Netflix Conspiracy by AmericanMuskrat in conspiracy

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Fuck, socks, great comment. You just shocked me lol. I was trying to give a tl;dr version but you are correct, 100%. They're all connected and play different positions on the field.

And if you research one group like Black Rock or Citadel and keep climbing the ladder (or going deeper down the rabbit hole), you'll see how all these groups intersect, where & for what purpose, as well as how/why they work together for the same overall goal.

It was the Robinhood situation over a year ago when this first started that lead us to Melvin capital, Black Rock and citadel, their involvement & dirty deeds. Following them down the rabbit hole we were introduced to Blackstone (which also pointed at major groups like congress and "world organizations"), and many others. Superstonk literally has a digital library of 30+ solid "virtual books" on our discoveries as time went on & the proof - it's called the DD library for anyone new who wants to learn about this.

Netflix Conspiracy by AmericanMuskrat in conspiracy

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You're 100% right. Look into the Boston Consulting Group. This was all uncovered because of the gme situation, whether anyone here wants to believe it or not. We've uncovered a lot of roaches in the last year.

And they're starting to scatter, with more light seeping into their room exposing them.


Amazon works with BCG and is trying to take everything out. GME was one of those companies and got invaded by BCG too; that's why the board was plagued and replaced when Ryan Cohen came into the picture.

Any company in the last 20+ years that the BCG have been involved in were destroyed from the inside (radio shack, bed bath & beyond, Sears, toys r us, etc, zombie stocks).

Browse for yourself, learn how deep the rabbit hole goes. It's unbelievable people fell for this Wall Street shit for years and no one did anything about it on their terf. Wallstreet works for congress. Congress works for the World Economic Forum. Draw some lines and connect the dots. (click this link and the following if you click any)

You don't have to listen to me though, what do I know?

Be well everyone, take care of yourselves. Research /r/superstonk, fr. Do your own DD, this is not financial advice.

BCG is a nefarious parasite that seems to have infected every part of the world. And they aren't the men at top, they're just the shooters.

Edit: and they just opened an offshore location in Costa Rica:

And did you know these fuckers were involved in a cancer treatment's demise (proven to work), that had just gone public? Citadel naked shorted it into the ground and destroyed the company.


Because a cure for cancer does not create reoccurring customers/slaves.

Putin should get a Nobel peace prize or something... by platonic1 in whatever

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Saidit, I introduce you to the voat stage of Saidit's evolution!

The way voat started and the path it took and the parallels to saidit's journey to date are seriously uncanny. Why even try to have serious conversation on this site anymore? Why put energy into a thoughtful response or sharing information when this has become the norm on SaidIt?

I joined this website maybe 6 months to a year after it first started, and even then, it was a great community that had fun but was also respectful and exchanged ideas. It's sad how far we've strayed. And I did try to help, and offered it.

/s/WhiteOwlSocialClub offers a small glimpse into how SaidIt & its users used to be.

Neil Young’s music quietly returns to Spotify amid Joe Rogan protest by Tarrock in politics

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I am purely an MP3 player with my own collection.

Cool, since you're a pure MP3 player & all, can you please play "Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl"? I assume it is in your collection?


If not, a song by them is acceptable too. Thanks!

Confirmed: BLM Activist Arrested For Assassination Attempt On Democrat In Kentucky by zyxzevn in politics

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Hold on there!

We need Penn State to conduct some research on this, so we know we know, for sure!

OG SaidIt, I miss your knowledge, your jokes, your kindness and the discussions we used to have. I miss you. by Enza in SaidIt

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sry man, I don't miss u and I certainly won't be missing u with "that gay shit", whatever that is, in ur perverted, degenerate mind.


Trudeau’s State Media Labels 'Freedom' A "Far-Right" Concept by Drewski in propaganda

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Canadians took the first step by peacefully saying no.

"The powers that be" are now trying to play their next move, an attempt to both make us uncomfortable, and practice some gayops to cause more confusion and division. Freedom as a concept and idea does not belong to any sole political ideology (birds are free.. how much political arguing do you think they do?). Freedom is not even a political notion; it's your God given right (or birth right if you don't believe in a higher power. Just by being born into this reality, you have the right to experience it as you wish - nature isn't political). There's absolutely no point in being a human (or being born) on this planet if you can't experience & explore your reality, freely. What's the point of a bird being born if it isn't allowed to flap its wings? But this is all besides the point.

Why don't we start saying no to political labels and identifying with them too? From "leftist" to "right wing", I don't understand why people still participate in the "party system" or use a "political compass" to see where "they belong" - how about we take a break, say fuck that shit, stop trying to label ourselves or get offended when labels we associate with are attacked, and just focus on peace AND freedom? That's our political party.

We all know "politics" are an illusion, the blanket they use to cover up the societal hierarchy Stop identifying your beliefs with political ones - aka pre-determined belief systems that become part of your ego. We all want to be free and have peace at the end of the day - horseshoe theory - we literally want the same things, freedom, peace, a life worth living, but have been convinced there are only certain options available of achieving it when that's not true. Now they're attempting to use this to divide us and change what "freedom" means and represents, and we all also know how much they love playing with language (did you know Pagan simply means villager? Did you know the word "pain" comes from the Latin word "poena" meaning a fine, penalty or punishment?).

Also, unrelated, but we don't need to fight for our freedoms. We need to resist for our freedoms, say no, and do so peacefully. We can't be reactive. We already made a choice, freedom. If we get anything less than that, that's because we allowed them into scaring or fooling us to back down.

Imagine if like the truckers, everyone just stopped working and participating in their society. The total system would collapse.

We are the table they sit at; eugenics, population control, useless eaters and all, they still need us. Their game is no fun without us (we've seen the duper's delight from many presidents and major politicians when talking about shady shit, this must be some type of fun for them), and they also need wage slaves so they can continue to sit in their ivory towers and have the lives they do.

Just imagine if everyone shut off from this political mind-game bull shit and focused on peace and freedom, like the truckers. What happens if every ant in a colony decides to stop working until they get what they want?

What's the purpose of life if you can't experience it & everything it has to offer you, freely? You may as well be dead - at least you won't feel pain. And I don't believe in political theater at all. I don't even talk about politics anymore cuz it's a waste of time tbh.

"Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong."

Lao Tzu

Penn State Research Comes to Obvious Conclusion Antifa Presence at Protests Greatly Increases Risk of Violence by [deleted] in news

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We really didn't need research to know this. It's been a few years now, I think everyone on the planet knows that anti-fa is paid for and try 2 instigate violence or public/city damage during protests lol.

OG SaidIt, I miss your knowledge, your jokes, your kindness and the discussions we used to have. I miss you. by Enza in SaidIt

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OG SaidIt, I miss your knowledge, your jokes, your kindness and the discussions we used to have. I miss you. by Enza in SaidIt

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OG SaidIt, I miss your knowledge, your jokes, your kindness and the discussions we used to have. I miss you. by Enza in SaidIt

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It's not "ruining", it's "provocative".

OG SaidIt, I miss your knowledge, your jokes, your kindness and the discussions we used to have. I miss you. by Enza in SaidIt

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Same place you went man! Where were you, helping Frodo?

Did they have the pandemic there? Did Frodo get the ring or nah?

OG SaidIt, I miss your knowledge, your jokes, your kindness and the discussions we used to have. I miss you. by Enza in SaidIt

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Yeah, you are.

/u/BravoVictor and some other users however are way 2 ugly 2 be thinking they can be cute.

What Happens if the Moon Crashes into Earth? by magnora7 in videos

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The algorithm recommends us both the same exact videos lol. I kid you not, every video you post I've either been recommended many times, or just popped on my feed lol.

Inside The Japanese Festival Dedicated Entirely To Penises by Antarchomachus in NotTheOnion

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...are these supposed to be "kawaii" versions of the monster demon who hides in vaginas, and bites peepees off??

Edit: also, wtf, why are "straight" men dressing as women to carry the penises? It didn't say anything about that in the myth - a blacksmith made a iron-based penis and used that to break the demons teeth lol he didn't cross dress.

Edit 2:

"Visitors wanting to see it themselves, and unafraid to face the throbbing masses..."


OG SaidIt, I miss your knowledge, your jokes, your kindness and the discussions we used to have. I miss you. by Enza in SaidIt

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We were an awesome, tight-knit community b4. We had dope conversations and knowledge was exchanged.

Now the best we have is low-tier shit posters who think they're funny, but they honestly aren't. A 12-year-old could genuinely do better lol. It's depressing. I miss the laughs this site used to bring.

People had respect, and gave it when it was due. These days, things just feel chaotic.

Edit: lmao this thread proved my point.

Can having too much money and power destroy you? by WalkingIn2Madness in AskSaidIt

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Ty, I've heard of/played some of those games! It's not the turn base thing that I like, it's the almost choose-your-own-adventure, and even if it's not that, if it has multiple endings depending on your actions, I love playing games like those and trying out each ending and doing shit differently. Here's a few examples of the style I'm talking about, if they ring any bells for the PlayStation I'd appreciate it!: (just watch the first 5-7 min of this one, the stories and faction stories are great - they feel real. If you haven't played far cry 5 I really, really recommend it to you, even if you don't think you'll like it, you will; you'll like the story and choices a lot).

Anything that has character customization of some sort (the battles can be normal), from the way you fight, to factions and story line choices you can make. And if it has multiple (can be as few as two) endings based on your choices or groups you sided with or playstyle, that would be dope. If any of that rings any bells please lemme know!

Like I said, the game can be on rails in the same way Pokémon legends of arceus' story is on rails although you can spend as much time as you want free roaming the unlocked areas at different times. There's customization there, it can be as light as that! But something like the trailers above would be preferable, if they don't bring anything 2 mind, no worries, thx for reminding me of the new pkmn game to begin with, I appreciate it!

Can having too much money and power destroy you? by WalkingIn2Madness in AskSaidIt

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Yeah, they're easy to find in Pokémon go, but some games, like gold and silver when you enter a map, it's like one in 2 million chance of encountering a shiny or something like that. Some people grind for hours (like literally 8+) on stream trying to find one, it's really just luck.

I'm sure the shiny encounter rate is much lower for this game, there's some moments where Pokémon mass spawn so I'm sure that makes it easier. But yeah this is the first shiny I've ever actually seen in a real game lol I was shocked

Can having too much money and power destroy you? by WalkingIn2Madness in AskSaidIt

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I caught my first shiny ever! It was only a Wurmple sadly, but it's still a cool Pokémon, I evolved it into a Dustox, which is a cool bug/poison Pokémon. Although I have to admit the shiny version is kind of lame/has a vomit color palette going on lol.

I spent maybe three hours in the wilds, one hour after this encounter just straight looking for shinies and they don't seem any easier to find than the normal games, although I'm sure their appearance rate is up somewhat in this game.

Have you encountered a shiny yet? This is literally my first time, been hunting since I was like 9 playing gold and silver when they were first introduced lol never got a shiny until now, so ty!

Can having too much money and power destroy you? by WalkingIn2Madness in AskSaidIt

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I understand man! They're hard for me to find myself nowadays lol. I guess that's why I stopped playing video games/finding them fun/rewarding. But I know play station is supposed to have some good ones. I'm setting up a room in my apt that I've left empty (minus some cat stuff) for almost two years & basically gave to my two rescues. I'm putting in this cool emerald-green Victorian-era-looking velvet love seat/couch and a small floating tv for a ps5, making a little room that is outdoor themed/has out door vibes & feels like you're outside. Basically a man cave (lol) with nature as the theme - I have cool matching carpets and I'm gonna put up some forest sticker/removable wall paper on one wall (it's mostly grey even tho it isn't grey scale, it was custom made to fit my wall, it's cool, It looks like you're in the forest when you see it due to the perspective the photo was taken, and it makes the slightly dark/emerald green theme pop); it'll look cool when it's done, I'll show you!

This weekend I'm getting the couch, putting up some forest themed platforms/climbing shelves with food and water bowls that lock into the shelves/platforms themselves (as well as a new cat tree in the corner since my two rescues love this room, I figure they could use some of the energy climbing and playing in their lil corner since they both bounce off the walls sometimes and love being high up/fight each other for the top of the cat tree I do have lol).

I haven't had a PS console since PS2, but I know it has some of the best choice-based games. Gonna have fake vines and plants and shiet like when I first moved in by the stairs to rly make it feel have that outdoors vibe, with them crawling off the ceiling and on the walls all around. I found the same vines for cheap; 25 packs of 5 seven ft long vines for 8 dollars. There's also a lot of cheap fake trees on sale rn that are different varieties/plants for cheap that I'll put in the corners/by small wooden tables. I love camping and hiking and shit so I want a chill "relax" Pseudo-out-door-room, that photo was from when I first moved in.

that's only why I asked. Detroit: Become human was pretty awesome, and I hadn't heard anything about it on the internet altho everyone was playing/streaming it at the time. I Was wondering if you guys knew of any choice based games since you're on the ps4.

You know, Pokémon just isn't for me anymore. I'm lucky to still have the old games I can revisit.

They explain a lot to you in about an hour and a half - you can get so many stars in the beginning of the game, even start out with a decked out eevee team if you visit the first area at night and train eevee at night or day.

Did you know you can quick travel?! Every tutorial menu that popped up, yet I didn't know you could quick travel - from literally anywhere. If you don't know, hopefully it helps you guys.

But yeah the game isn't bad.. it's just not for me.. have to give it up to the next generation, when I was 9, if I played this.. no rando Pokémon encounters you see them as you would irl, night/day different Pokémon encounters and you throwing out your own Pokémon whenever you want, I would have loved it. I'm just being spoiled now. And that intro was a cool little snippet that puts you in the game mentally - when Arceus talks to you in the darkness - that was cool.

Anyway, thank you guys, I appreciate it, It is a dope game im gonna finish for sure.

Modest Mouse - The Good Times Are Killing Me by Enza in music

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Modest Mouse - The Good Times Are Killing Me by Enza in music

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This is an "inside post" out of respect 2 d3rr, u wouldn't understand. If he (and a few others) do come across it, they would.

I'll miss u d3rr, thanks for putting me onto some cool music and sharing bands and memories with me. I understand why you acted the way you did towards the end, I'll always respect & appreciate u.

Can having too much money and power destroy you? by WalkingIn2Madness in AskSaidIt

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I'm an hour in, can't say how I feel about it yet!! Lots of hand holding and explaining in the beginning, geese! This is what I don't like about the new Pokémon games. The mechanics are kind of cool so far tho. I just miss new starters and pkmn. That was always part of the fun, I'd avoid spoilers like the plague. I wanted to pick Cyndaquil so bad as a starter lol, went for Russet cuz he's a white owl and I never use grass starters.

Ty and your wife for reminding me and the recommendation! Also, ima check HFW out, never heard of it.

I was never a PlayStation person, but found some of my favorite games like Detroit become human on ps... do you have any recommendations if you wouldn't mind sharing them with me (or maybe your wife if you guys don't mind?), I really like choice-based games. Where there's multiple endings and there's consequences for your actions. Haven't been able to find a good one of those in a while.

In middle school and then hs oblivion/Skyrim/Fallout, as well as the fable series, were my favorite games.

Thanks again for the recommendation, to both of you!

"We are not going home until you are all FREE" by MrJoshua in canada

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This was beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye.

I've been saying for a year now, all we have to do is say "no" en masse. This is what Canada is doing. together.

All of our protests were embarrassingly violent, hostile, and had bad actors involved dropping loads of pallets w/ bricks outside of banks or other expensive stores, and instigated causing fires or flipping cars. I saw it all happen when ip2 still existed and ip2 covered it like no other journalist (a lot of their streaming footage is what you see in the documentaries about it). They were able to get where the media wasn't, and were neutral observers.

When I was growing up, I thought Canada was our "lil bitch that always said sorry" (we used to joke about that in middle school and shit, I apologize for being an ignorant American as a kid). Naaaaah.

Canada is undivided, not programmed like our people are, and not only that: they picked up the torch for us when we didn't lift it fast enough, they're using American sayings like "land of the free, home of the brave", and flying American flags behind their Canadian ones (as they should, Canada first in their country). But they aren't doing this just for Canada.

I really respect Canada now (honestly, I did before too), it's people are great. This is why they're backing off the covid shit, and everyone was wondering why. The only way to stop this madness is to simply refuse it as a group.

And Canada has done so with class; there's kids out there with them, they're getting along with police, free food, fire works, it's honestly just beautiful. I hope we never forget our power, or the power of peacefully saying no.

Can having too much money and power destroy you? by WalkingIn2Madness in AskSaidIt

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I'm glad she's enjoying it and you guys are having fun! Tbh, I miss how pkmn was as a game before the Pokémon Go era.. like if you just look up black and white 1 & 2, it has a pretty deep story even adults would enjoy on a philosophical level.

Ngl tho, if they wanna go in this direction, Arceus looks like a step in the right direction. I haven't rly looked into it since launch trailers tbh (I rly don't play games like I used to anymore for some reason lol), but it seems a lot of people are enjoying it and a lot has been fixed since their last few releases.. maybe ima try it!

Thank you and her for making me look into it, deadass I didn't even realize it came out like a week ago until I saw your comment lol, so thank you!

Can having too much money and power destroy you? by WalkingIn2Madness in AskSaidIt

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Hahaha! What does she think of the game? I used to love the Pokémon games, red/blue/gold/silver were my shit, the last game I actually liked was black and white tho.. it feels like a completely different game now..

Kanye West - Monster ft. Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z & Bon Iver [OFFICIAL VIDEO] by Enza in MusicVideos

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Nicki honestly kills this song tbh, I think her verse is better than Jay-Z's lol.

Can having too much money and power destroy you? by WalkingIn2Madness in AskSaidIt

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Black Hippy (Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & ScHoolboy Q) - Vice City by Enza in MusicVideos

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I know a lot of you guys don't listen to or like most "modern" hip-hop (ime some of you guys who I know are fr take the lyrics & visuals @ face-value without lending enough time to hear the true message behind a song b4 commenting), but this group as well as their personal catalogues are honestly art.

This video isn't serious, it's stereotypical on purpose, and the song was meant to be a sleeper & was at the time; it was designed to be played in clubs (kind of like rock the casbah by the clash) despite having a positive message and seriously party-ruining critique about the sinful aspects of modern pop culture & stereotypes we all fall into without realizing it.

They are each discussing both their personal sins/vices/weakness/mistakes that they admit & wish to renounce along with stereotypical vices glamorized in pop culture/entertainment:


"Vice City” is the eighth track on Jay Rock’s sophomore album, 90059. It features TDE and Black Hippy members – Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q and Rock himself. Cardo and Yung Exclusive (aka Yex) produced the song.

The title of the song refers to Los Angeles (Vice City). A vice is a behavior that is considered immoral or sinful. Each artist touches on their personal vices, but the overarching theme is the social commentary of black culture. As depicted in the video, the vices appear to be money and women (and drugs) —stereotypical vices that are often glamorized in the media.

This is the music video version which has a longer verse from ScHoolboy Q, but ends after that instead of after Kendrick Lamar."

Max Headroom: The Most Misunderstood Joke on TV by Enza in whatever

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I just had to say this; I love you Jason. You're honestly my favorite saidit user of all time.

I haven't spoken to you or hit you up in a while, but ur truly one-of-a-kind, passionate, smart as well as a kind & funny guy. Saidit wouldn't be what it is without you. I'd say no homo but then I'd be lying.

I love you bro, hope you've been doing well!

King Crimson - Eyes Wide Open by Enza in music

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Huge crackheads.


Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (Official Audio) by Enza in music

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Me too, first talking heads song I ever heard, and my favorite song by them.

Hidden Truths - Operation Highjump & Admiral Byrd’s Secret Diary by Enza in conspiracy

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Also, lots of high ranking people have visited the poles.

Exactly (that's John Kerry w/ us Air Force)! I'm not claiming to know exactly what's up, I prolly never will, but somethings up! I'm not saying anything is definitive, but I am saying somethings off. Only high ranking ppl or approved and vetted scientists are allowed on the poles (besides military). There's even no-fly zones around the poles, and even then, you have to be an approved military aircraft. Even if it'll cut the flight and make it cheaper and shorter.

Then there's things like this, which are lil tidbits shared with the public that fly under the mainstream radar:

Hidden Truths - Operation Highjump & Admiral Byrd’s Secret Diary by Enza in conspiracy

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I’d love to go there.

Too bad you'd get shot before you even got close 💀

The poles are under higher military protection than Area 51.


Best fiction written, pretty much ever.

As far as that goes, I'm not so sure it's fiction.. maybe, but why.. he was sent there on a secret military op that was supposed to last six months and came back within 2 months with a message and a huge portion of his fleet destroyed.. many lives lost..

Then his death bed confession as well as his diary to top it all off, along with similar info left behind by the Germans and Russians? to pass off all of this, as well as correlations with findings from other involved governments at the time, friend or foe as pure fiction, is to do yourself an injustice. What do we really know about the nature of our reality outside of what's been taught to us and what we can "prove"?

There's a lot of weird, unexplained, science and physics defying phenomena that happen in our time that sound like fiction.. but they're happening and being recorded and leaked by the us navy and even msm.. the government is doing experiments in places like Utah and spending millions to do so.. the same is going on with the poles, but governments around the world are interested..

Russian Disclosure on Antarctica and the Vril Society - ROBERT SEPEHR by Enza in conspiracy

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This is one of my favorite conspiracies

Mine too, tbh. There are a lot of officials on record from all sides discussing it openly and they share the same perspective and reveal almost the same knowledge and hints.

Admiral Byrd's diary, New Swabia & Operation Highjump/Deep Freeze (and all the others that followed), as well as the beginning of mass UFO sightings starting during WW2 (the peak was towards the end of the war - us navy nick named them "foo fighters", there was Roswell and also the filmed display of them flying to and hovering over the white house in the 50s - so it's not a "conspiracy", many people in the military and government were experiencing and seeing these things, and had correlating stories regardless of personal allegiances/belonging to certain countries).

There's a lot of classified leaked or released documents as well to back it all up further as if this needs backing up after watching the video or spending an hour on the topic.

Honestly, nothing would surprise me about reality at this point; I realize I know nothing about it, despite trying to get a grasp. It was very convenient how when people on the internet started to look into the Thule Society & Agartha again (esp the Chan's), "Flat Earth" came out of no where with such a force, and the media covered every bit of it, making it look like those who questioned our reality are stupid.

But there are literally leaked classified documents from both sides, discussing the "true nature" of an aspect of our earth, and it's not flat, it's still round; this is a confirmed official ss new Swabia document for u-boat operators, it was leaked by a Russian radio/tv personality. If you check my profile, I made a post about it and went into more detail there.

The Russian, German and us governments all have leaked classified documents on this or death bed confessions about this, literally all three of them, from US Admiral Byrd to German SS & secret society member Wilhem Landig.

That's what makes this so interesting - there's so much backing it from information & documents from official and highly respected "war hero's" who were entrusted with secret ops, to official government documentation of events and operations. Thinking about it, it's more than possible. At the end of the day, the earth having a sold series of layers & a molten core is still only a theory that's been expounded on and taught as the objective truth when we can't even test that - it's never been physically proven. It would make sense if there are only certain areas with access, and the poles are notorious for strange, physics defying behavior.

In fact even today, the furthest we’ve drilled into the Earth is around 12km, while the distance to the centre is over 500 times further, at 6,370km.

So how do we know what lies beneath? Figuring out what’s at the heart of our planet has been a magnificent scientific puzzle.

They've basically piled theory on top of theory, based math & other aspects on theory that's been built from & over the OG theory, and teach it to us as the truth. It's as much of a theory as hollow earth is - however there are official government documents from around the world documenting it, keeping it secret from the public due to "panic", and a lot of money was spent exploring it. If you read that article, it's a lot of blah blah blah.

There was a time where land existing in the West was considered a fever dream until multiple brave souls came to the America's for themselves.

At the end of the day, it seems you need some power or a hit of heavy-clout-filled nepotism to set foot near the poles without military intervention of some kind.. why?

They must've been very strong.... or? by Gravi in conspiracy

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but.. butt...... janawawy swixth was worser than 9/11 & pwearl hawbor.. if not worser, den it was the same wevel of bad.

my bwain hurts mommy!

Ice Poseidon Steals 500,000 From Fans & Admits it for Crypto Start-Up, "Cx Coin" by Enza in SaidIt

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I just remember a bunch of Blade content and it was depressing as hell. If that guy isn't dead or maimed yet, I'm impressed.

You're not gonna believe this, but he still has all his toes.

Lmao it's been a few months since I checked him out due 2 boredom, but he's actually been in a long term relationship with this seemingly 100% normal single mom who has an adult kid last I checked (she doesn't need money or help, so there's no incentives there), she's way above his batting league.

No one can figure out what she sees in him, she knows how drunk he gets, about his nasty hygiene, and even partook occasionally in fire streams from what I saw, but is pretty young and maintains a normal job and has normal friends. She has good hygiene and cares about how she looks. It's honestly the weirdest couple match up, but good for him/them!

He destroyed his body to entertain bored degenerates around the world (I honestly wasn't too cool with the community enabling him, he knew about saidit, and people would sarcastically support his stupidity in clips and he took it seriously. dude almost lost his leg lol). He deserves love and a nice home that isn't covered in his piss and cig butts, she keeps him straight (as straight as he will bend lol). The people giving him donos (whoever they were, ip2 never donated), were kind of sick paying to watch this dude slowly kill himself.

god bless freddie gibbs by Enza in funny

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I love how when it cuts at the end you hear joe rogan go "hmm.." in response to that right b4 lmao

Ice Poseidon Steals 500,000 From Fans & Admits it for Crypto Start-Up, "Cx Coin" by Enza in SaidIt

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lol, he's still blaming ip2 when he snitches on himself in videos like the op, and video the op is a summary of.

Honestly, ip2 isn't what it was when it was on SaidIt, yet he's still using the same excuse lol.

Here's the official video where he's confronted in both dms and via an interview (from the op) and admits he's scamming people, but somehow still blames it on ip2 and says it's a fake rumor made up by the no longer existing group (it isn't what it was):

He fucking bought a Tesla one week, same week 50k worth of his coin's pool money was randomly removed from its wallet the same week he bought the Tesla, then he does a live stream picking up his new Tesla one week later, so fucking obvious, doesn't try to hide the dates or parallels or anything! When he'd been bitching about running out of money since the dawn of time.. it really seems like he thinks he found a cash loophole and finally found the "right investment" (what he's been talking about finding for years), that he thinks gives him an infinite money glitch as long as perceptions are good and morale is kept high lol.

Ice Poseidon Steals 500,000 From Fans & Admits it for Crypto Start-Up, "Cx Coin" by Enza in SaidIt

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messaging magnora and talking about suing us or something.


I guess IP2 didn't win if Ice ended up with $500k.

Def not. Last time I checked (a while ago) the community itself has gone rly downhill with the edge. At least we did expose him to be the shady guy that he is during our time on saidit, and people who don't know anything about his community know what he's about.

When it first started we were authentic fans, it honestly had an endearing quality to it, irl streaming was new and ice (who admitted at the time he was on the spectrum), was going to do irl streams on the streets of Cali with Andy Milonakis. Wtf that's like free 90's mtv insanity. And ice was portrayed as the innocent underdog, and everyone loves a good underdog story.

Ice soon changed after moving to Cali and the degeneracy of him and his new manager was on full display, but only half of us noticed it which is why we split into ip2. He got us banned from Reddit so we moved here. On here, was the best form of ip2, real world discussion, jokes and funny clips filled with stupidity from him & his crew. We clipped the funny and disgusting, evil moments like when he forgot a tab open where he was talking to a 13 yr old trying to get her in a threesome, and would report those clips on the page. That's why his house got raided by the fbi and all the streamers computers and phones were seized. It's part of the many reasons he got banned from streaming so many times and still is perma banned from almost every platform lol.

We didn't troll him or touch the poo, the only thing we did do is clip his stupidity and degeneracy and if it was bad/srsly evil, reported it to the fbi. he had met up with that 13 year old irl a few times, once with her mother who didn't speak English well and thought he was a star, he was literally documenting his crime in process lol, which he's still doing apparently.

he tried really hard with sock accounts and his partner Justin, to make front-page, highly up voted threads trying to convince you and all of saidit we were behind those "random DDoS" attacks as well as front page troll posts when you guys already knew we were cool on our lil saidit island.

thanks again, we all knew you guys didn't have to do what you were doing, it was an unnecessary pain in the ass, and we appreciated it (I still do), those were good times, both on saidit ip2 and saidit in general.

Edit: and I don't think anyone here is dumb enough to fall for these influencer scams, but hopefully this video serves as a good example lol.

Ice Poseidon Steals 500,000 From Fans & Admits it for Crypto Start-Up, "Cx Coin" by Enza in SaidIt

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Didn't he speak with you and magnora before, trying to convince you we were "haters" for clipping his degeneracy, and tried to talk you into removing us? I know he's responsible for those DDoS attacks back in the day.

Thank you again for fighting to give us a platform to warn others about his degeneracy and plans with clipped live stream moments, as well as a place for us to hang for as long as you guys did.

I don't follow it much anymore tbh, said it ip2 was peak ip2 all around.

All Gas, No Breaks - Donald Trump Jr. Book Club by Enza in funny

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The woman & random lil kid who comes in from no where and interrupts her interview with a joke at the end 🤣 this shit isn't scripted, that's something that really happened lmao

All Gas, No Breaks - Midwest FurFest by Enza in funny

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Yup, check my post history, i posted channel 5 a few times and explained Andrew G cuz some users weren't getting it.

Channel 5 doesn't have a lot out now tho, I've shared most of the stuff saidit would like, so I've been thirsty for more content and going back to agnb.

Full text of "Interview With Mr. Wilhelm Landig" (Wilhelm Landig was high up the Nazi totem pole and was a self-proclaimed Nazi Occultist. The interviewer agreed to only release this text upon his death). by Enza in history

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These people, as well as Wilhem Landig, believe the earth was hollow and contained many entrances, hence the Nazi-owned "New Swabia" & FBI documents on Nazis escaping to South America. A Russian journalist released maps from the SS in New Swabia that show how to enter the "inner earth" from new Swabia via u-boat. Supposedly these documents are authentic and he's been on tv/radio to talk about it, can't find any English stuff though.

Edit: also keep in mind this transcription is translated into English, so don't mind the grammar errors or weird sentence structure here or there.