Tips & tricks to get the most out of saidit by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Ah okay, good to know.

Has anyone lost faith in humanity? (Vent) by Jesus-Christ in ChattyKathys

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I haven't lost faith in humanity because I think in grey.

There are bad people but negative actions stand out a lot more than positive actions. People never even think about the neutral actions.

When is the last time you said to yourself, "Hey, that guy is just minding his business going about his day making an honest living?" vs. "Wow, what an asshole!"

Neutral behavior doesn't excite or attract attention.

Therefore I've made it a point not to pay any mind to the assholes when out in public but instead I focus on the people just going about their day, being considerate, rather than focusing on those who are throwing tantrums or making it harder on others.

There are a lot of people who make life harder but if the majority of people were those kinds of people the day-to-day would be chaotic. However, it's mostly peaceful with some chaos sprinkled in vs. mostly chaotic with peace sprinkled in.

Tips & tricks to get the most out of saidit by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Can reddit take legal action against this website for being so similar? I'd hate for it to become a proper competitor and then get slammed with legalities.