Homer Simpson Genius by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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Hilarious, Homer. Always on point.
We need fewer big egos in our world.

How much evidence do people need to see things differently? This video blew me away, showing petrified giant creatures, not dinosaur bones, but full creatures frozen in time, with skin. Some people will dismiss it as pareidolia, which it is not. "Amazing nature stone Forest in Fontainebleau France" by EndlessSunflowers in videos

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If dinosaur bones were never discovered, would anyone believe it? Probably not, but the bones make it an undeniable truth. and if there were giant 'terrible lizards' like that, why not giant snakes, turtles, dragons, humans, etc... Earth History is nothing like modern academia claims, human beliefs are easily manipulated.

Man in the sky, sure; Giants on earth, no way. LOL, ok!

Social Bankruptcy by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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"I don't want to do any of that anymore" lol - I love it!

Also how she just walks away at the end Hahaha so good

"If we were meant to talk more than listen, we would have two mouths and one ear." Mark Twain by EndlessSunflowers in quotes

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I was getting lost in my thoughts this morning about how I can say some ridiculous things, as well as everyone else does from time to time too, which made me think that maybe we're all just talking too damn much! Hahaha

1,416 Years of Food Stamps by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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Hard Workin' Well Earned Rootin' Tootin' Red Blooded American Food Stamps