After Bernie got cheated in 2016 I can no longer convince myself that voting in fraudulent phony corporate elections matters. Thoughts? Are you voting? by EndlessSunflowers in WayOfTheBern

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I agree with this. I feel like a sucker if I have to vote for: (D)ivide & conque(R)

Sen. John McCain, hero POW, former presidential hopeful and maverick Republican, dies at age 81 by r721 in news

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Good Riddance. Hopefully all the old war mongers will die soon and we can start to build a better world, a more peaceful world, a world where war profiteers are disgraced as they should be

NASA announces their return to the moon. This time to create a sustainable outpost. by MojaveCoyote in SundogsPlace

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Sounds great! If they're being honest with themselves I wonder what their plan is to engage whoever was watching Apollo from the lip of the crater. There is still so much mystery, so many secrets about those missions. I wonder if we'll ever get honest and open leadership in these Divided States of America