⁣Nashville, TN Explosion - Audio Reversed in Video Editor Live by FleaTheKEY in conspiracy

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In response to this thread here: https://saidit.net/s/conspiracy/comments/72b5/nashville_tn_explosion_audiovideo_in_reverse/

Further proof there was no video magic here. Just downloaded original clip and reversed.

Nashville, TN Explosion (AUDIO/VIDEO IN REVERSE) by FleaTheKEY in conspiracy

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Download the original audio and try it yourself.

Put it into your favorite video editor software and reverse it. I didn't believe it either until I tried it.

Here's the video reversed in iMovie:


Twitch Bans Use of Words 'Simp,' 'Incel,' and 'Virgin' by FleaTheKEY in Gaming

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Human psychology 101. Try to force your beliefs/rules upon someone, the people will break those rules beliefs even more out off spite.

Georgia Teen Who Broke Quarantine To Attend Boyfriend’s Jet-Ski Race Gets Prison by FleaTheKEY in news

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Her "mistake" was trying to live life during a 97% survival rate "pandemic"

Fox News and Newsmax, facing lawsuits, walk back wild fraud claims about voting-machine companies by FleaTheKEY in news

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Always trying to red bill IRL friends. No brother or sister left behind.

Twitter is shutting down Periscope by FleaTheKEY in technology

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Hmm that's interesting. Seems a bit silly to not even try to have the platforms take off though.

I'm leaning more toward they tried to set up 2 platforms and failed.

OC Sheriff Refuses to Release 1,800 Dangerous Inmates – Including Murderers and Child Molesters – After Judge’s Order by FleaTheKEY in news

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Not unless if California leaders all work for China. Then he'd be risking his families lives.