Twitter Censors Photos of Goya Beans as “Potentially Sensitive Content” Because CEO Supports Trump by scrubking in politics

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Two poisonous branches of the same Jewish tree.

Private security guards shoot african pirates by Racist in WatchPeopleDie

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They're worse off in the dark than the large ship is. No night vision, unseen seas, no radar, just the lights of the cargo ship to guide them. The cargo ship likely has radar, flood lights, and all other sorts of tricks, maybe even night vision devices for some security.

Riding a c90 through Iran - if you havn't seen this video you will love it. :D by swordofdamocles42 in videos

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This guy has a series of him and his ex riding pretty much around the world on C90's. - Exploding tire kills the mechanic working on the truck by oozinator1 in WatchPeopleDie

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Probably a split rim wheel, aka a widow maker.

Are you ready for Winter? How do you stay warm? How's the wood pile looking? by [deleted] in 200acres

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I'm hooked up to municipal natural gas, pretty simple, all I have to do is replace the filter once a year with a Nordic Pure filter.

Canning The Harvest by [deleted] in 200acres

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It looks like ball jars of tomato sauce of some sort.