Consoom porn by Extract in ConsumeProduct

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People are hooked on getting off like junkies to a needle nowadays.

Consume Card Sets, Get Exited For New Card Sets by Extract in ConsumeProduct

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I think I'd rather be a butt plug given a choice between the two.

CONSUME REDDIT PROPAGANDA by Freeman in ConsumeProduct

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CEO of reddit, and thanks mate.

Doomers on Reddit just died. Any refugees here? by StevensJones in doomers

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Refugee no. 7 checking in, maybe a bit late but nevertheless here.

r/ConsumeProduct was good, s/ConsumeProduct will be great. by Freeman in ConsumeProduct

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Good point, I'll do my best to spread the good word.

Social Credit Scores Are Already Here by scrubking in politics

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I don't remember accepting the role, but I'm expecting a fat check for the Black Mirror episode I'm currently in.

Here some subreddit ban on Reddit after they announced new Content Policy by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Fuck they got bigchungus

Well, this sucks by David_Allen_Cope in Incels

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Considering we just saw a major purge on Reddit, here is a list of my sources for news and information [Video & audio discussing them and links in description] by salvia_d in WorldPolitics

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Thank you OP, this is a very useful list.

Friendly reminder that the left is full of disgusting degenerates by ASLcoalition in ConsumeProduct

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Whoa whoa whoa, is this guy a fucking Nazi????!!!

Within 1 hour, Reddit banned 2000 subs-almost all right wing, Twitch banned Trump's account, Youtube banned Stefan Molyneux, Twitter banned Sidney Powell, and the MSM all had long ass articles ready to go to praise it. THIS IS ELECTION MEDDLING. Contact your state reps and demand something be done. by Tarrock in politics

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Great post, they get some sick perverted pleasure out of jamming their shitty ideals down their consumer's throats. It is indeed election meddling, regardless of where you lean, you should demand this etiquette be expelled from organizations with such influence.

Reddit CEO Is LYING About Banning The Donald Subreddit, New Rules Allows Anti Women Posts?? [Tim Pool] by zyxzevn in MeanwhileOnReddit

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He is living in his own made-up world where he wears excuses woven from lies that shield him from any potential criticism or critique; and anyone who does might as well be a Nazi sympathizer. It's really more sad than anything, to be honest.