What conspiracy theory do you believe to be true? by EndlessSunflowers in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I'll go ahead and take this wonderful opportunity provided by saidit to mention a few conspiracy theories that I believe to be true

My 1st and favorite is hidden human history. If we're supposedly evolved over millions and billions of years why is it wrong to think there were advanced societies a million years ago? I think it makes sense. and archaeological evidence is starting to come to light (big thanks to the internet! and free flowing information!) Two great youtube channels on this topic are Mystery History and vlad9tv

which brings me to #2 conspiracy theory. control of the narrative. I was thinking on my morning walk today how it is fine to be passionate about your favorite sportsball team or flavor of alcoholic poison - but don't get too excited about fixing serious problems with the structure of the modern mess we're in. pop culture does a good job of keeping millions of minds on the same page. (go blue team! lol)

also, #3 secret government programs. there is so much missing money. so many secrets. so much shady shit going on. testing. of all kinds. I'm sure there are some human-animal hybrids and other horrible wretched genetic experimental shit

The moon. #4 I believe in the moon. I think it's real and I think we landed on it. But there is a lot of weird shit. "they're parked on the far side of the crater, they're watching us" ... what?! Also, where the fuck did the moon come from! How is it exactly in the right spot so that an eclipse covers it perfectly. weird!

Anyway, I could probably go on... peace y'all!

Voat literally praises the mass murder, repeatedly calling him a hero. 90% of voat upvotes in agreement. by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnVoat

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Thanks again for saidit. I've been using it frequently.
I don't know if many people are letting you know that we appreciate it, but we do!