Lesbians absolutely love penis by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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Nothing beats that methanol smell you get from a freshly minted purple dildo.

Loyola professor claims organized pantries are rooted in ‘racist and sexist’ social structures by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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People who like to keep things organized are ones that have respect for themselves and their spaces. If someone is saying that not being a messy slob that lives in a pigsty with organization rivalling the local dump, especially in a kitchen that contains perishible items intended for consumption has connotations of being "racist" and "sexist" it pretty much tells you what they think of the people they believe they are defending.

Glad I never got into transformers by shadeviking in TumblrInAction

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There is actually precedent for non-transforming Cybertronians in the comics. They are referred to as monoformers and are an extreme minority with terroristic tactics that treat it as political or religious - or both - and call themselves the Militant Monoform Movement, or "Triple M". They are Cybertronians who had their transformation cog surgically removed so they are locked into one mode. In Cybertronian society, altmode was the basis for your function in society as defined by the Functionists and their Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy. The Functionists had major issues too, being hardcore authoritarians, but Triple M goes hard in the other direction.

Some of them go as far as to have "kibble" (non-humanoid parts like wheels) removed so that no one can tell what their old altmode was. This is highly distasteful among most Cybertronians as "secondary anatomy" is part of their inherent biology and the lack of it is disturbingly offputting. Not having an obvious or guessable altmode based on secondary anatomy comes across as weird and alien and is kind of their equivalent of uncanny valley.

The population at large finds them to be delusional deviants that try to push their agenda onto others, and that isn't actually incorrect. There is the occasional rare instance of someone with mental issues that had kibble removal done because they had a fear of transformation, but the majority of Triple M is performative and use it as their way of rebelling against the Functionists.