YALL inkelrs are RACIST MIGOGYNIST and THAT is why you virgin! by [deleted] in Incels

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One of the most brutal moggings in recent human history by GMIHW in Incels

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Chico is 6'3", this dude is under his shoulder level which means he is about 5'5 or shorter. Ogre.

help for cosmetic surgery by [deleted] in Incels

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First point is a fair observation. Second one is the entire point of the post. Young white woman deserves more even though her story is superficial as fuck, but a legitimate cause for concern like a man who got roasted half to death now causes people to speculate?

r/depressedvirgins has been banned so they created r/degins by Doricel in Incels

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Stockholme Syndromecels

(F) am i the asshole for wanting complements and flirts from other guys. I am married and have kids with a superbasketball player 6'3 height. Nothing wrong with marriage just want to feel wanted by Riceand420 in Incels

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You look like a chipmunk, lose some weight fat entitled bitch

the current state of saidit by mrchoco4 in Incels

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My fellow gamers, NOW IS THE TIME. RISE UP 😤😤😤

When you thought you found the new home base but found racism and antisemitism instead by RabbitAtLeisuredPace in Incels

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Any time you leave the 'safety' of a platform like Reddit where they do not allow certain types of speech to thrive, you will find those types of speech cropping up. Just voice your counter opinion against shit you will inevitably see here like racism etc. and you will notice most of us aren't coping along with that nonsense either.

Good morning this is what it thinks of femcels by Riceand420 in Incels

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woman good


Based admin, based mod by [deleted] in Incels

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We are actually safe here, holy shit. This needs to be posted on Reddit to make the soycels there aware of this.

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than using Reddit. by FailedSpecies in Incels

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Celouts is banned... by Riceand420 in Incels

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JBW has a very off atmosphere. It feels like an AsianMasculinity sub tbh.

Celouts is banned... by Riceand420 in Incels

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F. The era of Redditcels has come to a close.

You guys like the new upvote and downvote icons? I'm open to suggestions by [deleted] in Incels

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The problem is the site seems to not really have a downvote feature. You can click both the "pills" and have both votes active on the same post. Also, if you are in day mode is shows as "Insightful" for upvotes and "Fun" for downvotes. I don't know if this can be changed but as it stands the voting feature is not like Reddit.

Ub2 be like by [deleted] in Incels

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Not LARP, look at the broken English lmao. That's UB2 alright