After taking over the lesbian subs on reddit the TRAs are going after the gay guy subs now. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It's so frustrating that these gay men are allowed to tell these people to bugger off and explain that they are same-sex attracted, ruling out trans people, without getting their subs banned. The misogyny is so unreal

Have courage, sisters! Greetings from a Seattle GC woman. by SusanBee in GenderCritical

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This just makes us stronger. When we are forced out of our comfort zone, we are forced to be creative. The GC reddit team are working on making a new place for us, and it will be better. We will continue to grow. This change is already in motion. UK first, then others will follow. Times up TRAs

The Peakening ™ - Read this if you are new to Gender Critical (GC) Feminism by mambean in GenderCritical

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I peaked when I discovered the mumsnet thread 'Trans Widows Escape Committee'. I had heard about AGP before but always assumed it was BS, because it is such a bizarre concept. Then when i discovered this mumsnet forum, I saw that it was real, and the curtain fell from my eyes. I had never before been so truly shocked by something, to the point where I needed to reevaluate all of my opinions. Every one of my opinions about trans rights reversed that day

BRAIN STUDIES COMPILATION: 2018 Study of 2,176 human brains no such thing as boy/girl brain by peregrine_throw in GenderCritical

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A natural variant of sexuality? I'm talking about heterosexuality, the sexual orientation that accounts for that majority of people and animals.
And I don't need to smell a person to know which sex I am attracted to.
I just don't understand why same-brain theory people continue to overlook this, i've never managed to get people to discuss it

Telegraph: 'Niche' transgender ideology 'corrosive' to society, says report by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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This report is a great intro for anybody new to the subject. It covers a lot, including the labelling of lesbians as vagina fetishists!

BRAIN STUDIES COMPILATION: 2018 Study of 2,176 human brains no such thing as boy/girl brain by peregrine_throw in GenderCritical

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Wow this is a great compilation of resources!

How do you think sexual orientation fits in to this? If our sexual orientation is innate and programmed in the brain, and the vast majority of women are attracted to men, while the vast majority of men are attracted to women, then isn't that one very clear brain difference between the the two sexes?

Adam is savage by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The men who are most vocal about supporting trans rights are usually the biggest misogynists, they sympathise more with men who say they are women than they ever could with women, because they see women as accessories to male lives

Contacting companies that advertise on Reddit to let them know they are basically a misogynistic hate site. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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This is a great idea. I'm going to keep an eye out for advertisers then post them on twitter, publicly name-dropping the most vile rape-themed subreddit names. If we could get enough women on board this would be an epic fight-back. Although right now i can't bring myself to go on that misogynistic dumpster fire of a site

We need this showing up on Google for a gender critical search. So pardon me but here goes. by 100_percent_truth in GenderCritical

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Gender critical? Gender critical. TERF TERF Transgender detransition. What's a TERF? Who's a TERF? Where's TERF? What do TERFS believe? What's a radical feminist? Gender gender gender gender identity. Gender critical gendercritical Gender Critical subreddit

Do NOT Panic! by [deleted] in Lesbians

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That's because there is no porn on saidit

There's some censorship going on in the newly popular feminist subs and it needs to be openly addressed. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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This would be ideal, I don't want GC on /s/all, it's not a debate sub, it's a community for GC women. I hope the GC mods fix this soon

Was a lurker, now a poster... by sallytomato in GenderCritical

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Welcome aboard!

Today I realized that I am willing to lose my job and reputation over this. I will not be silenced. by yoperreosola in GenderCritical

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The anger has definitely been ramping up over recent weeks. So many women are are starting to speak up publicly because the balance of anger and self-preservation has started to tip.

Welcome to the new Gender Critical! by radfemanon in GenderCritical

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Will we be re-launching the Peak-trans threads?