I invite your gut reactions to something I'm working on. by ApocalypseFatigue in C_S_T

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What are you working on? The analogy itself? I definitely think you are on to something, but I'm not sure where you would go from here.

People get upset about Nestle because they claim having water isn't a basic right. Why don't people get upset about the government and banks doing the same thing to land? by Vaxthrul in C_S_T

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Good point. Personally land feels like lifeblood to me, but for someone living in a dense urban environment its not important.

"Carl Munck - The Code" is an amazing documentary by a US Army Veteran about Archaeocryptography and the hidden past, it is a Must Watch! by Dragusha in conspiracy

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A lot of his conclusions make no sense. He acts like numbers match when thet clearly dont. The actual slides often dont support the words he says.

Some of it is interesting though. Perhaps he is too smart to explain himself, but i paid close attention and a lot of it literally doesn't make sense.

The latest AI can work things out without being taught by muad_dib in technology

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I love this, but I think it is being sensationalized. They still programmed the rules into the AI. This story makes it sound like the AI picked up the game and figured out how to play. That is way, way harder than figuring out how to win a strategy game. Still amazing though.