cause of the rape of his mother. She may have helped accelerate what was already a ticking timebomb, but there was a clear choice here made on Chris' part.

She's definitely a sociopath who probably shouldn't be out in society (if real, the animal abuse stuff was VERY fucked up, along with the allegations that she helped encourage a fellow student's successful suicide) but the fact of the matter is Chris made the choice to rape his mom despite resisting other forms of encouragement made by this "Bella".

"Detransition is only a 'bad' outcome if you think trans bodies are lesser than cis bodies". Listen to Milo now. by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Hate to be that gal, but they are lesser in a sense. You took a perfectly normal body and chose to carve it up while giving it an unnatural set of secondary sex characteristics that clash with said body's natural biology.

A breast reconstruction will not restore proper feeling to your chest, nor will it physically feel the same way as a breast does. Voice training? Congrats, you will have to speak in an unnatural way for the rest of your life to no longer sound like a man because you took T. Genital growth? I'm sorry, but it's normal for folks to be skeeved out by "t-dicks". And while it's normal for women to have body hair, it is not normal for them to grow full beards.

Biology is real and these are all sex characteristics of males and it's normal for people to find that unpleasant on a female, and no amount of uwu mental gymnastics will be able to change that. And this is just the cosmetic changes; dont even get me started on the genuinely crippling effects of T that can legitimately kill you. I would LOVE to see her try and justify those.

Milo/Nady is such a moron and I'm not surprised she's peddling this rhetoric at all lol. I feel like shes just trying to make herself feel better over the fact that she wrecked herself doing T.

Oh no, not conditional allyship by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Joke's on him, my allyship has always been conditional because transwomen aren't real women. If you look and act like what you are (a man, and in this case a violent perverted man) I'm going to refer to you as such, simple as that.

Chris Chan (trans-identified male) admits to sexually assaulting his mother (read the comments to understand the background). by SexualityCritical in GenderCritical

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I believe in Virginia (where he lives) they are pretty hardcore about who can qualify to be transferred to a women's prison, and Chris couldn't even keep up with taking estrogen properly, so hopefully he will go to a mans prison where be belongs. As of 2019 I think only one trans person was ever allowed to transfer from men's to women's prison, and it was a HSTS who has full SRS in the 70s, which was the entire reason they were allowed to transfer in the first place.

(If I'm incorrect and anyone knows Virginia prison law in a more in depth fashion feel free to correct me.)

Chris Chan (trans-identified male) admits to sexually assaulting his mother (read the comments to understand the background). by SexualityCritical in GenderCritical

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He has a long history of sexual abuse against women (as far back as the "Megan Saga") and his entire trans identity is rooted in the idea that if he transed himself he could get lesbians to sleep with him (LOL) so this does not surprise me at all, sadly. The writing has been on the wall for years and it's a shame that it's taking literal incestuous rape for him to (hopefully) be put away.

That being said, I am disgusted by the people who are spending more energy crying about those of us correctly gendering him than the fact that he raped his elderly mother. He is not a woman, this is not a woman's crime. A woman is the victim and he is a man. End of story.

Gender studies and sexualised threats — Sex Matters by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Lol I love how violent nonbinary/transbian men are always comically hideous. I could land a jet on that sweaty forehead.

On a serious note, I'm floored that people can't see this for what it is -- a violent, sick man threatening women who won't fuck him. Would bet 100$ that he cries about how evil lesbians are for our "genital preferences".

close friend flirting with the idea of transition by Hera in GenderCritical

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I feel this. As a kid I was what I can only describe as a "soft tomboy" (tomboyish interests mostly, but I also loved 80s/90s girl shows and toys in addition to my toy cars and Transformers, and they all went on the same muddy adventures with me lol). Aaaaand, as an adult I'm still a woman, and happily so. I am hardcore childfree and pretty much only dress in men's clothes, but what I wear and my desire not to have children or be pregnant doesnt negate my femaleness, and it's QUITE sexist to imply that it does. I just wish other girls could see that logic.

close friend flirting with the idea of transition by Hera in GenderCritical

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That first paragraph is probably one of the most brilliant things I've ever heard concerning the matter because I've never thought of looking at it that way and holy shit. Virtually all my fellow lesbian + bi girl friends have transed themselves and since hopping onto that bandwagon the one universal quality among them is their misery; a misery that wasn't present to such a degree prior to transition. (Ie: Losing promising careers in the name of gender identity, being kicked out for trying to groom siblings into being trans, etc...)

And big same to the last paragraph lol. I tend to gravitate towards scary or non-human characters...doesn't make me not a human lmao. For better or worse, I think that is probably why I've always seen right through the dubious logic of "I love boy characters, so I must be a boy!". If I were to say "I love xenomorphs from the Aliens films, so I must be a xenomorph!" would get me tossed in therapy faster than you can blink, and it's the exact same logic, and I will never understand why we don't treat gender stuff the same way.

close friend flirting with the idea of transition by Hera in GenderCritical

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I have done the latter with her a bit at this point and she agreed, which was promising, and listed some of her other grievances with how modern (we were mainly talking about how female characters were portrayed when we were children) female characters are written and how they are not much better, and I think that shows a decent level of critical thinking about the matter. At least I hope it does.

A well documented trend by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Even if a clitoris THAT large actually did exist, "BloodthirstyBae" seems to be forgetting that men have testicles in addition to their penis, which is something that no woman ever has, even if she has a "large" clit.

To people in the radical feminist community who supported Anita Sarkeesian for all these years, this is how you get rewarded by shzprm in GenderCritical

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Valis77/Promise Delon Redmond.

To people in the radical feminist community who supported Anita Sarkeesian for all these years, this is how you get rewarded by shzprm in GenderCritical

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Yep. And one of the dudes she stole footage from was a convicted child rapist who she later made into a mod for her twitch channel. She has never cared about women or better rep in games.

To people in the radical feminist community who supported Anita Sarkeesian for all these years, this is how you get rewarded by shzprm in GenderCritical

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Always hated her and thought she was full of shit at least 70% of the time, and this just confirms my feelings. I feel sorry for any of my sisters who supported her/her content though.

"I thought I hated women until I realized I hated BEING a woman" by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Oof, that was actually pretty tragic to read, especially since I see a lot of my younger self in OP's laments. Internalized misogyny is pure hell and her post is just dripping with it, and to see all those folks in the comments just enabling it is so sad. She needs good friends and a proper support system, not hormones and a double mastectomy. I hate this clown world.

Thank you for your work erasing women by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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And yet women who have had hysterectomies also don't bleed or become pregnant, and one ever sees them complaining about the wording of this stuff. Typical moronic, egotistical man in a dress.

I kinda wish I could see what's in all those quote retweets. I hope he got endlessly mocked.

100 Easy Ways to Make the World Better for Trans People: which I am planning to disregrad completely. by linda_senora in GenderCritical

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I got to 30 before I stopped because I felt like I was reading a cult manifesto.

How EXACTLY do trans right dilute the rights of other minorities and/or women? by GCCritical in GenderCritical

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Others have spoken about issues such as sports better than I could have in this thread, but something very personal that I haven't seen yet that pertains to your question: Lesbian spaces have practically vanished due to being heavily colonized by "transbians", to the point where I - or any other lesbian - can't even so much as joke about our aversion to male anatomy without being scolded or outright banned from the premises/community for hurting feelings over simply being homosexual. Hell, I can't even put "seeking biological women only" on a dating profile without getting banned. Communities for lesbians only have largely been driven underground, and I fail to see how that isn't an example of trans activism infringing on our rights. In what world is that not homophobia?

And, despite this, the same can not be said about male-exclusive spaces. In fact, my gay male friends seem actively encouraged to set their boundaries concerning "gay" transmen (aka heterosexual females) trying to enter their communities, especially when concerning dating and sex. Why are men's spaces not held to the same standard by trans activism? Why is it only women being forced to submit to the demands of conveniently male-bodied folk?

Extremely Shocking "Non-Binary Genital Nullification Surgery" (images) by usehername in GenderCritical

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Jfc, talk about surgeries that go against the hippocratic oath. I honestly have no words to describe the visceral horror I felt looking at these. This kind of butchery of mentally ill folks should be illegal.

The entitlement of the AGP trans male by jokuvaan in GenderCritical

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Oof, I wish it were possible to tell her "divorce your narcissistic husband asap" without getting the reddit banhammer. As a transwidow myself (albeit, a lesbian one) I can say first hand that it won't get better, and that running is the best option.

Best TIM to peak someone - meet "Am hole" by weirdthorn in GenderCritical

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Oh yes, this trainwreck. He's one of my favorite TIM ghouls to make fun of, right up there with Ana Valens. His antics are so extensive and grotesque that I could spend days commenting on all of it, but I will say that his putting his hatred for feces on the same level of his hatred for fat people on his kink list both disgusts and amuses me on a very special level.

I also feel so bad for all the animals at that ranch. :c

A fat, gross neckbeard I know wants to be a woman, and that put me over the edge by Doberlady in GenderCritical

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Welcome, sister. I also peaked because of greasy neckbeards claiming to be women, so I feel you. (Though for me it was straight ones calling me a bigot for not dating them and telling them to gtfo lesbian spaces.)

Does Reddit stand by its decision to remove feminist and lesbian subreddits like R/GenderCritical, which contained some 65,000 members, at the request of someone who, at the very least, has covered up for a paedophile? by dreamgerms in GenderCritical

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Given that he stood by his father even after said father went to prison for the rape and torture of a little girl, I'm not at all shocked in the slightest.

AGP fantasies on traa by blackrainbow in GenderCritical

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Lol, imagine being so delusional that you've convinced yourself that the fumes of necrosis are arousing.

Would you date a transman? by Srime in Lesbians

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Hard nope. Would never date a "queer" woman or a "non-binary" one either. Too much delusional thinking and insanity for me, plus if they go on hormones they become just as unattractive to me as real men are.

Descent into Hell - "my partner is trans" by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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God what a heartbreaking read. It's both disturbing and tragic how brainwashed this poor girl is to the point where she's convinced that popping a xanax in order to tolerate her boyfriend's rotting crotch wound is normal. And the whole bit about how sex "alleviates his dysphoria"???? That's called being used. I hope one day she wakes up and runs from this abusive sack of shit.

My closest friend just came out as nonbinary to me. Rant incoming. I'd appreciate you all posting your similar stories of close friends transing themselves or becoming nonbinary. Makes me feel better. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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All 4 of my closest friends who I have known for 15+ years, plus my ex gf, have "come out" as nonbinary, so I feel you. Additionally, one of my other close friends now dates a "nonbinary man" and I fear his politics might rub off on her. It's so obviously a social contagion and it drives me apeshit that the public at large seems ignorant of it due to the efforts of TRAs.

Tennessee politicians have become a Coven of TERFs (sadly the T are taking down the LGB) by BEB in GenderCritical

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Exactly what I was thinking. My mind immediately went to the situation in CT where the small number of top positions went to that small number of boys in dresses...

In a single college class of mine, four people identify as Trans or Non-Binary... by Eleventy-Twelve in GenderCritical

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Oh god, and it's a creative writing class to boot. Speaking from experience, be prepared to read a lot of obnoxious pieces about ~muh identity~ or stories where characters go by neopronouns lmao.

What is a butch transbian? I want to understand. by bolla_top in GenderCritical

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A heterosexual man with a severe sense of entitlement towards women's bodies and spaces. That's really all there is to it, imo.

UK Green Party elect TiM GenderGP employee as joint women's officer. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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Lol he literally goes by fairy pronouns on his twitter and looks just like my balding uncle. What an absolute fucking clown.

Ovarit by babystud in Lesbians

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Big same lol

Neopronoun users are always the lowest quality people by herecomesthesass in GenderCritical

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Honestly, I don't think I've ever met anyone who uses neopronouns who isn't also a raging narcissist. It's a nearly universal trait with them lol.

Body type? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I find I tend to gravitate towards women on the chubbier side (esp soft tummy and boobs) and I also have a strong preference for ladies who are taller than me...which is not hard to achieve, as I'm 5'1. Myself, I'm on the skinnier side with small everything lol, but I have weirdly toned arms because my job involves a lot of heavy lifting.

For the women who aren't interested in anything oral, like nothing about it, how do you deal with that in a relationship? by Freetochoose in Lesbians

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I feel you lol. I am not a fan of giving or recieving. Oral is a huge turn off for me. Honestly, my best advice really is to just communicate with your partner. Explain that you do not enjoy it, as well as explain what things you do enjoy. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy sex besides oral, and unless that's absolutely a dealbreaker for her, I'm certain you and your partner will find a way to have fun in the bedroom. Just remember that communication is key.

About four-in-ten U.S. adults say forms should offer more than two gender options by worried19 in GenderCritical

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"Nonbinary" is lunacy, plain and simple. I can't believe that many people even entertain the notion of this crap. Get me outta this timeline lol.

The horror! This transgender student was deadnamed in class, and his mom wants school boards to do more by Femaleisnthateful in GenderCritical

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I'm honestly so glad I got to grow up in a time before this gender nonsense. I can't imagine being like this at 13. When I was 13 I was playing Neopets, reading comics, and swapping artwork with my friends. Stuff like this is so heart breaking. Little girls are no longer allowed to just be little girls. :(

Any Gender Critical people here who are in the Art World? by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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I used to be super involved in art fandoms (mainly furry, anime, and various cartoons) but within the past few years or so I've been keeping my involvement in them largely at arms length due to the prevalence of gender ideology seeping into every corner of what used to be a way for me to make friends with other women who had similar interests to my own. It's honestly been very saddening to me to watch many female artists I previously felt deep comradery with (or looked up to/aspired to be like) turn "non-binary" and then make their entire personality and subject matter in their art all about how non-binary they are.

Transgender Columnist Fantasizes About 'Trans Girls' Violently Raping Women | Women Are Human by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I hate knowing that he can spout this shit and call himself a lesbian and not get deplatformed for it, but if I (an actual woman and lesbian) were to speak out about how fucked this is, I would be cancelled by the woke mob and a publisher would probably never pick my work up again. Fucking clown world.

I fucking hate non binary as a designation for masculine lesbians. by [deleted] in Lesbians

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When my ex got into the nonbinary thing it was immediate grounds for breakup. Far too much mental gymnastics and requirements that I affirm her delusions rather than help her overcome them were involved, and mentally I just couldn't take that burden. Something I've noticed about a lot of these "enby lesbians" is that they are often kind people who suffer from extreme emotional immaturity, and thus lack the ability to think critically about how sexist and nonsensical the concept of 'nonbinary' is.

Not to be a debbie downer, but for myself I honestly have just accepted the fact I'll probably be single forever lmao. But, as lonely as it is, I'd much rather be myself and be alone rather than be under the constant stress and pressure to play into someone's delusion that I know is wrong.

Does TRA ‘attention’ make you read authors you would not otherwise read? by Britishbulldog in GenderCritical

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Yup. I'll admit, I'm a big crime fan and the Strike series had been on my "to read" list for a while, but it was always kinda backburner because I was never a fan of Harry Potter. Once the cult started harassing JKR though, I impulse bought all the books in support and I'm glad I did, as I really dig them.

Anyone else actually form strong bonds with men? by ColdSoup in Lesbians

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(Hello fellow D&D player!) You sound just like me lol. My friend group has pretty much always been split close to 50/50 in terms of gender ever since I was a kid, and some of my deepest and most loving friendships are with men. I also adore my dad. I feel like a lot of people out there forget that you can love people without being in love with them.

Being a lesbian in this social climate makes me feel so alone. by sickofit in Lesbians

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Big mood. It's why I have predominantly given up on most "mainstream" lesbian spaces, they're just so overrun by "enbies" and men in dresses. It sucks.

Pros of being a lesbian? by Shroomba in Lesbians

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Never have to worry about getting pregnant lol.

Internal conflict is causing me to struggle... by GenCritAllDay in GenderCritical

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I'm kinda just sitting here with my mouth open because I barely know what to say. That SCREAMS of child grooming and I'm sickened that the school didn't see anything nefarious at all in what he was doing. I hope somehow the parents can catch wind of what is being done to their kids because I fear that's probably the only thing that will spur the school into taking responsibility.

Internal conflict is causing me to struggle... by GenCritAllDay in GenderCritical

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then it was him hanging out with two girls almost daily during lunch

Were these students? If so holy shit, what is a grown man doing hanging out with little girls during their lunch break? If that isn't a red flag then I don't know what is.

The actual lesbians appear to have left the building. And who can blame them? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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You reek of transphobia

Lol the irony at telling a lesbian she's 'transphobic' because she won't fuck a dude who is straight up just a dude. This is fucking conversion therapy. It's sickening. And just because you cloak your conversion therapy in a veneer of wokeness doesn't stop it from being homophobic as hell. r/actuallesbians is such a fucking joke.

Experiences of Lesbian Erasure and Lesbian Invisibility by Skipdip in Lesbians

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Exactly. :(

To add a little bit more spice to the sauce, I've actually worked with the company that produced the anthology (which was the first in a series of allegedly F/F anthologies) and have credentials in editing. Before discovering the content of the book, my knee-jerk thought about them finally making a series of lesbian romance anthologies was "oh cool, maybe I could be an editor on a future edition!" but now I know I never could, as I would never accept a story involving a woman having sex with a man for an F/F antholo, and my refusal would raise too many questions that could cost me my writing career. TIM's have infested the female-centric areas of this specific community and I feel like 9 out of every 10 "lesbians" I meet are actually straight men LARPing as us. It's sad.

What is Your Height and Dream Partner's Height? by CJLez in Lesbians

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While I'll go out with any girl (regardless of height) as long as I like her enough, my general rule of thumb is that she just be taller than me by like at least 2 inches. Seeing as I'm kinda small (5'1) this thankfully isn't too hard lol.

Experiences of Lesbian Erasure and Lesbian Invisibility by Skipdip in Lesbians

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A lesbian-themed anthology came out in a niche speculative genre that is very near and dear to me. This was something I had been yearning for for YEARS, as I had been a fan of this genre for close to a decade and a half, and material featuring gay men and straight men & women had always been highly prominent, but seeing lesbians was like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. Finally. Here it was. The thing I had been dreaming of reading about since I was a teen.

Cue my visceral disgust when the opening story is about a no-op TIM who is portrayed as the victim after being rejected when 'she' makes a failed attempt at cohering a lesbian into sex. (The lesbian freaks out when a penis springs from the pants of the 'girl' she was going down on, and the narrative completely demonizes her for being shocked and horrified.) Our TIM hero naturally gets to screw their favorite popular lesbian musical artist after a bunch of crying over having been rejected, and the language used implies that a dick is the same as a clit, except bigger, and how dare that horrible vagina-fetishist not suck our sad heronie's 'clit', the transphobe!

I had never felt so hurt and betrayed, especially from something designed to be celebrating lesbian characters in a genre where they had previously been fairly rare. There were other stories in said collection that were fabulous, one of them absolutely unforgettable, but that opening tale -- combined with the purpose of the anthology -- was by far one of the moments where I felt myself being pushed out of my own spaces the hardest.

How would you describe your clothing style? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Frumpy early 2000's mall goth lol.

Tell me about your pets! by It-Do-Be-Like-That in Lesbians

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Oh my god, that comic is peak me. (Can confirm that two of my permanent residents showed up in exactly that manner LOL...although they started appearing long before the age of 30. I was that kid who would take in stray cats without telling my parents ahaha. I'm very lucky they also loved animals.)

Tell me about your pets! by It-Do-Be-Like-That in Lesbians

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110% a crazy cat lady ahaha. I currently have 13, but several of them are fosters, as I'm a part of a foster network that works with street cats where we spay/neuter/vaccinate them and find them homes. The ones that are a part of my permanent crew are almost exclusively special needs (I have the full gambit from a blind cat, to a cat with severe orthopedic deformities, to cats with behavioral issues) as well as a cat I rescued from an overseas meat market. Cat stuff is how I landed my career that I love, so yeah, big cat lady is me lol.

In addition, I like dogs as well but I'm definitely more picky with them. :P I will gleefully help any dog in need when I can, but when it comes to owning one, I tend to gravitate exclusively towards spitz and pastoral breeds. I currently own a very silly GSD who looks intimidating but is a giant creampuff of a dopey, floppy creature.

Have you had anyone question you for your stance on dating trans people? by reluctant_commenter in Lesbians

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Yup. In fact, I have received more backlash than support due to my staunch refusal to relinquish my physical comfort for the sake of trans ideology, and my IRL experiences are largely why I stopped being a huge supporter of trans activism. I have gotten backlash from one of my IRL friend groups (that I've known for almost two decades) over my refusal to gargle a man's 'girlcock', and lost my ex when I refused to continue dating her after she told me she desired a sex change (she came out as a 'transmasc nonbinary'.). I can't even count how many times it's been implied (or full on stated) that I am close-minded bigot for not wanting to engage with a penis. I personally would never date a transman either (I find the changes that happen to women on cross-sex hormones to be an extreme turn-off, especially when the clit grows to resemble a micropenis) and my honesty about this has caused issues as well.

It should be noted, however, that I live in an extremely "woke" area of the country when it comes to trans stuff, so your experience with honesty could fare better than mine depending on where you live. It should also be noted that, unfortunately, nearly all of my lesbian and bisexual female friends now identify somewhere on the trans spectrum, ranging from fully transitioned TIF to 'nonbinary femme'.

Is there any game that you can play forever and never get bored of? by IamWomanHearMeRoar in Lesbians

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Dungeons & Dragons.

My wife is either going to be happy or..... by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Oh my god, even if she gets mad at first, she won't be able to stay mad for long when your pup has a face that cute lol. :P

Where’s everyone from? by IamWomanHearMeRoar in Lesbians

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New England.

My GF came out as non binary by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I second this advice. Was in the same situation where my gf came out as 'nonbinary' and later 'transmasc'. You can only maintain a straight face for so long while constantly walking on eggshells. You will be gaslit into oblivion and eventually it will eat you alive.

Vanishing L/B female artists....? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I've noticed this as well, especially in art communities focused on cartooning. I've also noted there are high rates of autism as well as general social loneliness outside of their small circles, and it's these sort of girls that the TRA mindset really seems to prey on.