Jordan Peterson interviews Stella Assange (Wife of Julian Assange) by sproketboy in news

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Assange is a prime example of a political prisoner. So, the claim of western countries that they don't have political prisoners is a lie.

Microsoft is Trying to Eliminate POP3 and IMAP for E-mail by TheRealPanzer in technology

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Given that Google and other large email providers no longer accept email from anyone other than large email providers and small email servers are completely blocked, the email protocol has already been subverted. So, it really does not matter what the big companaies do to the email protocol now, since no one else can use it anyway.

How Instacart Makes Money? by Echoinnovate_IT in technology

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This really does not provide any useful information.

Thank you for creating by SlumSparrow in SaidIt

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We can go from 177 users to 10 in a blink of an eye.

Can Saidit also go from 10 to 177 users in the blink of an eye?

A reason why every site should move past passwords: Kiwi Farms hack. by x0x7 in technology

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The solution is not to get rid of passwords. It is for people who run websites to pay attention to security. For example, I run a small social media site. On my site, users' passwords are stored 256-bit encrypted with a long salt. So, even I can't decrypt them. If they are stolen, it isn't really a big deal, because all the thief has is gibberish. I also do not ask users for ANY private information, so there is nothing else on my server that a thief might want. Josh Moon seems to me to be too smart to store passwords unencrypted on his site, so I hope you just misinterpreted what he was saying.

By the way, I have been following the drama surrounding Kiwi Farms, and it is a fascinating illustration of the current state of free speech on the Internet.

With the recent close of kiwifarms and 8kun, where is the next "cool kids club" going to be? by arcopegasole in AskSaidIt

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Tor is so slow these days that using it to read posts on a social network would be a nightmare.

Can someone explain what Kiwi Farms was? by HiddenFox in AskSaidIt

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What country is Josh Moon currently living in?