Chipit reported me to the mods for calling him a 'poopyface' by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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To be fair, you are a poopyface.

Truth is an absolute defense

Amber Turd

Microsoft Word by [deleted] in funny

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MS Word is the Democratic Party of software. Its been failing since as long as we can remeber but people still use it.

Whitepeopletwitter embraces the echo chamber by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Whitepeoplerwitter isn't embracing the echo chamber... it is the echo chamber. I got banned for posting a tweet of a video of Joe Biden sexually assaulting a child in public. No commentary. You could watch the video for yourself and draw your own conclusion. Banned. I asked why and they muted me.

What's your most often used password, nibbas? by yellabit in AskSaidIt

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Is .45 Colt round from a 3 inch barrel a good suicide setup? by GhislaineMaxwell in AskSaidIt

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I don't want to be one of those guys who blows his face off but doesn't die.

what religion is the dumbest? by yelgy in AskSaidIt

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Judaism is around for 2000 years. But, it's hard and requires that people put forth an effort. So, Along comes hedonists in the 3rd century CE who create a cult around some nazerine named yeshuah, and meged his story with pagan mythology to make it easier and more accessible. Ok. Fine.

But then, 300 years later, the savage desert nomads decide that they also want the Jewish God, so they're like, oh wait, let's have version 3 wherein God says, all the previous stuff sucks and here's a new set of rules. By the way, kill the people who don't agree with this.

Pretty fucking stupid.

Circumcision should be illegal by yabbit in whatever

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When you become a powerful man, rather than a little boy, you can make it illegal. But, for now, you're too weak and impotent for your opinion to matter. Oh, poor you.

Offshore leak exposes finances of Ghislaine Maxwell’s family | Miami Herald by doginventer in conspiracy

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Oh no!