gratitude to stereomatch by dogrescuersometimes in Ivermectin

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Rumours of me being a robot and a clone are grossly exaggerated but completely true.

Why not make the subreddit private, delete all the spam and tell users to come here to get invited to the private community? by ubervoid in Ivermectin

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Hi there. I'll level with you.

The reality is the sub was the sights for banning all along. This is a wider systemic issue with reddit and the powermods, the way public conscience is shaped, how health authorities selectively act on data, and then how this feeds back into the moderation of social media.

Long way of saying we're screwed either way. Taking a heavy moderation approach (I work full time) or making the sub private would make life more pleasant for all in the short term (this has easily been one of my worst weeks in recent memory). But because the reaction went too far and made the topic mainstream, a minority of people out of the loop but with curious minds stepped forward and asked questions. We had an opportunity to speak reasonably to those who would hear us out, to make people aware that early medical treatment is being denied and public discussion is under attack.

NNN moderated heavily and got quarantined and banned anyway.

The way events unfolded has very publicly exposed that the powermods are untouchable in the ecosystem of reddit. Reddit is effectively recruiting volunteer thugs to target areas it is afraid of addressing, turning a blind eye to enforcing its own rules where convenient, allows mobs to rule social media. The way many people have reacted to this - with laughter and derision - is illustrative of the world we live in.

For everyone here from the sub, I am deeply sorry this happened and that you had to endure such dreadful behaviour. Please find it in your heart to forgive us. We chose to stand by free speech that let the ugliness through, perhaps it was not the right choice, but I saw good come of it. I struggle to find hope at this moment that dissenting voices will be allowed to speak in public places, and whether there will be any vindication for the sake of those who would benefit from good medicine, but tomorrow is another day.