Reality Check by Questionable in whatever

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How the fuck did she become a therapist? Or did she eat one and automatically become one?

The u/JasonCarswell vs u/socks drama by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Well the quality of this place is going down every damn day, if Jason is gone then I'd say this place is more or less done for, socks is a huge shill, I believe Jason's words that socks is a VERY HUGE shill, I've observed socks and I have to say the arguments are such garbage and yes Jason is emotional but from what I know he is an emotional person, it's going to be very sad to see Jason gone, but I'd say it's just TAM going on another banning spree. and hey, it's only what I think. After reading a bit more: How the fuck is Jason a pedo? Just because he connected with a person hella younger than him don't mean shit, people can talk about loads of topics no matter the age, albeit with some borders.

I am rich! by Gravi in whatever

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There was a Bitcoin! ......A chocolate one.

I think I got omicron by magnora7 in whatever

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Drink some Kvass, bread drink of strength, rest thy weary self and soul from all the madness of today's world, for it is we that shall move forwards above all pain.

Yes, I can see the test results here... by JasonCarswell in memes

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That's pure Judaism there.

The u/JasonCarswell vs u/socks drama by [deleted] in SaidIt

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The end is near, I can feel it, the tranny tyranny. Jokes aside I never really saw TAM as an administrator/moderator of the site.

Quadruple-vaccinated Israel breaks world record in coronavirus cases by AXXA in news

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Corona+Delta+Omicron by Questionable in conspiracy

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This looks like the conspiracy theories back in the day, but this one makes actual sense, the most amount of sense and isn't bullshit, but why would they bother to leave clues like this? Are they in such control they can start to make their appearance visible? If so, we're done for.

"Dear fellow straight white men" - check the last name. Nice try, Horowitz. by Chipit in politics

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This one seems a little undercooked, back in ya go.

What do you want for Christmas? by goobandit in AskSaidIt

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Perhaps something more meaningful than all the suffering I endure in a day to day basis, but at this point even an orange would suffice.

It's almost 70 cm! by Gravi in whatever

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B-but the big peepee is better - Redditors who actually cuck themselves to black men and think of them as supreme (yes those people exist, jesus fucking christ why do I know this)

Heart defects in babies being predicted. Guess what the excuse is. by Canbot in conspiracy

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Seems legit, climate change is the reason people aren't vaccinating too!

A Turkish Proverb. by Gravi in quotes

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If there's a hole, there's a way - Ancient Proverb.

Poll Reveals Shocking Number of Dems Would Incarcerate Unvaccinated Americans by JasonCarswell in politics

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Freedom is Slavery!

Poll Reveals Shocking Number of Dems Would Incarcerate Unvaccinated Americans by JasonCarswell in politics

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In a country that is supposed to be bastion of TRUE freedom you would get jailed for making a free choice, in a country that many people advocate for the freedom of one's body, what a fucking world, never change democrats, Never Change.

Merry Christmas saidit! by magnora7 in whatever

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Hoe Hoe and another HOE!

Trans-Identified Male Wins Suit to Use Women's Locker Rooms by jet199 in news

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What a lucky bastard!

My friends are all conspiracy theorist and I'm really struggling... by Orangutan in politics

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Arrr, all these lousy scallywags care about they wellbeing, I say more booty to plunder!

White Supremacists Stage Bizarro Rally in Downtown D.C., Find Themselves Stranded by ShalomEveryone in news

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Oh man, nothing else is as trustworthy as Yahoo news! They disabled comments so that no wrongthink is being spread in their safe-space.

Andy's crush died by jet199 in fatpeoplehate

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Fat pride? More like I am about to die pride.

Chat by Gravi in whatever

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Holy shit, you right, but 4 real where did you put it.

I got /r/BanSaidIt shut down ;D by MisterQ in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Redditors at it again, it's not rape.... sure.... by Gravi in MeanwhileOnReddit

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It's a warped reality that they live in, they're mentally deficient.

WTF did Joe do now? by P-38lightning in whatever

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Woah, shit is getting spicy!

Praise the Lord! by Gravi in funny

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The Lord and Savior, God himself, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

MSNBC really hopes you Forgot about this.... by Gravi in NotTheOnion

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Has no one here heard of bitchute, odysee, rumble, brighteon? Come on man! by rubberbiscuit in SaidIt

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Bitchute blocks some of the videos in my region, or channels to be exact and precise.

What are your New Year's resolutions? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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Honestly never really understood much of new year resolutions but I guess I can give it a shot. I wish to learn Linux, most presumably Ubuntu so I don't have to mess around with windows although most games will probably require windows. Filter out more toxic and unnecessary people in my life. Start reading books I have piled up. Cook and Brew more than ever before. Sharpen my debate skills. And possibly try to perfect or normalise my sleeping habits so I don't need over an hour to fall asleep. Yea, I SAIDIT!

Streamer banned for saying "Cracker" by Trab in debatealtright

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He got what he deserved, wannabe communist moron, if he really wants communism, why doesn't he go to Cuba or something, wait in breadlines, wear the same clothes that everyone else did? And by the way, crackers are a good snack!

How to make those pesky child abuse victims disappear, make it a trans identity by jet199 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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If there's a hole, there's a way.

Bull Milk by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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Misogyny - a human problem, how the fuck does one connect it to an animal? Jesus fucking christ with a crispy iguana stick these people would go into a rage if you said your pet rock is named Carl.

Redditinaction by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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I bet a white person posted this, why do so many people hate themselves unconditionally?

2021-12-02 by JasonCarswell in whatever

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Ewww, who the fuck uses this as a date format? DD:MM:YYYY forever!

It's almost 70 cm! by Gravi in whatever

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This should be 100% edible, either way we cook them in pancakes or just make them into a mix of things that can be kept in jars for a long time like a mini soup but kinda acidic.

No Vax, No Food/Fuel in India - Food Withheld to Force Vaccinations by Optimus85 in Tyranny

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Gonna take a good while to starve me, am big!

What are you bringing to the Saidit community potluck? by goobandit in AskSaidIt

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The New CEO of Twitter by Tarrock in politics

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What a fucking echo chamber of morons.

Reject modernity, return to Web 1.0 by Chipit in memes

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Yeah, I remember when I did not have to click accept cookies or manage cookies, holy shit were those better days and sites weren't as awful as they are today with the bland looks and captchas.

Men’s meat-heavy diets cause 40% more climate emissions than women’s by jet199 in environment

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You drive a car - emissions , you use public transport - emissions, you use electronics - emissions, you eat - emissions, you live - emissions, basically the climate emission agenda is for you to kill yourself or stop doing anything you love, FUCK YOU I SAY, BIG FUCK YOU, I WILL EAT MY MEAT.

Circle of Covid by Tarrock in politics

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A couple more of these cycles and we'll have new authoritarian or totalitarian governments!

Slovenian Vaccine Scandal by JasonCarswell in conspiracy

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Good shit, I bet all the vaccine sheep are going wild over this or will go when they see it, a medical professional called out bs and I bet they still will say, ShE's nOt aN ExPeRt!

Me. Every. Single. Day... by JasonCarswell in memes

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Am more like we're fucked and that's it, but I try to enjoy what life and the world still has to offer.