Prominent French magazine publishes ‘The Suicide of America’ issue, criticizing Biden, wokeness by [deleted] in politics

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It's not the jews, They play any religion to get what they want. The baking cartel has no religion. They convince actors that they have some coercion upon the scenario of life, weather it be a simulation or god placed, but they are all wrong. The karma is the actual factor, it increases your spiritual abundance. They say if you warn people, it's okay to hurt them, but in reality, you can never warn everyone sufficiently, so they use these people as a negative karma threshold so they use elebrities. Basically burner people, much like a burner phone that you use to tell your ex she is a bitch. It's not a godley move, and they get the worst, that's what they don't understand. In the end, they try to use money and gold and gifts to curround thier peice of shit. but they never get to heaven.

So they wrap them in gold and stuff to protect them from the god, not to give them to the gods, bc they where assholes.

Who makes the pepes? by Dumbasses in conspiracy

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Maybe I suck at art and it's easy. Just say so.

Russell Brand "Canceled" For Telling Truth About RussiaGate & Hillary! (19:18) ~ The Jimmy Dore Show by JasonCarswell in conspiracy

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I dunno why people listen to people instead of making their own conclusion based on data and not wasting time. Dude is pretty spot on from what I listen, but he doesn't contribute anything I havn't already been done with. Like Tim poople. Why listen to some retard who figures out the obvious? I don't need anyone to confirm my beliefs if they aren't going to go full ham and say some shit I never thought of. Instead it's just the narritive.

Magnora7, about 4 months ago by goobandit in memes

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All you have to do is inspect, then edit the html, and make screenshots, then put on twitter. Put on your newyourkthymes website, link it with retards who tweet everything, and funny happens.

Magnora7, about 4 months ago by goobandit in memes

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Better than spez so far. Of course this is a spook website though, all public websites are gleaned. I like to make screenshots of bad stuff with a companies ad, then I make an article of how this company endorses bad stuff. Either make a product that is good or die. I make that process very fast lol. I made a shitshow of reddit on hermaincain subreddit. They don't actually show ads on it but I edited it a bit. The advertisers pull so fast and thank me. I mean, it's bad bc I lie but it's funny. Either way, celebrating peoples deaths is only for all saints day, and you celebrate them for good. I shall always remember the reddit tranny that said he'd kill me cat, and 2 weeks later, kitty went missing. If I ever went full retard, I'd kill everyone working for reddit. (and yes they have a website that records all reddit employees and even cars they drive) (possibly made by me)

The 'Impossible' Ruins Found In Hattusa - Mystery History by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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Very cool pictures thanks.

I'm not racist, I just hate "black culture". by Dumbasses in unpopularopinion

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For people who don't know wtf I mean, there was a huge amount of propaganda money put into music. They wanted to capture the young minds and use sweet ass music that hinted at what would become your demise if you listened to it.

On reddit, pedophilia is promoted on SFW subreddits as a harmless "kink"... by metafilter_sucks in MeanwhileOnReddit

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They def do, watch conspiracy, anything over 200 posts is suspect. It's the same thing on 4chan, you have heavy derail days where every post is some bullshit trying to trigger. Wormpill is my favorite right now. Been saving up some stuff to post here.

On reddit, pedophilia is promoted on SFW subreddits as a harmless "kink"... by metafilter_sucks in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Reddit is all bots dude. I am a conspiracy user, look at the upvotes for shit content, 2000+ within an hour. First comment calls it bullshit, second comment says what's the conspiracy, third comment derails. Fourth comment says "this subreddit" like everyone is one user. Mods don't do their job on purpose. Dead internet theory is real. They take advantage that 99.9999 people don't contribute to lead a narrative. That means, if you contribute, you are highly speculated or banned.