Reddit Still Hates Women by rattyreaper in Introductions

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The biggest mistake reddit made was not cracking down on the fundamentalist trans activists of /r/shitredditsays back in the early-mid 2010's when it started becoming a problem. It was a crossroads and reddit took the wrong path, probably because it seemed like less of a hassle at the time. The TRAs were somehow able to cozy up to reddit leadership and the rest is history. If the tide ever turns to the point where journalists find the courage to investigate this stuff, they should probably start with BardFinn.

Anyone else dislike the Saidit slogan? by Guts in SaidIt

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I like that explanation, and I guess it does have a better ring to it than "Share your knowledge."

Anyone else dislike the Saidit slogan? by Guts in SaidIt

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Thanks for the clarification. I probably could have used a clearer example (the Earth is round, not flat) but the water thing popped into my head for some reason.

Anyone else dislike the Saidit slogan? by Guts in SaidIt

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Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen molecules?

Another ban wave just happened. by EmptyCode in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Ah, I thought I'd stumbled upon gold when I found those comments months ago. Still, it's encouraging to learn that there are more people working to shine a light on this than I thought.

Another ban wave just happened. by EmptyCode in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Excellent post! Everyone needs to see this. Also, read these posts he made here 9 months ago:

Trump FINALLY Deploys Feds To Crush Crime Surge, New Polls Shows BLM Riots Lead To Trump Landslide by Tarrock in politics

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That second point is huge

Wtf is with all the antisemitism here? by aThievingStableboy in whatever

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People are just trying to figure out where the sudden anti-white media shift came from.

When did reddit jump the shark? by HauntingStomper in AskSaidIt

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When they started artificially boosting and suppressing submissions to “amplify marginalized voices.” Pictures, videos and stories that show black people in a positive light are artificially boosted to the front page, as are those that show white people as foolish or trashy. This was also the same time they created and artificially boosted subs like /r/whitepeopletwitter, /r/whitepeoplegifs etc. while large subs that mainly catered to white male tastes like /r/malefashionadvice were never seen on the front page again. My biggest regret is that I didn’t start screenshotting and documenting all this stuff in 2017. I’m hoping for a whistleblower or at least a journalist willing to investigate this phenomena.

Reddit’s culture was killed overnight. This is also the reason that culture at large is so bland and toxic right now.

To all the men already here by bananasaft in GenderCritical

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Psychologically-normal biological man, here. The trans movement has been a curse on us too, albeit for different reasons. They're pathologically obsessed with taking over our hobbies, organizations and online spaces and imposing their autistic interpretation of feminism. I feel like there should be some way for us to ally together on this issue, but I honestly can't think of how to get the ball rolling.

Instead of seeing your movement as the last gasp of something old, see it as the dawn of something new. by Aureus in politics

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It's nice to see a little positivity in the face of what's happening. I think this is definitely worth meditating on. I think a lot of left-leaning irreligious people like myself thought that decline of religion in Western culture would be a purely positive thing. Who would have anticipated that the void would be immediately filled by a new fundamentalist belief system masquerading as science. I like your nomad analogy. That's definitely how I feel politically these days as a "liberal" who refuses to tolerate the new political strategy of provoking hatred for white people, men, etc. to tap into new voting demographics.