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Oh certainly, general degeneracy, organized stupidity, and government ineptitude to levels that will train wreck any type of globalist conspiracy to absolutely insanely levels. Man plans, and the Gods laugh..

If some clowns in one or more governments, and their industry puppet masters thought it was cute to let loose a nasty African outback virus and maybe thin the heard, and/or use the crisis to try and restructure society, they already walked into a nasty nasty surprise. :D

Governments or other organizations who think they rule the world, are sort of like hookworms who think they run the intestinal tract, or the animal its inside of. Then the animal eats something nasty, and they all get blasted out. ;P As has happened before, will happen again and again..

Schizophrenics, and various mental ill people have always been good prophets because they sort of pick up the scattered streams of consciousness of everyone out there, and whatever guiding spirits and forces guide them. So in the chaotic mass of madness, you can sometimes see some interesting trends.

The trend of a rural vacation home that turns into a doomsday bunker, or a fallback in case of economic failure, breakdown of society was always kind of a laugh going back to the 1920s. if not far before. Then they started turning into multi-generational communities, now and again they'd end up being sort of vacation towns, religious retreats, and semi-independent communities, private university towns.

If you're bored enough you can probably find one to your taste. These end up being the reserves of civilization when the primary civilizations collapse. Sturgis, Rapid City, Black Hills region is probably a good example. Fun to visit, but year round, there's just no damned reason to be up there. Unless you're a native on the rez, a farmer, work at the military bases around there, or maintain regional infrastructure, pipelines.

New Mexico interestingly enough has the remains of many, many reserve civilizations going back 16-18 thousand years, possibly even longer. It's not the best place, but you can generally get by if you live modestly.

The best and brightest though, typically go where the action is, down into the big cities to make their fortunes, prop up kings, and various regimes. Those people of course send money and resources back home, no matter what hopeless backwater it might be. Central Spain, Macedonia, the Pyrenees, etc.

Living there though.. That's always the trick, people think they can live in Babylon and go back to the farm country. For a time its true. But not many pull it off, boredom gets you. Then you get sucked back into the bigger and bigger cities. And when the big one really hits, bye bye! lol!

SaidIt Survey: Ban /u/socks and /u/ActuallyNot or keep them around? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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Don't see why not, it'll at least keep the crickets entertained. ;)

SaidIt Survey: Ban /u/socks and /u/ActuallyNot or keep them around? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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Not so much.. It goes into why SaidIt is the way it is.. You need a certain amount of regular posters, people who keep shit going. And with the Reddit diaspora onto new platforms, a lot of your regular lunatic fringe on here, and other established forums have gone to the 4 winds.

So when the place was packed to the gills with Reddit refugees and busy as it got, sure, enforce the rules, keep the peace. But now.

The dynamics are more about keeping the lights on, and at least keeping enough traffic going to maintain interest. Which means your regulars, loonies included, are going to have more free reign. If you clamp down too hard, then people just keep siphoning out onto other forums where they can go wild.

Dream up crazy Q conspiracies, take their ivermectin, rub themselves in colloidal silver cream until they turn blue grey, or whatever. :D Not as much of that going around on here as maybe a year or two ago. Which is good and bad. Bad because with them gone, you can start to hear the crickets chirping in the background. lol!

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lol! I've known more than a few types in the white nationalist movements, neo-nazis, kkk sheetheads, you name it..

The ones not cycling back and forth between prison and dealing dope, weapons, stolen shit, scamming.. Those are you "idealists" who build up a group of like minded people, drink beer, have cookouts, and talk shit with their friends.. Maybe they'll gown up, burn a cross out in a field once in a blue moon, but generally not. A regular bonfire, if everyone knows the meaning of it, and the occasion. Just as good, and no asshole around with a cell phone is gonna try and rat you out to the FBI.

For the most part, any group donning any kind of "colors" be it special uniforms, patches, jackets, whatever, and actively recruiting is going to lure in all the wrong kinds of people. Mainly informants, but now and again they'll get interest from the DEA, FBI, or whatever.

Some people, they have to parade that shit around, it's part of the low culture they grew up in, and you'll never teach them sense.

Other groups.. They're into community building. Maybe they decide, ok, this part of Utah, this part of Western Nebraska, this town in Idaho, this region in XYZ is ripe for development, lacking in talent and skilled labor. Land is cheap, the local ideology is about right. We can move a bunch of people there from out of the big cities, do our thing, build our churches, have our circle of friends, beliefs, and nobody is gonna bother us. Because we're in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Twenty-thirty years later.. Black people come to town, Cambodians, Somali muslims, weird ethnics nosing around, weird California liberal loons. Everyone in town is very polite, does what they can to make sure those people get what they need, gas, food, basic shopping, and get on back out of town. Someone who's an undesirable comes to town, and wants to move there, you can feel the freeze settle over the place. ;)

As for the prison white nationalists, whatever whatever.. About the same as black islam in prison. It's all a thin veneer of bullshit. When they get into the outside world, they're back to hustling. And if there's money in it, they'll buy and sell from whatever color they need to. It's all one big Rainbow Coalition of Crime.. Ideology is more or less last place when it comes to making money, maintaining cohesion and leadership of the gang, and keeping the status quo. If they're buying 500 grams of Fent made with Chinese chemicals brew up by black mexican drug chemists, brought over by Haitian mules, cut up and mixed by White Nationalists, and then resold and distributed to mid level dealers across half the country.. Who cares? If it's killing millions of white addicts, oh well.. Money's money..

SaidIt Survey: Ban /u/socks and /u/ActuallyNot or keep them around? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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Respond to them with gangster rap quotes, or that early lefty commie rap like Public Enemy. :D

Cruisin' down the street in my '64 Jockin' the freaks, clockin' the dough Went to the park to get the scoop Knuckleheads out there cold-shootin' some hoops A car pulls up, who can it be? A fresh El Camino rollin', Kilo G He rolls down his window and he started to say "It's all about makin' that GTA" 'Cause the boys in the hood are always hard You come talkin' that trash, we'll pull your card Knowin' nothin' in life, but to be legit Don't quote me, boy, 'cause I ain't said shit

You gotta Raise the roof because it's all on fire Not done by the sun or electrical wire Not done by sons stricking matches with daughters But done by scratches so save that water This jam is packed so I just figure All we need is the house to get bigger So startin' with the roof down to the base We're at your service to burn the place

Come on Come on Come on Raise the roof That's right Raise the roof Come on

With the spot as hot as it can get An' the roof's on fire - you're soaked and wet The puzzle on your face shows as you sweat But your body keeps movin' with no regrets Chandeliers shake, swing from front to back Left to right all night - and the lights don't crack Your minds on the time - hopin' it don't end Cause it's time to get stupid - here we go again

And maybe even something to really bend their minds. :D

“true brotherhood I had seen in the Holy World had influenced me to recognize that anger can blind human vision. Every free moment I could find, I did a lot of talking to key people whom I knew around Harlem, and I made a lot of speeches, saying: “True Islam taught me that it takes all of the religious, political, economic, psychological, and racial ingredients, or characteristics, to make the Human Family and the Human Society complete. “Since I learned the truth in Mecca, my dearest friends have come to include all kinds—some Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics, and even atheists! I have friends who are called Capitalists, Socialists, and Communists! Some of my friends are moderates, conservatives, extremists” ― Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X

SaidIt Survey: Ban /u/socks and /u/ActuallyNot or keep them around? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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Most of the hardcore loonies are over on the dot Win communities rabble rousing with the other rabble, or hanging out on Gab carrying on about adrenochrome sucking Illuminati vampires, or whatever.

Honestly though, if there was anything to the adrenochrome bullshit, I'd have Illuminati cultists lined up outside my door every morning offering me Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, the best donuts in town, and wads of cash for a jug of piss. Instead of waiting around for a plague to end so I can have my pheochromocytomas sliced out.

Or better yet, said cultists could pay me Billions, to have such transplanted into their own hides. :D Then they could commune with Lord Set, Papa Legba, Baal, or whoever the hell Illuminati are supposed to be communing with. lol!

Five years ago, at about this moment, Hillary Clinton was chucked into a van like a side of beef. by Tarrock in politics

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Heatstroke/heat exhaustion. When people get overheated, dehydrated, they just topple like dominoes.

Not much you can do with em, get laid down somewhere, cool em off, rehydrate, etc.

If you haven't noticed, reddit slowly rolled out yet another censorship tool for mods, and its called "Crowd Control" by Orangutan in MeanwhileOnReddit

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It was the fact that mostly women in the school environment could just not deal with typical boy behavior. They had to be medicated, feminized, made into something they weren't because teachers were incompetent. No wonder they ended up as trannies when the school system was trying to make them into girls all along..

Reason did a series of articles about this trend back in the 90s. Ancient history now.

Science Can’t Keep Up With Virus, Creating Worry. Anecdotes tell us what the data can’t: Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. And now, there’s growing concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought. by Orangutan in news

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Yep, Darwin awards are being handed out at a record pace.

The 3% number is kind of baked into the DNA of the general population. Poor IRF3/7 encoding, means these people are just broken in terms of being able to be vaccinated.. Still, the vax improves their odds to about 50/50%, and the mRNA delivery system was there to help a much much larger population who have poor acquired immunity, call it the 30% who eventually go down from cancer escapes.

There's a cool poster that shows the crazy ass rube goldberg system of how the immune system works. Probably useless for the average person who feel asleep in high school Human Bio, but it looks cool.

Man Provides DNA Proof Ilhan Omar Married Brother & FBI Arrests Him (6:47) ~ Salty Cracker by JasonCarswell in politics

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True or not, it's funny as fuck. :D

So, I just redpilled my very liberal 89 year old mom on transgenderism by [deleted] in SuperStraight

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lol! Adam's apple reduction is a simple inpatient surgical process. Takes maybe 20-30 minutes, local anesthetic.

But for patients who can't STFU, they put em under. :D

Afghan "Refugee" Flight Overwhelmingly Filled With Fighting-Age Males by scrubking in politics

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Bad news for them, they're being set up with cheap section 8 housing in Flint, Michigan. ;)

Good news is, they already know to duck and cover when the gunfire erupts. :D

Also good news, people like them have been there for over a decade. lol!

"Wisconsin has just canceled 205,000 voter registrations because they say they could not find the voters. Why did they wait until AFTER the election? Would this mean that we would have won Wisconsin? Congratulations!' - President Donald J. Trump by skeeter in politics

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lol! When I lived in Michigan I got THREE voter registrations, I just used the one with the right spelling, but noticed the mis-spellings were on the registration rolls for well over 5 years. :D Tempting to try and use them all, but nah... Then moved to another city which was a college town there, and they were a little nuts over double dipping. The people manning the polls would check maybe 1 in 5 for valid ID, and even call it in to verify you were really real. This was in the 90s, crazy shit.

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Part of being an apex predator, is the instincts not to get killed or eaten by something. ;)

I want magnora7 back by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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A honeypot for what exactly? Those guilty of giving their oil change place 1 star reviews? :D That's not really illegal, and 70% of the time is probably justified. ;P

As for finding hate groups, also not hard. Finding assholes who work for the government and participated in the Capitol Riot? Just recently pointed some friends in the business to the old BCUSA site. That place was fucking Jackpot Central when it came to scraping photos, and pulling out blurbs that would set up red flags.

And BCUSA is old old old news. Its just that when it was at its peak, nobody was worried about those people anymore, they were looking for muslim terrorists. So it was assumed, most of the key players had boiled off to other forums, found more fertile ground and that's probably true. They might do "something" in the future. But not this particular event, which was a feat of mass stupidity. And for mass stupidly, BCUSA was the nah, can't still be, but lets see anyway. lol!

Someone joked that if I got my usual compensation off the books in gift cards, I could pretty much now afford to live at Starbucks for the next 3 months. ;)

You really wanna hit the gold mine, I suppose the NSA could start trolling through any IM client or IRC forum over 15 years old. Of course, the NSA hasn't really done that since the 90s. Patriot 1 and 2 set up the infrastructure for that to be done under various homeland security apparatus. Hell, if you suspect one of em sold their friends a bottle of vicodin across state lines, you could have the DEA do it. ;)

I want magnora7 back by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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lol! It's dead EASY identifying crazy users, personality disorders, and a million other things. Word frequency, mis-spellings, mis-keyings, can indicate intoxication, brain damage, epilepsy, dementia, lots of cool things.

But, most of that is trend analysis by machine for bulk data.

Getting into if someone is just popping off from too many red bulls mixed with gin, doing a few too many rails, easy enough. Generally nobody cares too much about all that. The thing to look for though are signs of potential suicide, or someone crossing a line and going not simply on a sporadic homicidal rager, but into a hellbent determination of LEADING a bunch of others into some hellbent, actively organized campaign of violence.

And that still takes a human mind. You can read a lot of these nutter manifestos Brevik, Kazinsky, lots of less known ones like the Maine Dirty Bomber, and various ones where nothing was known until someone got a lucky shot and turned off someone in the middle of a spree killing. Crack open the SMS exchanges going through the network bit buckets, see any last words, emails, audio notes to self, whatever.

Of course, every person is going to have their own little handbook of say, top 9 questions to ask a future nutter. Kind of a Turing test to see if the normal Human mind has shut off, and the Murder Robot has taken over their wetware. Biggest thing I noticed is, these people are beyond care, all that shit that got them down, its gone now. Just listen to the Killdozer guy carry on.

They've got a plan, they've met their version of Jesus, been to the mountain top, and they've got their Ode to Joy moment as the plan is coming together, and one way or another, their whole screwed up world is going to be finally over.

However, its similar, but very different to those who're more on a messianic trip, or at least non-violent at that point. They've toiled most of their life, rolled the boulder up the hill, and fuck it, their bodies are done, its someone else's fucking turn. Enjoy guys! ;)

I want magnora7 back by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Tech weenie burnout most likely. Even as OCD as some people are, some mornings/afternoons you wake up, look at everything, figure yeah, there's about 6 hours of work, and I got assholes e-mailing me, texting me, nah.. Not doing it anymore, fuck it. All these people can just fucking get a life, go outside, yell at the fucking squirrels, something that's not THIS for a change.

Once that line is crossed, there's no going back.

/r/MGTOW banned by Vulptex in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yes, I know, younger guys these days are pretty wimpy. As such I think the US Military needs to start looking into drafting women. Particularly for this next big war in Iran that seems to be on the horizon. :D And I'm not the only one, not by far. ;)

Which begs the question, how many women facing a draft will suddenly end up getting knocked up just to avoid a deployment? Or do they inject these women with a norplant so they can't get knocked up until their draft status is expired? That'd be rich. lol!

US gov is paying American farmers to destroy vast quantities of food by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Sort of. The excess high protein corn is sold to Mexico, and this lowers the global corn prices. Beyond that, it's turned into ethanol, corn syrup, corn oil, and a number of other products. In the years when MOST of the corn and soybeans were put into biofuel and biodiesel to offset high petrol prices, there was a cascade effect where the higher grain prices caused problems in Mexico, and was the tipping point for the Arab Spring.

So it's kind of a knife edge balance on some of the grain distribution.

Facebook is now claiming official links are "False Information".. unbelievable by scrubking in censorship

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Well, the big issue is, this piddly little plague shows how interconnected everything is, and how fast it all can get out control.

The mRNA vaccine has quite a bit of trials, usually on stage 3-4 cancer patients that are too jacked up and weak for even a minor surgery. However.. You expect a certain amount of people to die, you expect a certain amount to have blood clots, get sick for a few days, etc. If it's less than 1 out of 10,000 who die or get messed up, pretty good results, better than you can expect.

Only problem is, persistence. You wanna give enough of a dose to prompt a reaction, but not so much you have a full blown cytokine storm on the first stick. For chemo, you can go lower doses, because someone is getting treatments monthly, quarterly, whatever. And if too many to feeling like they had a three day bout of food poisoning, or a bad gin hangover, it's gonna scare off the wimps.

Now why push to vaccinate everyone when only 10-20% have the bad DNA where covid can just ravage the shit out of em? Because you never know what 20%, and you sure as hell aren't going to PCR 7 billion people on short notice to find a bunch of poorly known SNP there's been maybe a few casual genetic studies on. And you can never be sure the virus won't find a better way to latch in and rip people up. Finally, the US medical system is fucked. You got even 1% of the population the hospital, with a contagious disease, everything goes DEAD STOP.

And it did. Cancer patients, cardiac patients, people with kidney disease, 600,000 covid patients died, 1.2 million generally sickly people died, because they couldn't get near a hospital without dying from something on top of their already messed up condition.

In the old days, you had all these sanitariums with capacity where you could park people if there was a flu outbreak, TB outbreak, or some other damned thing. Those places were abandoned or torn down in the 80s and even up to current day. You might have been able to reactivate some military bases, use some national guard armories, old schools, who knows. But, didn't get to that point. Not yet.

The outbreaks didn't hit the big cities that bad, not compared to the rural areas where you just don't have huge outbreaks. People are spread out, they're not packed in.. But, they all hang out at the local watering holes, hang out eating pie and coffee 2 hours while yammering away, the breakfast places/greasy spoons, you've got a bunch of common choke points. And also most of the rural hospitals got closed down, or shaved down to treat basic trauma, and nothing else. You got other problems, oh, best go to Des Moines, Waterlooo, Iowa City..

And people tend not to run to the hospital for every little thing either. Cut open your arm? Meh, learned how to stitch that shit up in the army as a med tech.. Where's the cotton thread and the betadyne? And the factories, meat packers, tons and tons of people all crammed together. All with highly variable levels of immunity.. Places like Storm Lake, you have 2000 workers from latin america, all working on the line, shoulder to shoulder, tough people with immune systems like norway rats. The guy with the clipboard comes out, noses around, someone sneezes, and the guy is in the hospital, along with a third of the office jockeys.

CDC goes out, 100% of the people on the line have fucking covid, 100% asymptomatic. And that's the point they knew they were just out and out fucked. lol! Healthy people could run around, no problem. Feel a little shitty, maybe some blood vessel ruptures, a few dry coughs, oh well. They go to work in the nursing home, are working there 12-14 hours a day, and spread it to every damned one of the people at deaths door.

Three weeks later they're sneaking people out the back door. And it's a complete shit show. Someone tests positive for covid, they park em in a waiting area. Ambulance shows up so they can get into hospice, ambulance says, "Oh fuck no! We're not set up for covid yet!" and they fucking bail. Tripoli, Iowa was about to get a nasty nasty wakeup call. They shut the local school for cleaning, for all of three days. The general population was testing at something like 30% positive for covid, and it had a 3 week incubation period. It wasn't an outbreak of norovirus. :D

The other problem with the flyovers is, the young and healthy people take off for the east and west coasts, down to Texas, the bigger cities, etc. So the only people left behind are skewing way way older then the average. The people running these towns are in their late 50s-70s. Older teachers, older medical staff, etc. Its a place people go when they're just not up to the rat race, houses and rents are cheap, so when you retire, you get more bang for your buck.

And the die-offs were just crazy. The governors try to game the numbers, but all you have to do is look at the obituary frequency in the papers. You've got 300-500% more dieoff. The good news is, nobody is worried about social security solvency anymore. :D Bad news is, the positions these people vacated, it took forever to get a qualified person in there a lot of the time.

Look for Pella windows quality to go completely to shit for a while. ;) Good news is they can poach people from Omega, Geld-Wen, and a few of their low rent competitors. Really bad news is, if you got by with Omega Cabinets, and Jeld-Wen windows before with fair luck, their products are now complete basket cases. :D Semi-good news, if you're a sketchy slum lord, and know someone in the factories, you got a line on just loads and loads of defected products people are selling to employees, who shamelessly resell them by the truckload to other people. ;)

One might wonder how Lennox is doing there... Well, their factory got nuked by an F3 tornado, but it was the buildings full of old equipment. So they now have a new factory floor, new equipment. And very very high demand for Air Con units. Bad news is, covid eroded their base of their most experienced QA people and trainers. Don't lose your warranty paperwork. :D But it should be ok, they're normally a pretty tight ship.

So, this little microcosm with the covid thing, its being repeated all over. The effect is what some called "being nibbled by ducks", not huge death waves where you might expect, but its all the places people forgot where the problems are happening. Indian Reservations, small towns, small cities, the guys in the back office of some insurance company who kept everything running. You're getting BIG hits on institutional knowledge in thousands of little industries, small businesses, you name it.

This next spike, if its like the UK, it's gonna burn through the vulnerable ones who mostly hid out in the previous 4 bumps. Good news is, medical people have a better handle on how to treat this. Bad news is, A LOT of people just got fucking burned out. Like my cousin who was working a covid ward for doing on 7 months. Switched jobs, now works at the state loonie bin. And got covid a month into working there. lol! She's alright, 3 weeks off, some of em feeling kinda pukey and wrecked, a week back on, then her teen daughter got covid.. So she had to stay home another 3 weeks. The boredom probably drove her to clean and reorganize every millimeter of her house 20 times. :D

And a bit after this, she found out her son in the Navy got married, and the woman is pregnant with his kid, and has two other kids from a previous relationship. :D So she's soon to be called "Granny", and barely into her 40s even. lol!

So, in spite of the chaos, some shit never changes. But, we'll see in the next 6 weeks how hard those central states get hammered.

Facebook is now claiming official links are "False Information".. unbelievable by scrubking in censorship

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In those cases the information off the vaccine just doesn't encode. Nor from the virus. Obviously there must be some routes where their immune system works or they'd be long dead.

Anyway, the IRF3/IRF7 factors were discovered when looking at why people vaccinated for the flu were just outright dying like nothing ever happened. Back in 2009 or something. Which is why the push for mass vaccinations. The smaller the remaining pockets of covid, and unimmunized, the longer these people have for some Jimmy Neutron out there to dream up a hack to keep them from going extinct.

Which sounds silly, like the vaccination push for meningitis when only maybe 4 out of 10,000 can get lethal effects from it. You just breed more potential culls into each generation. Similar story with HPV, only 1 in 10 really ever develop cervical cancer, prostate cancer, oral cancers, etc related to it.

But, with covid, first you has SARS which was a kind of laughable little thing. It only affect a niche population. Then MERS came around, it killed 50%, but was geographically limited, and relied on camels to do most of the incubation and zoonotic transmission. SARS-COV2 comes around, and its like an evil hybrid between the two, more death, more transmissability, weird weird ass attacks on mitochondria. To the point where the metabolic malfunction is pumping super-oxides into people who should be dying from hypoxia.

That's just so seriously seriously fucked. But, 10-15 years from now, that might be a hack that flight surgeons can use, and probably technical divers.

Anyway, the wrong roll of the dice, and we get a high transmissability MERS, which makes it probably a REALLY GOOD IDEA for the scientists to figure this out while the virus is quasi tame, and only inflicting WW2 level casualties.

And honestly, I hoped I was legit going prophet of doom on you. But, most of the scientific papers out in Nov 2019, Jan 2020, March 2020, and so on, all the worst case scenarios are coming true. I joked with co-workers back in March 2020 about potentially losing 3-10% if they never got a vaccine ready based on the papers already out. Joked about people being too thick to take this seriously and getting bit in the ass for it. As time went on though, being an accurate prophet of doom, is just so so fucking depressing.

Plus, even with 80-90% of people staying fucking home, the 405 was still a damned zoo from all these cocksuckers trying to drive 110-125mph on it, thinking they're that German Ghostrider dude.

Not to mention, plague be damned, the nazis, the antifas, BLMers, and cops were all gonna go out and do battle in the street. Because humanity is criminally fucking stupid. :D

Because the virus is an out of context problem, the usual idiots get a bunch of cargo cult propaganda together on both sides. Because science is too too damned hard. The papers are out there, you can use your own brain, its not that god damned hard. But NOPE! Lets try to meme and scam our way out of a fucking pandemic! It'll be fun!

I dunno, maybe nature is right. Just keep thinning the herd until the stupid people are all gone. :D

Facebook is now claiming official links are "False Information".. unbelievable by scrubking in censorship

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In this case, being stupid is potentially fatal, if you're one of the 3.5-10% who's vulnerable. Depending on your DNA, overall health, and how slammed your local hospital is. :D

My parents forced me to get the covid vaccine by Solus in whatever

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For those of us Moorlocks who get out an about occasionally, I'm sure it's more important. :D

This guy explains all the witchery. I guess being sick tends to burn up those nutrients dealing with the virus. Gets into the mechanics of protein coding which is where my mind gets into fucking chicken hypnosis mode and shuts down. :D

I mean, hey, talk to me about protein signaling, feedback loops, and all the shit that overlaps with industrial control systems, computer logic, electronics, I can handle that. ;) Even some level of protein folding and computational biology. But zinc fingers, and chemical balances inside cells, nah, fuck that. lol! They got people for that, and I ain't one of em. ;P

My parents forced me to get the covid vaccine by Solus in whatever

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Probably vitamin A and D. Maybe throw in some zinc. Fine for mild to moderate covid, but if it gets on top of you bad enough, you're toast. The MedCram guys on youtube were going on about it for a bit.

My parents forced me to get the covid vaccine by Solus in whatever

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Yes, but ONLY if his pointer finger is longer than his ring finger. That's when you know all the bisphenol A saturation in the environment was successful. ;)

My parents forced me to get the covid vaccine by Solus in whatever

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The pacific northwest heat dome this summer was decidedly unfunny. Shit catches fire easy enough in the region, and now we've got a region wide drought a few months early. Mt Rainier has most of its snowcap gone now. Luckily, flood abatement techniques, and massive reservoirs should hold things until the fall rains come.

Europe had some problems with flooding, so did China, and a few other regions. Certainly higher entropy which is very unfriendly to regions not used to it.

Covid is just the usual perfect storm. A disease that outlasts the attention span of a vulnerable population. Kind of like HIV in the 80s-90s. Back then guys who liked to fuck 8-12 guys a night while high on coke, speed, whatever could not be talked out of altering their behavior. Wear condoms, don't fuck a bunch of strangers, etc, etc. Of course they didn't listen. Now people who do that sort of thing are pretty much gone. They thought there were trying to be repressed, it was all fear mongering, people needle sharing getting it, something not to do with them.

Eventually a treatment came around for HIV, but.. Hep C was around by then, and finished the job on the ones still engaging in the same bad behavior. You've still got people who deny HIV causes AIDS. lol! And the quack cures certainly did the rounds as well.

I don't suppose much will change this time around either.

My parents forced me to get the covid vaccine by Solus in whatever

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In the third world where everyone has some kind of parasitic load, yeah, ivermectin kills the parasites, and frees up their immune systems. Similar story with malaria drugs. In areas where there are no endemic parasites, malaria, etc. If you get it where there are no endemic parasitic diseases, and most people are sick from their own vices, and your immune system isn't up to the task, you're gonna have a bad time.

My parents forced me to get the covid vaccine by Solus in whatever

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lol! If you mean trying to push vaccines for the already vaccinated? I don't think there's any money in it. :D

As far as the un-vaccinated goes, the thing already has its hooks in the populations its going to decimate. Even if those regions get to 2.5-3 million vaccinated per day, it's too little too late. Even if you went PURGE mode on any stray redneck you could find in that region, shot em up with a single dose of pfizer, its 4 weeks to ramp up in effect, with the 2nd dose to lock in the 1st. And its doubling at something like 300-800% per week.

Good news is, in the UK they had a similar spike with a quick dropoff. But their vax rate was better, so..

I'm guessing about a sixth of you anti-vaxers, I'm not gonna be seeing you in a few months. :D Survival of the fittest, it is a bitch.

My parents forced me to get the covid vaccine by Solus in whatever

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lol! Welcome to the collective, drone. :D

Honestly though, most of the shit out there flying about issues with the vaccine is due to 40% of the nation being semi-literate fucks who fell asleep in high school biology.

If you have severe vaccine reaction issues, you already know about it from previous vaccines, or because you might have reactions due to prior chemo therapy treatments.

Your odds of dying from the shot are something on the order of dying from a stray bullet injury. Which while fairly high in Chicago, Cleveland, and Los Angeles, are more or less non issues in the rest of the country. ;)

But death or injury from covid, that's looking more like 20-30% odds with these new variants and the crazy propagation. Maybe only 12-15% with serious issues, the rest feeling like shit for 3 weeks. Talking discount thai food double dragon style illness for 3 weeks, not just feeling shitty from a head cold for 3 weeks sick. And long term issues as covid tends to fuck around with your mitochondrial machinery, dump superoxides into your blood stream, screws around with not just your ACE2 receptors, but your IL2 and IL1-7 mechanics.

So if you have any hereditary issues with heart disease, copd, asthma, obesity, kidney disease, a whole slew of diseases tied to ACE2 malfunction, instead of that hitting in your 50s-60s, that's getting jumped up maybe 2-3 decades. Ultimately, that's gonna be the ass kicker for those completely vaccinated. You get covid once or twice, sucks to be you, but not fatal. Some vascular damage, loss of tastes, smell, concentration, dizziness, easier lung irritation, maybe your urine is kinda greasy, funny looking. But later rounds in later years, each time more and more damage piles up. I dunno.

Maybe you die in your 20s-30s instead of at 60-70.

This one is maybe a bit less dense on technical terms, and has more helpful diagrams.

Sadly, most of the worst case scenarios imagined for this disease have turned out to be reality. Rather than just a flash in the pan like the original SARS variant was years ago. Going into the 4th wave of covid, I'd say most of the wishful thinking that the anti-vax crowd has been proven to be wrong. It is at this moment chewing through the areas with lowest vaccination in the world and doubling at rates like you'd only see in a sketchy sci-fi movie.

But, in your case you get to be lucky enough to be here at least 9 months later to see who's right and who's wrong. As for the goofy propaganda.. See how many people you know that can understand what's going on in the stuff I linked on covid. :D It is most certainly NOT an idiot friendly disease. Just like with HPV and people wondering why their kids should be vaccinated for it, even in families where they lost a whole slew of people to cervical cancers, prostate cancer, etc.

Schizophrenia linked to marijuana use disorder is on the rise, study finds by socks in news

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It's insanely variable person to person. The CBD to THC ratio is a bit more scientific, but it's still a crap shoot unless you've got some experience with a strain, and know how you in particular will react. Your MAO depletion status will also effect how you react to a given strain of marijuana.

Schizophrenia linked to marijuana use disorder is on the rise, study finds by socks in news

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Indica is its own thing. What they used to call "speed weed" or "loco weed", what African warriors smoked before going out to do serious mayhem. By and large, most indica is cooked down for hash, butter, or other products in Europe. And the euro market, most of these guys smoke shit so they can mix weed with MDMA, candy flips, and bounce around for 8 hours doing their crazy Q-dance shit. :D

Most of the weed in the americas is Sativa strains, less people freaking out, more mellow effects, etc. But this will change as strains are crossed, and the demand for higher and weirder highs becomes prominent. You'll have to look at the CBD/THC ratios on those. Plenty of articles on it.

Adding to the confusion, is the body's reaction to various strains of weed. Most strains of commercial weed(various versions of mexican brick) in the 90s, I got a nice buzz, followed by my adrenal glands just ramping the fuck up. I was usually bugging my friends with questions like, "How much meth did you put in that joint?" and they're just turning into puddles of fucking jello. lol!

However, other strains, the fancy weed aficionado stuff favored a different market, way way different effects. A deep mellow buzz, no anxiety, boosts to creativity. If you wanna write your next "change the world" novel, this was the shit to use. There were BC bud varieties, Pacific Northwest strains, and some Dutch varieties, although the last ones were quite a bit more speedy than contemplative.

Being yours is the more geriatric market, you probably want a more CBD weighted weighted version of Sativa. This will reduce "senile agitation", the urge to yell at squirrels to get off your damned lawn, and mad ramblings that ELO was the most under-rated band of all time. It wasn't, it was over-commercialized stoner rock, good stoner rock, but even Styx and Blue Oyster Cult vastly overshadowed it on their bad years.

And that last bit, is a test topic to see if someone is freaking out from Indica. :D Because when you're fucked up on that stuff, the most cheesy 80s pop will sound like bliss. Fire up the top 40 hits of Madonna, its all good. ;) Or go full euro, and get your Q-dance on. :D

PayPal bans independent journalists, seizes donations (21:37) ~ Alison Morrow by JasonCarswell in censorship

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Safe in that you can load up cash on any number of cards and exchange it. The old way of doing things was to load money onto gift cards, but those had a bit of "shrinkage" as a bunch started adding fees for use, and eventually consuming the entire balance on the cards if unused over so many months/years.

Amazon gift cards are sort of the gold standard now as you can get anything, and everything with those. Similar story for places like Fred Meyer, Target, etc. It does require a certain amount of discretion though. You don't wanna be swiping $500-$1000 worth of gift cards in at the Home Depot in the middle of august as that tends to draw a bit of attention. 3-4 months after Xmas, nobody cares.

Lots of places pay employee bonuses this way so its off the books. $300-$500 in assorted gift cards, no problems. No child support agency, or other government bloodsuckers are alerted. Which is certain industries, tends to make people under perform if bonuses just cause them more problems than regular wages.

But, ultimately, if you can just swipe something that looks like a debit or credit card, who's to know where they money comes from? Problem is many of these want a name and SS# just to spend money on the cards. So no joy if you want to pay your illegal migrant labor with these, random prostitutes, or whatever..

How Jews took over China and created Chinese Communism, Fitzpatrick Informer by Jesus in conspiracy

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Ahh, I got ya. Shapeshifting Jews, and Chupacabras, they're all out to get ya. :D Or at least out to get your goat. ;)

How Jews took over China and created Chinese Communism, Fitzpatrick Informer by Jesus in conspiracy

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lol! There were some communities of Jews in China prior to WW2,

Dr. Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Republic of China, admired the Jewish people and Zionism, and he also saw parallels between the persecution of Jews and the domination of China by the Western powers. He stated, "Though their country was destroyed, the Jewish nation has existed to this day ... [Zionism] is one of the greatest movements of the present time. All lovers of democracy cannot help but support wholeheartedly and welcome with enthusiasm the movement to restore your wonderful and historic nation, which has contributed so much to the civilization of the world and which rightfully deserve [sic] an honorable place in the family of nations."[41]

The Japanese occupation of Northeast China in 1931 and the establishment of Manchukuo in 1932 had a negative impact on the Harbin Jewish community (13,000 in 1929). Most of those Jews left Harbin for Tianjin, Shanghai, and the British Mandate of Palestine. Until 1939, the Russian Jews were about 5,000 in Shanghai.[42] World War II Main article: Shanghai Ghetto

Another wave of 18,000 Jews from Germany, Austria, and Poland immigrated to Shanghai in the late 1930s and early 1940s to escape the Holocaust.[43] Shanghai was an open city at the time and it did not have restrictions on immigration, and some Chinese diplomats such as Ho Feng Shan issued "protective" passports and the Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara issued transit visas with which refugees could go to Shanghai after a short stay in Japan. In 1943, the occupying Japanese army required these 18,000 Jews, formally known as "stateless refugees," to relocate to an area of 0.75 square miles (1.9 km2) in Shanghai's Hongkew district (today known as the Hongkou District) where many lived in group homes called "Heime".[44] The total number of Jews who entered Shanghai during this period equaled the total number of Jews who fled to Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa combined. Many of the Jews in China later moved to found the modern state of Israel.

Shanghai was an important safe-haven for Jewish refugees during the Holocaust, since it was one of the few places in the world where one didn't need a visa. However, it was not easy to get there. The Japanese, who controlled the city, preferred to look the other way. However, some corrupt officials also exploited the plight of the Jews. By 1941, nearly 20,000 European Jews had found shelter there.

Notable Jews during the Second Sino-Japanese War include Dr. Jakob Rosenfeld, Stanisław Flato, Ruth Weiss, Eva Sandberg (photographer and wife of Communist leader Xiao San), and Morris Abraham Cohen.

Late in the war, Nazi representatives pressured the Japanese army to devise a plan to exterminate Shanghai's Jewish population, and this pressure eventually became known to the Jewish community's leadership. However, the Japanese had no intention of further provoking the anger of the Allies after their already notorious invasion of China and their additional invasion of a number of other Asian nations, so they delayed the German request until the War ended. With the intercession of the Amshenower Rebbe and the translation skills of Leo (Ariyeh) Hanin, the Japanese ultimately kept the Jews of Shanghai safe.[45]

By the time the PRC was formed in 1949 most of the Jews had long departed China.. A few remaining, as in a few dozen, had international connections and found themselves in service to the new communist government. But they sure as hell were not the founding force of the PRC. lol!

Even in modern times there's less than 3,000 Jews in China, which is less than nothing. There's thousands of people from every backwater nation on Earth in China.

Course, there's 100,000+ African blacks in China, must mean they're the real puppet masters now. lol!

Twitter suspends US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for saying defeating obesity will protect from COVID by AXXA in politics

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It's an order of magnitude issues. For casual contact, less likely. But at moderate to high contact, once it latches on, the cascade starts. Then the IL-2, IL-1-7 thing gets going, mitochondria start breaking down.

Twitter suspends US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for saying defeating obesity will protect from COVID by AXXA in politics

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Funny thing was, the investigation in the whole chain of things tied to ACE2 from the first SARS epidemic was what got people going down this track. And eventually, this could lead to resolutions on all these chronic health conditions. That is, if covid doesn't just wipe out all the people with that DNA over the next 10-15 years.

IFR3 and IFR7 encoding are ultimately what keeps people alive. If your body can't code a response to make antigens, vaccine, infection, etc. Will just happen over and over, until you get shredded at the cellular level.

Certainly nothing for the average population to screw around with though. Asymptomatic covid may well accelarate latent conditions which might not have popped up until they were in their 60s-80s and got COPD, diabetes, kidney problems, and a whole slew of other things. Roughly 30-40% of the population in vulnerable to that at different levels. So if you wanna go masks off dicks out, it's not quite a coin flip, but neither is it favorable odds just because your ass is skinny at 33. :D

Ultimately, look at your extended family tree, and see if diseases typical of ACE2 dis-regulation are out there. And more importantly, if people have actually DIED from it.. My aunt got diagnosed with covid, and was dead two days later.. Given that she's my mom's identical twin sister.. Uh, yeah, I don't care if the vaccine is full of fucking borg nanoprobes. Odds of adverse effects are better than death. ;) And true enough, the 2nd jab of Pfizer was not a good time for 3 days. Like gin hangover land.

Now if this place were like Peru, South America, parts of Africa, people would just have to mask up and endure the waves of death for the next 4 years.

Good news is, with all their vulnerable populations dying, reinfections are going slower. lol! But given that more sickly people tend to get STEM educations rather than go into grunt labor, there is a brain drain factor.

Twitter suspends US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for saying defeating obesity will protect from COVID by AXXA in politics

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lol! Not quite.. Those who exhibit obesity, signs of endothelial damage, high blood pressure, etc, this is related to ACE2 regulation. Usually as a result of genetic malformation. This is the part of the cell the virus latches onto, and does its initial damage with. So these will be the people this virus hits the hardest.

Thinner people from the same family line, they hold up a little better, but they're still getting wiped out because they have the same DNA glitch the virus exploits, but not the outward signs of it.

How are they connected? by LarrySwinger2 in memes

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Even when there's some fair amount of science, and some level of proof, I don't think people will ever be ready to believe they exist as a multiplicity. People got enough issues dealing with one reality as is . :D

It's only when you get to the point of going through life, and here and there everything occasionally does a subtle kind of shift one way in the world, that theory becomes reality. An album you knew by heart suddenly drops three songs you knew well, and they pop up in other places by other singers. Older celebrities that died, are still kicking, and die again a few years later.

Not a big deal, unless you need a few extras on your celebrity dead pool, and want a few easy wins. ;) Oh, Bezos is still alive.. Quick, add that crooked old SOB before launch. And who else.. Yeah, I'll put down Britney Spears for fatal overdose. 6th time is a charm, maybe she'll stay dead.. lol!

As far as fantastic things aliens do, they're getting more and more into the realm of the possible with technology. And they're looking less and less like aliens, and more and more like automated probes. Why use such probes? Well, if you happen across a dead worldline, and know a good mining strike nobody has hit yet, there it is. :D Also once you have a handle on all the various things that are possible, you get a better picture of your own world and its branching points. A history that never happens, is one that could happen down the road, in some form. Nelson Mandela stays in prison a bitter revolutionary, writes a book after the ANC collapses from infighting, his wife dies, eventually he dies. Apartheid ends, but so does the ANC. At least in name. The usual players just find other labels to play under. ;)

Poaching scientific works, engineering, mathematical theories, music, entertainment. Some utility in that. Studying a disease outbreak that never happened, well, it probably WILL happen, in some form. Having antigens and vaccines spun up and in storage for such an outbreak, quite a bit of gain possible from that.

Also the issue of ecological programs in the future. You get a deepwater horizon incident, kill off a gulf ecology, 20-30 years later how do you reseed it all? Ideally, cheat, and snag samples from another worldline, or the past of another worldline. Some terrorist has a data vault full of malware shutdown keys, but accidentally on purpose meets a fiery end.. How do you crack the vault open without a ridiculous ependiture of resources? Part of the solution is knowing where the solution isn't. :D

Certainly some religious factions are NOT going to want to believe such things exist. So, lie to em and tell em it's all virtual simulation space, like a virtual particle zoo. Nothing is real, until it's really real. ;) And if they fall through into another worldline, oh well, someone else's problem. Whatever consciousness falls into their body in their old verse will just have to reset a bunch of their passwords.

How are they connected? by LarrySwinger2 in memes

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Well, the multiverse is a thing. Time travel is sorta, kinda possible, but the "entropic frission" of a living being going back into a time and worldline not their native one causes for some rather interesting photonic scintillation, and may lightly roast someones brains and organs depending on just how far flung they travel to. But... A robotic host body with an AI seeded by someones personality abstract, suffers no such limitations.

You can send one back as a giant crab/crawdad monster, an octopoid, or just a basic humaniform model of various quality. Or just drones. The AI to do this is about 25-40 years in your future. A bounded finite state expert system, much sooner than that, and more common in non-research applications, and no risk of going into logical/evolutionary cul de sacs. A reliable seed personality to keep an AI system going, tends to be pretty far into the personality disorder/eccentric/novelty seeking spectrum. Most people would not want such an AI driven bot in their house, any more than they'd want the person who seeded such an AI in their family. lol!

As for removing all the uranium... There's a LOT of uranium. The Chernobyl reactor contained a million pounds of natural uranium. Refined weapons grade uranium, plutonium, various other things, quite a bit less, but getting rid of all the 60% enriched uranium on Earth is akin to ripping off a Ft Knox sized pile every other week for 15 years. :D

Even IF that was done, at a ridiculous expenditure of time, energy and resources, you've still got all the natural uranium, thorium, radium, polonium, neptunium, and a variety of organic poisons, selectively cultured prions that might attack one ethnic group more than another, etc, etc.

However... It's been known that one can alter the "prompt critical reaction" of a bomb with a cascade of neutrons. So if the core of one of these just happens to decide dump all its neutrons simultaneously in a shower of thermal neutrons, like a fictional "neutron laser" but with thermal neutrons instead of ultrafast neutrons, that core has been effectively neutered. Because there needs to be a very specific "blip" of fast neutrons converted to slow neutrons, and impacting the nucleus of U-235, or U-239 to cause a bomb to go off. If its just a massive shower of thermal neutrons cooking off in random directions chaotically, then that weapons grade material is useless for a period of time.

A power reactor, much much easier to logjam. If the entropic curve of fission starts dumping nothing but Iodine-135, that reactor is gonna be toast for about a month before they can restart it. :D

As to what you are to them, you're sort of their distant cousin ancestor. The goat farmer in Kosovo in the 1980s, who encouraged a poor relation to take his stash of illegal gambling money, move to California, get an education, and be something more than a goat farmer. And 15 years later, said person got blasted to bits in a pointless war.

Except in a multiverse, that story has maybe 300-400 islands of probability for outcome. They're kind of a peg or bumper in a pachinko game. Important for their time and place in history, but nothing but dust further down the line. It makes more sense in terms of brownian motion, each piece and time is chaotic, but over a course of time, random finite sets(dice rolls if you will) form stable patterns. Dislodge too many set pieces, you change the pattern. To many patterns in too many strips of the multiverse get out of whack, the whole weave starts to get blown.

These can and do radiate across different bands/probability sets of the multiverse. Like this happy little leak.

On another set of worldlines, NK pieces together some parts of a DF-21 missile they're studying to make a copy of(off the record mind you) for their own program, put their warhead on it, and manage to successfully glass Ewa Beach, Hawaii. Shutting down the two major airports, the port, and causing a mass evacuation of Honolulu. Only 3-4 thousand people in Ewa Beach, unknown for sure how many died directly as compared to the chaos of that many people relocating via container ships, cruise ships, patrol boats, fishing boats, sea kayaks, anything that could float.

The following "limited war" caused global financial chaos. The main fallout from North Korea's regime being wiped out wasn't the nuclear fallout, it was the millions of refugees needing somewhere safe to be stashed, and sorting out any guilty parties sneaking out with the peasants. And South Korea, was none too happy being in the eye of the storm.

The ripple onto this band of worldlines, was a global pandemic. Similar amounts of death and chaos, but the focal point was shifted. And we've got a slew of eruptions around the world all out of the blue.. So, entropy is preserved, how it manifests, is different.

Of course, good luck selling this line of stuff above to anyone. :D This is a board for the lunatic fringe. I could write down a catalog of supernova dates and positions for the next 40 years, and nobody would believe you. lol! Or describe in depth the decaying "Quark Star" which becomes known as the "Spaghetti Monster" seen through the James Web telescope.. If it gets launched in time. Got 5 years to catch the formation of the Spaghetti Monster. Before it turns into just a mass of tangled "stuff" and flux lines.

50 axioms of my life as I reach 60 years old tomorrow. I use sermon titles in life and these are perhaps my top favorites I use as I run amuck on this planet. If you like any one or few of these then say so and say so why. by thomastheglassexpert in help

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lol! Masks are about the illusion of control, and the vaccine only works in about 90% of the population. If you lack properly functioning IFR3 and IRF7 signaling genes, have bad IL2/IL7 feedback loops, and have defective ACE2 receptors, you're going extinct.

It's all about blunting the pile of bodies, and trying to keep the machinery of the world from derailing. They're setting out a safety net with a hole in it big enough for a cow to fall through. :D

NO JAIL for Cop Found Guilty of Trafficking Child Porn of Children as Young as 3 by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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lol! 5 years supervised probation. If he blows it, and no doubt he will, back in the hole he goes for 10 years.

Govt To Fact Check Your Text Messages. by [deleted] in news

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time for a protonmail version of SMS

A possible Atlantis-like structure? The Cuban underwater formation. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Yeah, thing is, Atlantis style structures are very very common with coral island formations that are overgrown. And the way people dealt with those is to form canals to drain the swampy areas, do lock and gate structures to control water flow in and out, etc, etc.

Adding to the fun, there probably was the first real big Atlantis some very long time ago. Like so far back Doggerland was above the water, and the Persian Gulf was a lowland swamp with a big river down the center. But as the ice age thaw progressed, more of these islands were flooded. But, that wasn't the end. Once the main city design was found effective, more and more places like it were built. Just look at all the old Roman cities which are cookie cutter versions of all the other Roman cities, no matter how far flung. :D

The tradition continued for thousands of years, so there's some kind of Atlantis patterned islands all over the Med, on the Atlantic coast of Spain, down the Atlantic coast of North Africa, maybe even other places.

Thousands of years later, legends spread, and ideas go around how to do tidal and flooding control. You get the vast Incan empire irrigation systems, and more recent times the Lake of the Moon transition to Tenochtitlán. It's Atlantis, in the middle of a dead volcano crater lake. :D

Or I should say an Atlantis pattern city.

But what was Atlantis patterned after? Something even older possibly. :D

And down the rabbit hole it goes. But.. Humanity has always been on the move. Nature of the beast when you build massive cities by the water, and the water has been rising for 40-50 thousand years. Civilizations rise and fall as resources ebb and flow. Many of them in areas that are now under endless sand dunes.

There are only three countries on this planet whose government officials refused to accept the COVID-19 vaccine from WHO: Burundi, Tanzania, and Haiti. The officials in those countries who declined the vax were Presidents in each of those countries. All are now dead. by Chipit in conspiracy

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At this moment, it doesn't matter who wants what. If your rathole country does NOT have the infrastructure to receive cargo and store it at -70C, and then move it around to vax sites, keep it cold, dilute it to proper strength, and then keep track of who got what. You're fucked. J&J, Astrazenica, and Sputnik, are less demanding for cold chain logistics. But most of these places can't even pull that off. They'd be hard pressed to break up and distribute a 2000 pound dry storage bin of fucking aspirin without most of it getting spoiled before getting out to where it's needed.

The other problem is qualified medical people. A lot of these backwater villages do nothing but make up stupid stories about how vaccines are gonna make their balls fall off, then they'll be rounded up as eunuch slaves or some shit. So they attack the fucking people trying to help them.

And then nobody wants to help them. Fuck it, let ebola wipe out the whole mess of em.

There are only three countries on this planet whose government officials refused to accept the COVID-19 vaccine from WHO: Burundi, Tanzania, and Haiti. The officials in those countries who declined the vax were Presidents in each of those countries. All are now dead. by Chipit in conspiracy

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Most of these fringe countries are lined up for the next 3 years waiting for surplus vaccines. India's Biontec vaccine, an inactivated Salk type, will most likely be the one produced in enough quantity to serve third world customers. There are at something like 350-400 million vaccinated, and have 600 million + to go. And THEN they can start selling to other countries.

It took just 8 years to go from the Obama admin denying that they spy on our cell phone data to the Biden admin nonchalantly saying they'll fact-check our text messages. But hey, Trump was the Nazi, right? by scrubking in politics

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There's a thing called Lexis Nexis, been around since the 80s, all the shit your tinfoil hats claim the NSA is doing, no, these guys do it on the fucking open market.

Same with credit agencies, marketing agencies. If you swipe a loyalty card in your own name, do an ATM transaction at checkout, a million other things like talk over the phone. Shit, an old i960 processor can voiceprint ID probably 60-80 people in real time, and that shit was obsolete in the mid 90s.

Only real thing saving the US and EU from some Stasi/Big Brother bullshit, is the management culture in government and big business. They've royally royally fucked things up chasing after quarterly metrics and pure fucking fantasy numbers to scam bonuses. You'll also never get someone with a brain running things like in the old days. If you have a fucking MBA, they'll give you the keys to the kingdom, even if you don't know jack shit about ELINT, basic spycraft, forensic techniques, etc.

Facebook's Independent COVID Fact-checker Site Funded By $1.9 Billion Vaccine Lobby by Drewski in propaganda

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Yeah, but what the hell? The probate courts gotta be hating life these days. 600,000+ estates to close out. Some of those in families where the disease wiped out most of em from genetic vulnerabilities. Plus all the other ones who died of other illnesses made worse by covid, or the medical system losing its shit for 18 months, so that's another 1.2 million.

Good news is, nobody is worried about social security being solvent anymore. The "excess" boomers are dropping left, right, and center.

Bill Cosby: ‘Mainstream Media Are the Insurrectionists Who Stormed the Capitol,’ ‘Trying To Demolish the Constitution’ by hennaojichan in conspiracy

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Bill Cosby went blind from glaucoma years ago. Anything he says on the internet is his fucking employees, wife, or hangers on typing it for him.

Bill Cosby: ‘Mainstream Media Are the Insurrectionists Who Stormed the Capitol,’ ‘Trying To Demolish the Constitution’ by hennaojichan in conspiracy

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True, these days any kind of sex while intoxicated is pushed as being "rape". I mean shit, I've never even done it cold sober. Nor have too many people who grew up in the 70s-80s.

4Chan is not "Anonymous" and the censorship there rivals that of Reddit and Twitter. That is why I came here. by TheyHatefreedom in censorship

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Yes, but you first need a mob of former angry Slashdot and Digg users to be looking for a new home.

And lets face it, part of that group just went over to Fark and stayed there. :D

The truth about the talmud, a historical cause and account of jewish supremacism by peaceful in debatealtright

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Yes, no big surprise, the priesthood has always been a dumping ground for loonies just about anywhere in the world. And crazy people, say and do crazy things. :D

And eventually, the fall of the Catholic Church to being a minor player, although the rot and corruptions were long past anyway.

This certainly parallels the rises and falls of the Hebrew priesthood, or any of the others in history who had a will to power, but not the brains to hold it.

It took 2,600 years, but the Yemenis finally deported the last few Jews resident in their country by DisastrousDepth14 in debatealtright

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Some tiny group of hillbillies that live up in the mountains where they grow the coffee. Iran thought it would be lulz to give them a bunch of modern weapons and money, then have them take pot shots at the Saudis. A situation which made it bad enough where the US started to turn Iranian generals into black burning grease smudges in retaliation.

Of course, the Israelis are having even more fun doing infrastructure hacks on Iranian facilities. Apparently they really really need to stop using Windows 95 there. Especially when handling enriched nuclear materials. ;)

It took 2,600 years, but the Yemenis finally deported the last few Jews resident in their country by DisastrousDepth14 in debatealtright

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lol! Yemen is facing a famine of maybe up to 10 million people which is barely being held back by foreign food and disaster aid. All while war is still ongoing. If ever there was a time to get out of Yemen, it was 5-6 years ago, but now is fine too. ;)

Great PNW heatwave positive prayers avoiding catastrophe? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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The office buildings haven't filled back up, less waste heat from not as much traffic, etc. But, people are getting AC systems installed as fast as they can, getting window units, etc, etc. The next time around, who knows? Most people also did there best to not be out, let the cold in at night, and managed air flow in the day. Don't eat a lot of fatty and high energy food in the day, hydrate properly, etc, etc.

Remember, there are jobs where people work in paint booths in full PPE in temps of 160 degrees F, and on rooftops doing roofing where the heat is outright murderous. With the right prep, and maintaining a pace of work you're used to, not a real problem.

Hello, I am here since I was banned from Reddit. by RedtubeRepresentativ in Introductions

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lol! Reagan was once a California liberal talked into being a right-centrist so he could run against a liberal governor who was running things into the ground.

Rush Limbaugh, he was your typical Missouri democrat-centrist who got into radio for a lark. But as the left got more crazy, there was more and more demand for someone to espouse traditional conservative thought. Even if it was just for laughs. And lets face it, the 70s-80s was a comedy of big government errors. Government did stupid shit, but regular people lived their lives as best they could and tried to keep away from those people.

The first Bush years, people pretty well lost hope, the US was getting its clock cleaned by rising foreign industry, generational working class people were losing everything, the military was being dismantled as the way up for a lot of people to get out of their rural nowhere towns, and we still had foreigners flooding in like the Free Money parade was still going on like in the 50s-60s.

And that's where the whole "conservative" party thing got transformed into more of a blue collar, working rural, military culture thing. Rather than just being a parade of clowns who pandered to the ultra rich, people exploiting the working class, and locking up uppity brown people.

DebateAltRight banned me, and this was my response by socks in SaidIt

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lol! Olympians and top athletes "have their issues" just as much as the eggheads. :D You could probably get by with just a generic bright Polish/Russian girl with no history of serious family genetic defects. Most of those people are pretty durable, as long as they don't have the D4 receptors for serious alcohol addiction. ;)

But ultimately, a specific ethnic group isn't needed, just reasonable levels of health, no overt DNA for outright madness, and can handle being a live in zookeeper for an eccentric egghead. Then in the inevitable outcome where some of the kids are bright but nutty, there's an island of stability.

I've seen it work out ok in real life, particularly in the flyover states where you have some geek brought in for a specialist job, they try to find someone like them, fail, and instead end up with someone who can put up with them. :D For them it's an upgrade from Jerry the German Pig Farmer, even if he's worth millions, some people just ain't down for farm life. lol!

Hello, I am here since I was banned from Reddit. by RedtubeRepresentativ in Introductions

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I'd say the wicked witch of the authoritarian right was probably this lady.

DebateAltRight banned me, and this was my response by socks in SaidIt

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Mostly seems to be an issue of older parents, but not entirely. Those who work in tech seem to share similar personality types, which in genetics works to reinforce certain traits, as well as to bring out other defects. Those defects in nature usually result in someone getting eaten by a mountain lion, or just not finding a mate because they're a bad risk. So bad news for the 4 out of 5 that drop off the map, but good news as that 1 out of 5 will tend not to carry the worst forms of those genes.

DebateAltRight banned me, and this was my response by socks in SaidIt

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Those aren't necessarily bad things if done to add a little spice to the conversation. But the whole thread looks like jr high kids who got into the beer and went wild.

Nothing new was added to the conversation, even though there IS a lot of new data since the old 60s-80s studies on race which were mainly assessing the grades of cannon fodder for war, and trying to figure out why certain areas had poor economic viability.

No surprise, race was NOT the entire picture. The tech booms in various countries attracted lots of eggheads of various races, who then went on to do all sorts of interesting things, and produce a lot of mixed breed kids, who then went back into tech, and produced even more.

For the eggheads, a little genetic diversity is a good thing, even though you've got a TON of self selection toward similar intellectual, emotional, and other traits. At the basic animal level, you at least offset some of the inbreeding issues common in the intellectual castes, be they hard defines or loosely defined in a society.

The unmixed eggheads had higher levels of autism and recessive genetic diseases, the mixed eggheads had better results. But of course, their recessives got together and produced maybe 1/4 to 1/3rd more "boring ass mofos" who end up working in management, marketing, or doing goofy shit like having sports careers in the minor leagues, then going into some kind of franchise..

But that's... Eggheads. What about other more middle of the road mofos? Your management, accounting, office jockeys, business owners, etc. And certainly they have mixed in a bit as well. On the surface at least, until you look into the families, and their relative stations in life, talents, deficits. So you got some east indians mixing with some white europeans, and both families are painfully boring and middle class. Couples pushing self selection biases again. What are the odds? :D

A generation or two in, kids are pretty much similar to their parents. The bulk of them are of similar successes, lines of work. You might have 1/4 to 1/3rd dropping down into the working class, but usually not long term. A certain amount will cook off, and end up in tech, and then boomerang back down into the mainstream.

As for race mixing more than one generation, the trend seems to be one and done. The kids end up hooking up with people who are their closest match for race and class.

Same story for the more mundane working classes.

But what about other "interesting" social experiments where there was forced mixing. Either war rape, forced assimilation of say German workers forced to live in the USSR, Pol Pot in Cambodia making whites mix with the browns through forced marriages, Mao in China pushing the intelligentsia to go work in the fields with the farmers for a decade, refugees forced to go live in a country where there were very few of similar culture around them, etc, etc. Also the sperm/egg bank thing for infertile parents, or just plain adoptions.

Those "studies" you don't even need to try and look up, nobody is touching them. You go around, talk to people, and get the picture. You get into the rule of thirds for genetic traits, a third is better, a third the same, a third worse for raw genetics. Health, intelligence, tendencies toward mental illness, drive. The kids identify with the dominant cultures around them, and stick with the social group/caste they were born into. If your parents are office weenies, you're probably not gonna start up a franchise of plumbing businesses. Unless you've got a bunch of neighbors who made their middling fortunes in the trades and the kids really really do not want to park their butts in an office for 40 years. :D

All the various more fantastic bits about "genetic supermen" and "intellectual degenerates", they're the rat tails of any bell curve. Start with genetics, overlay that with culture, overlay that with upbringing, education, class/caste/niche, and you get no real surprises.

You get some "mixed breed" degenerate sex fiend, serial arsonist and donkey sodomizer with flat feet, you can find another "pure bred" degenerate sex fiend serial arsonist and donkey sondomizer with flat feet just as easily. Of course they're gonna be out there in the the 1 in 100,000+ range, have similar family history of mental illness, some rural upbringing, and similar rates of flat feet.

Or even just the usual amount of mundane low IQ, service industry job, poor to limited success in school, better luck with trades education because that's what they were brought up around. Work as farm labor, work as a truck driver, work laying carpet. Family history and culture they grew up around predicts more in this than genetic makeup.

Then you've got the radical ends of "elite super geniuses". 150+ IQs, top of their fields, child prodigy, great success until the age of mid 30s, and eventual breakdown from mental illness, hereditary illness, got caught with a closet full of zeta creations, bad dragon, etc etc pieces of silicone deviant objects of artistic expression, information comes out about a string of sex partners and a sex dungeon.. Then they run off to Costa Rica.. ;) Uh, yeah.. Or sometimes they just fade into normal obscurity, essential tremor, nobody has seen em out in public outside of their neighborhood since they hit 50. Parents are weird, surroundings are weird, ethnic background ties to some strange niche of whatever.. But 90% of the family in general is just criminally boring people. And they put out just an many clinically depressed substance abusing, barely can keep a job sorts, as high flying, achieve more before their 30s than some people do in lifetimes sorts.

Of course you only see the biographies of the successful people. Or the incredibly infamous ones who got caught. So, implicit bias there. And certain cultures don't give a damn about their genius successes. Black and Mexican/Latino leaders in tech, mathematics, medicine.. There's an epic fuck-ton of em. Pull a few out for "diversity week", and go back to forgetting they exist.

Mexican labor/political leaders, even ones of minor success, oh yeah, publish that shit EVERYWHERE. Black sports heroes, same thing. White politicians and business leaders, meh, pick a few of the interesting female ones. As for the guys, whoever the marketing shills paid us to bump up the reputation of that week. Some fading star of the early 90s tech boom who just got on the board of a new startup. ;) Oh, and 4 of their 5 kids have autism. Save that for the local news puppy parades. :D

Jen Psaki Warns Americans: 'We Will Be Going Door to Door' to Check If You Have Taken the Vaccine by scrubking in politics

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lol! They can only detect it when the viral level in the air is high enough to infect an entire stadium. :D

As for these dogs and other silly things, they can detect it too, when someone is about 3 week into the infection, which is about a week AFTER peak incubation, spread, etc. By that point, there is no point. The virus is maybe a week to ten days from being wiped out by the body. The dog is just smelling the result of the body going into a massive immune panic reaction.

Jen Psaki Warns Americans: 'We Will Be Going Door to Door' to Check If You Have Taken the Vaccine by scrubking in politics

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Because going door to door finding unvaccinated people is TOTALLY a safe thing to do. ;)

Just like the idiots who were pushing the census people going door to door in the middle of a pandemic.

How covert agents infiltrate the Internet and destroy reputations. (The Intercept 2014) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The more malignant they are, the easier they are to take down. The few genuinely good people in any given movement, their own people will knife them in the back over time. Or they'll amass more and more toxic people trying to gain influence somewhere, and this will sour a person who previously was more driven in the past.

This whole dynamic is nothing new, been the same shit going on since humans were running around the African Savannah trying to avoid being dinner for some big cat while out trying to hunt. ;)

Hello, I am here since I was banned from Reddit. by RedtubeRepresentativ in Introductions

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As her books became mega-sellers, Rand surrounded herself with a tightly policed cult of young people. They were required to memorise her novels and slapped down as "imbecilic" if they asked questions. Rand had become addicted to amphetamines while writing The Fountainhead, and her paranoia and aggression were becoming more extreme. Anybody who disagreed with her was subjected to a show trial in which they would be required to repent or face expulsion. Her secretary, Barbara Weiss, said: "I came to look on her as a killer of people." The cult exposed the hollowness of Rand's claims to venerate free thinking and individualism. Her message was: think freely, as long as it leads you into total agreement with me.

In the end, Rand was destroyed by her own dogmas. She fell in love with a young follower, Nathaniel Branden, and had a decades-long affair with him. He became the cult's No. 2, and she named him as her "intellectual heir" - until he admitted he had fallen in love with a 23-year-old woman. As Burns explains, Rand's philosophy "taught that sex was never physical; it was always inspired by a deeper recognition of shared values, a sense that the other embodied the highest human achievement." To be sexually rejected by Branden meant he was rejecting her ideas, her philosophy, her entire person.

She never really recovered. We all become weak at some point in our lives, so a thinker who despises weakness will end up despising herself. In her seventies Rand found herself dying of lung cancer, after insisting that her followers smoke because it symbolised "man's victory over fire" and the studies showing it caused lung cancer were Communist propaganda. By then she had driven almost everyone away. In 1982, she died alone in her apartment with only a hired nurse at her side. If her philosophy is right - if the only human relationships worth having are based on the exchange of dollars - this was a happy and victorious death. Did even she believe it in the end?

Hello, I am here since I was banned from Reddit. by RedtubeRepresentativ in Introductions

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She was into cocaine, bondage, and telling other people how to live their lives. As crazy Russian chicks go, not too off the wall.

Jewish bakery experience by trident765 in nonmorons

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lol! They know your ass is hooked. :D

Seriously though, the ingredients are pretty wacky. I have no doubt the expenses are going up legitimately.

Cake Batter:

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup unsalted butter softened
1 3/4 cups granulated sugar
3 large eggs
1 tablespoon fresh orange zest
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/4 cup milk


1 tub (10 ounces) ricotta cheese
1 tub (16 ounces) mascarpone cheese
3 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon fresh orange juice
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 bag (10 ounces) mini chocolate chips divided

So yeah, take it easy on that stuff. It's pretty much a saturated fat, spice, and carbohydrate delivery system made to get you hooked.

Look I'm a racist by Brewdabier in pics

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Your own DIY diabeetus kit!

American Libertarianism largely created by Jews by Jesus in conspiracy

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lol! Because the generation who likes to smash bank windows and burn down starbucks really has its shit together when in comes to activism and political progress. :D

American Libertarianism largely created by Jews by Jesus in conspiracy

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Nature of the beast with any political movement. The jews have the gift for gab, and organization.

Libertarianism ends up being more of stepping stone for Anarchism though. 4-5 years of figuring out ways to try and fix what is inherently unfixable, you quit trying. And instead start working on finding your own personal way to various freedoms.

Some libertarians though, they kinda go the other way. Find some other fringe group, and get into crazy things. Or their campaign is innovative enough and attention getting that one of the major parties lures them in. A few years in office, power gets to their heads, and they rot out just like anyone else.

Underground Fiber Optics Cables Allow People and Cars to Be Tracked. Did You Know? by [deleted] in privacy

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lol! If they have your voice print, they can track you every time you use a communication device your voice travels over.

The best way to avoid becoming infected with covid. by [deleted] in whatever

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If you're worried about being "gene modded" by mRNA vaccines, India now has an inactivated virus vaccine. lol!

Israeli occupation troops arrest thirteen Palestinians in West Bank. by HibikiBlack in WorldNews

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lol! They're not the legitimate government of Palestine. Kidnapped would be the word for this situation.

Bill Cosby freed from prison, his sex conviction overturned by AmericanMuskrat in news

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You don't have the right set of receptors for it. You need a certain D4 receptor mutation, then the stuff will light you up like a pinball machine. So you could in theory selectively abort those with such mutations, and end the worst of drug addiction. Problem is, many downsides are part of some other upside, which is why these people haven't gone extinct. Those with the D4 mutation tend to take risks, usually crazy, but calculated ones. So if you need some crazy mofo to lead a bunch of force recon mofos into the hellstorm, those force recon guys, a LOT of em have parents who are drug addicts.

But.. You can only have so many wars going on. And not all these people will find work or other means to channel that need to get a fix without resorting to drugs.

Bill Cosby freed from prison, his sex conviction overturned by AmericanMuskrat in news

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lol! In the small towns about 20-30 miles away from Flint, there will usually be a few random black dudes who deal in majority white towns. They're NOT supposed to be there, and if they get caught dealing inside turf usually bought and paid for by the local big player(they usually bankroll the local sheriff and judge), they get the book thrown at them. So a common tactic is, someone wants drugs, their bitch has to go down on the dealer. If they get caught with drugs, they're less likely to snitch. And if they're undercover, or a paid informant, those guys aren't gonna blow some random black dude. Well, maybe a few of the female cops in Charlotte, Mi would blow a random black dude, and then bust em, just because. But, those are rare exceptions.

Anyway, knew one dude who only hung out with this chick when he needed to get coke and didn't want to drive 20-30 miles to the big city. Or there was this one dude, jewish kid who talked a lot who would deliver. Hang out, talk about random crazy shit. Prices were good, product was good, but if you were an undercover narc, he'd drive you fucking batty. :D Remember when he did a line of speed for the first time, OMFG, fiddler on the roof, no bullshit. Went up there, tried his hand with the shingles and coil nailer, almost fell off a few times, but got the job done. Ah, good times. Most of those dudes quit and settled down into boring lives. The ones who didn't are kinda like Spud from Trainspotting, incoherent wrecks, on disability, living in their parents/siblings basements, spare rooms, travel trailers.

The DDoS attack on KiwiFarms in response to the unconfirmed suicide of Near/Byuu by ISaidWhatISaid in censorship

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Kiwi Farms is always doing stupid shit. Now and then they cross the line into real world stuff, and there's payback.

Has anyone been made to take the vaccine yet for work? by Jesus-Christ in AskSaidIt

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I'm not too worried about the vax. Technically I was supposed to drop dead from impending organ failure in about 6-9 months. But that was 10 years ago. lol! Yeah, not a good idea to work around curing fiber resin sometimes. But you usually don't find out you lack the key enzymes until you black out, turn funny colors, or other issues.

Oh well, no seeming long term consequences, except I can't really drink more than 3-4 shots of liquor in one sitting without getting pretty sick.

Has anyone been made to take the vaccine yet for work? by Jesus-Christ in AskSaidIt

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It's not the first one that's the problem, it's the second one that kicks you in the ass. :D

But, the good news is, if you really don't want to do the second one, you can probably find someone you know who had their first or second jab around the same time as yours would have been due. Anywhere from 3 to 7 weeks later is fine. Get the lot number, location, and date. Indications are there might be as high as 40% from a vaccination event who are not properly recorded(or just plain lost) in the system, especially if its for the second jab only.

However, if one or more people in your family have actually died from it, or ended up pretty badly messed up, make sure you've got about 4 days off for the second jab.

Has anyone been made to take the vaccine yet for work? by Jesus-Christ in AskSaidIt

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They've had all theirs. But oddly enough, their neighbors can't seem to find the supplies. :D

They did Pfizer injections about a month to six weeks apart.

Has anyone been made to take the vaccine yet for work? by Jesus-Christ in AskSaidIt

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If you have to get one of em, get the J&J, a relatively tame adenovirus system they've had since the 90s for cancer immunotherapies. Doing the Pfizer one, the first shot you feel kind of shitty for a day or so, the second one can be a serious serious kick in the ass. 3 day gin hangover bad. But if you're living in an area with a high population density, its the way to go. The Moderna variety, I dunno, its slow to act, and like a cheap copy of the Pfizer variant. Supposed to be more shelf stable.

Now in my case, several family members have gotten pretty seriously sick with covid(like the double dragon bad, but not in the ICU), and at least one died(who had a number of other illness, was old as passed 2 days after diagnosis). Most of those infected were working in frontline nursing care. I've had a few minor brushes with it, well the first one march 2020 was just feeling dizzy/shitty for a week, the second one this December triggered an insane immune response, blood pressure spiked to about 230/120 for 3 weeks, bunch of vascular blowouts, fun stuff! So, I was not up for tangling with round number 3. :D

But, if you've got a pretty extensive family, and nobody has had as much as a sniffle in spite of being in the hot zones, you're pretty safe to play chicken with the virus.

On the other hand, if you've got dozens of family who've ended up in the ICU, and/or have died from it, this might not be the occasion to get adventurous.

Has anyone been made to take the vaccine yet for work? by Jesus-Christ in AskSaidIt

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Forging the vax cards is not the problem. They're just a card you can print out maybe 30 to a sheet like a standard business card. The lot numbers, time, and location are not so easy. If you've got a buddy who went and got the J&J, and they live in your area, see if you can't copy those numbers. Many of those mass vaccination events are pretty sloppy. Tons of no shows, computer systems verifying a person showed up to get their vax crash, etc, etc.

Of course if you've got family members who had covid pretty bad, or died from it, pretty good odds you have the keyhole vulnerability this virus needs to turn your insides to mush. And playing this game will get you killed. ;) Getting the single shot J&J jab might be the way to go. But, far be it from me to tell someone they can't piss on the third rail, or stick their dick in the hornets nest. :D

MSNBC OUTRAGED By 'Defund The Military' by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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If you want cheap goods, cheap oil, cheap food, and housing that a person with middle income can theoretically pay off in 20-30 years, the chain of logistics to keep all that flowing gets interesting fast. The US squeezes Iran, they're forced to sell cheap oil to China, China sabre rattles when we need them to so we can build our new military toys, and pump up the budget. Yet we're still shipping goods and cash between the US and China like there's no tomorrow.

Similar deals with the Russia. We tell the Ukraine they're an ally so we can gain control of all their loose nuclear materials, use them as a buffer state. But when Russia rolls tanks on Crimea, oh well. Nothing we can do, wouldn't want to start WW3. ;)

And the usual shell game with pretending the US doesn't know for sure when/where someone is enriching nuclear materials.. Once they build their high flux reactor to crank out plutonium, the neutrino emissions can't exactly be shielded. Every detector on the planet knows where the active pile is, and how much energy its cranking out. Someone pops off an underground test nuke, we can tell from space how well it went, and what likely got screwed up with the design.

CIA operation Bloodstone. The use of German officers by the CIA in order to fight communist groups. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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You use the people who can exploit whatever connections they have. Between where I grew up, and where I first went to university, the people I knew from AF ROTC, and then the people I ran into in Michigan. Those guys could get me an introduction just about anywhere, and to anyone. Some people have a knack for connecting with those in extreme politics, and those on the fringe. Others have weird networking proficiency. Most people are 6-7 links from everyone else, other people seem to be 1-2 links.

Those who worked in some level of German intelligence knew who all the players were. Once the war ended, those people didn't stop being the same people. And SOME of those Germans got their asses hauled off to the Soviet Union to help modernize their industry there, others went in the diaspora to countless other countries who were willing to pay for their expertise. Often those places has an old core of german migrants who had been there for a while.

And I mean shit, in my case, when the economy was tanked, most jobs available were bullshit. A steady income to dick around, meet people in the lunatic fringe, play low rent James Bond. Official compensation was something like gs-9/gs-11 equivalent, you could make that being the copier service/building maintenance guy. But, unofficial compensation. Hey, I could make it rain with retail gift cards, telephone calling cards, SIM chips. ;) Not to mention the vast collection of "stuff" in lost and found boxes on state property was fair game, although prying it out of the hands of building security. lol! That could get interesting. But hey, you go strange places, you find strange stuff. And barter was always an option. You gift some security guard a 30 inch console TV with a fritzy red color gun, you might was well OWN that state building. lol! (course he was partially red colorblind, but most of his co-workers who weren't lusted after that TV). You gift some guy down on his luck a $30 Kroger card when they're dead flat broke before thanksgiving, Xmas, a kids birthday, maybe a few winter coats, shoes from lost and found.. Well, you get the idea.

If someone's kid is REALLY sick, and they can't get anywhere with medicaid, social workers, whatever. Make a call to a friend of a friend in the Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, Masons, to do their thing, suddenly they've got a connection with that specialist they need, and the cages rattled of the people who should have been helping them. You do THAT, you've got a connection who'll go into that dragon's cave and plant a cherry bomb under the dragon's ass for you. :D

Interesting stuff when you get into the mechanics of all of it, which I don't officially know. I'm just a crazy person off their meds. Honest! :D

Second FBI Agent in Two Months Arrested for Raping, Molesting Children by scrubking in corruption

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lol! That's nothing. Probably a third of the people in the juvenile justice system are pedos.

British army created an army of social media shills in order to use psyops in order to engage in unconventional warfare online. (The Guardian 2015) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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lol! Good luck with that! It only took one crazed, yet gifted autist shill to create the unholy QAnon mob. Plus all those people who worked in such things, and then go independent later, god help ya! The group I worked with in the 90s/00s have more or less normal day jobs now, but occasionally take pot shots at corrupt Michigan politicians.

The heads on their walls? There's old boy Kwame K, former Detroit mayor they hounded, put into prison TWICE. All the local governments who got nailed, had their towns taken over by City Mangers, and THOUSANDS of scumbags in various government positions who ended up with the wrong data in the wrong hands. Most suddenly decide to "retire" like a former Shiawassee County judge, sheriff, and the infamous Mr "Have a drink on me" county prosecutor Colbry who was the wedge that helped bring them all down.

Biggest problem with intelligence people in the field looking for all sorts of criminals, the biggest fish they find are in the fucking government. And while you might not be able to bring them down while in that job, these jobs are usually short term, under 2-5 years. Then you're back out on the street with at best some vague job skills listed for a job description that in no way matches reality. :D

Oh, how did you learn forensic accounting? Oh, oh, online course there bro. ;)

Lab tests reportedly find no identifiable tuna DNA in Subway sandwich by AmericanMuskrat in news

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Sure, but who the hell goes there for tuna? You can buy a can of it for $3, a loaf of bread for $2, and a tube of mayo for $1.75, make yourself sandwiches all week.

If you're going to subway you get one of their specialties, either the value subs where you're just getting a half dozen for a group of people, or some weird ass grilled concoction with assortments of mystery meat, probably beef, pork, or chicken then smother that in sauces, vegetables, etc.

Haven't been there for at least a few years though.

Conservatives seem to finally be realizing that the police are not their buddies by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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If it's the reddit sub, there's still plenty of the the crack smoking QAnon cultists on there. lol!

"I Don't Know Of A Bigger Story In The World" Right Now Than Ivermectin: NYTimes Best-Selling Author by zyxzevn in Coronavirus

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As someone who has given horses regular doses of ivermectin for parasites, I have no desire to try it myself. :D

"I Don't Know Of A Bigger Story In The World" Right Now Than Ivermectin: NYTimes Best-Selling Author by zyxzevn in Coronavirus

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If you have bot fly infections, its great. If you have a virus, you need something with way more mojo. ;)

Former Reddit CEO: "Deplatforming works" by Drewski in censorship

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Sure sure, and if you catch the founder of Stormfront with a laptop full of CP, likely planted by his wife so she could get and easier divorce, maybe not, lock his ass up, run him through the system, surely the rest of the "Sheetheads" on Stormfront will be blown to the 4 winds. Except, that's not how it worked..

If anything it got people off their asses to spawn DOZENS of new platforms, and figure out a bunch of ways to spread the word which would be difficult to censor. Neo nazi rap, neo nazi metal/grindcore, a bunch of religions spawned off norse paganism, etc. Granted most of these were hobbies, until their friends financially back them.

And similar story with the Klan, granted their whole thing was a retread of an organization post civil war that had a lifetime of maybe 3 years. Got rebooted, reinvented in the 20s-30s, and was getting pretty damned old, tired, and marginalized when the FBI and peoples lawyers were picking off the various chapters one by one. But what happened to the chapters that got dissolved? They still get together, and dress up in duck hunting or regular hunting camouflage. And they most assuredly DO go out duck hunting, feral hog hunting, and a number of other things practicing skills considerably more deadly, should they be applied to other things, than screwing around in sheets, and lighting crosses on fire. And they still have big bonfires as well.

Then the last thing, which didn't used to be a thing. People were always a bit wary of the different variety of tranys. It was something in the gay subculture people didn't think about much. And on the other end part of the lesbian subculture where people weren't just butch, they were living as men. Hormonal therapy, gender reassignment, etc. People only knew what they saw on Jerry Springer, Silence of the Lambs, and various other daytime shock TV.

Then with weird internet porn, people got quite a bit more aware about that subculture. Mostly they'd laugh about it. Until the Wachowskis did their thing, and the former Bruce Jenner. People were generally kinda like WTF? But otherwise, didn't care too much..

Until people started making a stink about Trans rights, and suddenly you go from 95% being on the fence in "I don't care" mode, to having an opinion about it, mostly negative. The more politicians push for it, the more pissed off people get. You can kick them off every platform big tech controls, its not gonna make them less pissed, or mark them vote for progressive politicians. In fact, the least whiff of anything to do with trans rights, you're going to LOSE voters from both parties. Usually to some senile old asshole who at least has the sense not to push for these things.

As for online harassment, and intolerance, check the urban dictionary if you want to find a couple hundred words more nasty than the relatively benign term "tranny". THAT was the blowback from trying to ban that word from the internet. Because apparently for a supposedly internet savy group, they never heard of the Streisand effect. lol!

For all the other groups deplatformed, they went down a hundred other rabbit holes. Off to do their thing out of sight out of mind, no need to cater to the general consensus of a generic platform by tamping down their most crazy members. If you try to shut down something like the TOR network, you've already got Namecoin that's been out there for a while. There were even forks that were reasonably easy to use, although short lived. and since then it looks like there's a whole ecosystem of alternative DNS blockchains. lol! lets you look up about 8 of them, and at least 12 that I can find on casual googling.

Why Has "Ivermectin" Become a Dirty Word? With the world desperate for news about an unprecedented disaster, Silicon Valley had essentially decided to disallow discussion of a potential solution — disallow calls for more research and more study — because not enough research and study had been done. by Chipit in censorship

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lol! Ivermectin, hydroxycloroquine, they cured problems, but probably not covid. So if you have latent parasites, get covid, knock back the parasites, your immune system can now knock back the covid. Same with latent malaria, which is common in many regions of the world.

But for the 3-5% with ACE2/IL-2 genetic malformations, encoding issues for their T cells, they're pretty much fucked. This whole shit show, more or less, was so we didn't have an IRL version of the Marvel Universe SNAP with 1 in 20 dying outright. Like in Brazil, India, Peru, and other nations.

Now the BAD news, its not just the 1 in 20.. Those are the people who could outright die from various known strains.

Those with asymptotic covid are still getting endothelial damage, having superoxides blasted out of their mitochondria, and god only knows what sort of accumulated damages.

Best case scenario, those who lost older family members to covid, might have only lost 5-10 years. They quit smoking, drinking, exercise more, they might gain that back. Or they might develop symptoms typical of ACE2 related illness 20-30 years early.

Note the date on this one is 2007.

And here comes Covid, a disease that hammers ACE2 receptors, and we see what happens.

I guess the theory of years before has been verified with a vengeance.

FBI’s Mafia-Style Justice: To Fight Crime the FBI Sponsors 15 Crimes a Day by tvfemale in whatever

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lol! Even just gathering intelligence, getting to know extremist wackos, it's more like 15 crimes an hour. And that's just piddling around the county fair on a weekend. Granted, not super serious ones, but certainly technical crimes.

Lets see, having someone guy buy food and drink on their Bridge Card(food stamps/TANF/etc), swapping the excess for printer paper, CD-Rs, envelopes, providing beer and cigs for a 17 y/o minor who printed up the materials and CD-Rs which may have contained pirated material, seditious materials, porn, MP3s, assorted "anarchy files" off TOTSE, then distributing said materials..

Of course, the carnies being appreciative threw some things in "the hat" in recompense. Joints, speed pills, vicodin, knives, the occasional pocket pistol, beers, moonshine, sacks of quarters, excessively worn $1s and $5s, cigarettes, etc.

Not to mention the "expired food" bagged and boxed up as "doggie treats", and then letting children consume such things. lol!

But really, if you want to know what kinds of serious crimes are going down, you need to get in there where the criminals area. And when you're around criminals, crimes are bound to happen. Albeit generally minor BS crimes of people just doing their daily business getting by outside channels approved by those who decide what's right and proper, while themselves doing things which morally are a sneeze away from treason.

PSA: don't interact with the shills! (and how to spot them) by [deleted] in SaidIt

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You numbers are pretty thin. The place has the feel of an 80s BBS. Cool and all, but any shills you might have are obviously lost. They'd have better luck trolling the wingnuts at kiwi farms if they really wanted to get things rolling/trolling. :D

PSA: don't interact with the shills! (and how to spot them) by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Yes and no.. Making Israel sound like Vegas in the 50s.. It's more accurate than inaccurate. Although I believe it was Lebanon that had loads of titty bars and blackjack back in the goldern era. Tel Aviv DID have one nice one, but no more. And no gambling in Israel.

Beirut still has quite a bit of gambling though, and a few titty bars.

PSA: don't interact with the shills! (and how to spot them) by [deleted] in SaidIt

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lol! They're the red headed step children of the Third Reich, most of the money that funded Israel was mob money, or tied to other organized crime. So you had Palestinian nationalists, and Jewish nationalists united against the Brits in the 20s-50s. The Brits said, ok, fuck it, let them have their patch of parched dirt, and retreated to try and patch up their post WW2 empire, maybe hold onto some client states that were looking to bolt.

And once they were free, of course they started to scrap, because you've got a ton of new people in a nation that's pretty limited on natural resources, and a leadership that doesn't really know WTF they're doing.

Good news is, you've now got a place for all your bad eggs to run off to when they get in trouble in their home nations. :D

Which ultimately removes them from those nations having to keep an eye on them in prison, and make sure they're not back going mob shit when they get out of prison. Plus the various lunatic fringes who believe the bible is more than just cultural metaphors and rules to live by for a better life, and all the two bit grifters who were starting to feel the heat in their home nations.

And sure, they scrap with their neighbors, scrap with each other, but in a place where they can't play the victim, where the government IS partially or fully their kin, they have to get down to the business of being legitimate enough not to piss off others who can see a hustle 20 miles away.

I think for a lot of em, its a place to reform, as much as they're going to reform. A place where they can fight the harsh elements, rather than thinking other people are out to get them, with the exception of the other people actually out to get them, because the IDF bulldozed a children's hospital in the west bank or something. :D

It has the benefit that countless nations aren't having to pay to warehouse these people in prison, or deal with the fallout from all the various criminal hustles they might have been up to, and then trying to reform them when they get out. Now they just flee to Israel, and people can say, oh well, fuck it, let em rot there. ;)

If there is no more Israel where would you put all those people? Namibia maybe? Some part of the Atacama, or up in the Aleutian Island chain? You know they're just going to do something that pisses off their host nation, or they'll sponge off relatives in other countries.

Nah, fuck that, British Palestine was a used up patch of dirt the desert has been trying to claim for the last 3000 years. Let them play in their sandbox, and be the live fire proving ground for American weapons systems. Not just the Jews, but the Palestinians, because lets face it, religion aside, that bloodline has a history of not only spawning genius, but genius level criminality, and lot in the middle of getting over their head fast type criminality.

Better they hang out there and have each other to beat the piss out of, than get loose in the world and go crazy.

So, there you have it, a Pro Nation of Israel rant, that smears its inhabitants and compares the place to toxic human waste storage. You can feel free to modify that, and copypasta it to your black little hearts content. :D

Although lets face it, a good 60-70% of people in Israel these days are just heading there as a place to start over, have some government subsidy, learn a trade, and hopefully not be found by student loan hounds and other debt collectors. ;) But the history of the founders having involvement in sketch as fuck backgrounds, 100% legit.

Even their own papers go into detail about it. lol!

And they also are legitimately punting out the worst of the worst to let the wolves feast on them.

Although my favorite, for the region at least, is this guy. Gave a jumbo middle finger to the corrupt as fuck Japanese legal system. They need an episode of Mad Lads for that guy someday.

But, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon aside, if you look at history the Dutch and the Irish have produced people far far more infamous on their slowest days than the craziest the middle east can produce. Those crazy SOBs leave the Zionists in the dust. Like these crazy sons of bitches. Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel, founded a CULT based on consumerism and easy money.

You've also got countless Dutch multinationals just barely barely hovering above overt criminality collectively raking in trillions over the years. And the Irish and crime. lol! That goes on FOREVER.

A bit of an informal survey for folks at Saidit. by Basghetti in whatever

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lol! Not since she went off her meds which was a few years back. I'm just not cut out for listening to someone rant and rave about an imaginary friend living under their bed. My cousins keep touch with her, one is an EMT and the other a nurse in a psych hospital, so they're far far better qualified. :D

Her level of awareness about what I've been up to the last 3 decades is probably more of a liability than anything, it just seems to confuse her. Also pretty risky as her neighbors are mostly people on the government dole, refugees, etc. She can tell them about what I did when I was like 4-8 years old, which seems to be the only thing she's got clear memories of. lol!

After that, it's all bets are off. She'll get confused about what I'm going to use my trust fund for. Uh, college? Yeah, that's been a long long time ago. Money go bye bye! Of course, I make about as much as the meager trust fund in a year so...

Took her out to eat after her eye surgery, and she just about had a stroke at the prices. I'm like, uh, yeah.. It's not the 60s-70s anymore. A lunch combo and pie, about $15-20. Minimum wage in this state is like $12-$14 an hour.

She can still operate her cell phone, and digital TV no problem. Although she's still amazed you can get closed captions just by hitting a button. :D

Being out of contact also seems to keep local yahoos helping her out from trying to call me for minor BS. Got a call when I was in Utah from some medical clinic asking when I was going to pick her up and give her a ride back. (she lives 6 blocks from the clinic). I was like, uh yeah, I'm in the WRONG part of the country and not due back for months. And on occasion when I am back, I'm 30 miles away, and sleeping while everyone is running around being busy.

Of course, she can always tap any of the various old ladies and bored do gooders looking to do their good deeds for the week. (from the local LDS church she's part of) or even from her other heathen neighbors who are Jehovah's Witnesses, a couple Sikhs, her Russian/Armenian friend who's always looking to get up to something, etc. But when they're around she can't swear, act crazy, or do various anti-social things like terrorizing WalMart/Bartels/QFC employees like she's some drunken irishman. ;)

I want to be a Jewish Internet Defense League Shill Now! by Jesus in AskSaidIt

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Yeah, for bulk shill work, you hit the twitter, facebook, whatever your target audiences are gawking at.

For precision work, to find out if the people out to get you, or whoever, are actual violent nut jobs, that's more along the lines of going where the nutters are, getting into their happy little community, and finding out who's just a tourist, who's there to kill time, talk shit, and more middle aged dad mofos who feel they've become just a plastic cookie cutter SOB who like to rant and rave, piss and moan.

Then you got the actual dangerous sons of bitches. Which has its own hierarchy. People who'll do petty vandalism, phone or online harassment, make wise cracks to some minority they see in the wal-mart/whatever. Then the ones who will do things like gunshots in the middle of the night, shooting a road flare into a barn, or do road rage type menacing, etc. The criminal justice system churns through those guys pretty well.

More serious danger, there's about 5 levels above the chuckleheads, they're the people capable of actual planning, and serious crimes, who may actually murder someone, or do serious violence. Confusing the issue, you've got various fixers, cannon fodder, and hangers on around the core psychopaths.

For all that shit, you go into whatever online or IRL rathole those people hang out in. I could tell you some wild stories about the various "racial pride" groups, bikers, militia nuts, hard right wing loonies, and beyond just the boring hobbyist doofs being drunk and weird, the scary crazy people. :D

Good news/bad news, I can actually get on the level of some of those scary crazy people. One guy who got a 30 year trip to club fed used to chuckle and say I was the craziest mofo he ever met. lol! Hopefully it was just some level of my mind going crazy as a defensive measure, rather than turning into something like those people.

And that last bit, is the true danger of gathering intelligence, and getting some kind of influence and connections to whatever group of interest. After all, Hitler was originally working for German Intelligence gathering info/influence on the group he eventually headed. And we all know how that ended up. Or more recently, the history of Los Zetas in Mexico, from fighting drug dealing criminals, to becoming some of the most dangerous drug dealing criminals. ;)

So, yeah.. If you have people doing that, you need some level of supervision to make sure they're not getting nutty, and likely to go off the deep end. And don't turn into Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones, or Chris Cantwell (a.k.a. the Crying Nazi). Funny story, I actually knew the crying nazi before he became the crying nazi, back when he was a nutter libertarian podcaster trying to find a following. And of course, he was getting paid as a snitch/informant, in addition to various wallet padding scams I won't get into(think OK Cupid for gay nazis). He's also a case study of what happens when you forget to tap the fucking brakes now and again.

I want to be a Jewish Internet Defense League Shill Now! by Jesus in AskSaidIt

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Close enough, but that's just low level, low effort shill work. You'd have to have a shit ton of canned responses on macro keys, and have pez dispensers full of adderall to make a living wage.

If we're being real here, medical transcription, and medical coding pays better than that shit by like DOUBLE.

But look at the workforce. You got a bunch of kids fresh out of the IDF, no longer able to go out and sell that Dead Sea Skin Goop, they wanna make money, and set aside a nest egg, get out of their fucking parents house, so there you have it, a ready made hustle to generate some cash.

If it was anyone with any sort of talent, skip tracing, tracking down disability fraudsters, digging through someones social media to see if someone on probation was back to slinging dope, trying to fuck kids, or whatever. That's a whole ton more money. Also likely to make someone nuts, because you get into the lives of low lifes, you're likely to have nightmares for a long time. Get twitchy, even get PTSD.

I want to be a Jewish Internet Defense League Shill Now! by Jesus in AskSaidIt

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lol! Look at the QUANTITY of fucking work you have to do to pull down that money. Shit, your fingers would be worn to nubs! ;)

Only a government agency hiring a ton of grunt employees would be that cheap. For actual Wag the Dog kinds of intelligence work, you DON'T do fucking quantity, you just get results, or get reassigned to something else.

Redditor says animal porn made him a socialist by MisterQ in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The people into actual bestiality generally do not like liberals. Liberals let in the PETA wackos, make new laws against sex with animals, bestiality porn, and then as a final insult bring in gay marriage. Plus all the generally insane laws on what can and can't be done on farms, animal registration and vaccination laws that create stupid amounts of paperwork, etc.

Why Was the US Department of Defense Funding Bioweapons Research at Wuhan? by Chipit in news

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But only those with ACE2/IL2 genetic defects in the case of Covid. So the virus killed all the people who would have died slowly over 20 years from chronic illness in old age. Kind of an odd bioweapon. lol!